Rhode Island’s Fiscal Mess (and gay folks)

Rhode Island’s Fiscal Mess and gay folks are so unrelated it’s not funny.

I have it by good authority that Rhode Island is a basket case financially. According to Professor Jacobson of www.legalinsurrection.blogspot.com the state is broke, and requires billions to get out of the mess it is in. The cronyism & corruption of the political class there is legion. The power addicted unions rampage through the public purse. The entire panoply of state funds, programs, bonds, budget, everything is now close to utter collapse. Professor Jacobson has had numerous posts on the perilous state of affairs in there in America’s smallest state.

And so in the face of this looming disaster what is the state legislature doing?

They are endlessly debating this very week – a whole week! — whether the legal marriages from Massachusetts will be recognized by the fine folks of Rhode Island. Sure, the state will collapse, public services eliminated, the budget emaciated, but the “sanctity” of marriage will allegedly be preserved by outlawing and not recognizing the lawfully constituted public acts of another state in violation of such requirement by the “Full faith and credit” clause of the Constitution. A state of affairs that many states think they’ll do, but which will ultimately be decided against them by the Supreme Court.

More hypocritically — while single parenthood, child abandoning by fathers, divorces, philandering and adultery by the heterosexuals will all remain perfectly legal – for the “sanctity” of marriage. Yah. But the tiny percentage of gay Rhode Islanders will be perhaps prohibited from saying anything nice about their brethren across the border in Massachusetts. For the good of some families who are about to be plundered and plunged into penury.

You can see www.goodasyou.org for all the gory details of Medieval Theocracy being hurled at gay folks Bible verse by Bible verse in a Free Republic of no establishment of religion in Rhode Island in a state founded on the very idea of Religious Liberty while the state purse bleeds money into the sewers of with no hope of recovery. Queerly, gay folks will be taxed just as much to bail out the mush pit, but not enjoy the benefits of any kind which might be conferred on every other taxpayer.

Nothing say fiscal sanity like picking on the gay folks. Nothing.

And yet, Professor Jacobson, in his many exposes about the coming collapse of his home state has not bothered once to point out the utter absurdity of the state legislature being preached to about the establishment of a religious belief by one religion quoting fire & brimstone and Bible verses galore against a tiny portion of the people of that state – gay men and women. How many could there be in the 1.5 million residents? What, some 70,000 or so? They are the threat to the state?! Yah, right.

And perhaps Professor Jacobson, whose site I use a portal to the TEA Party movement for fiscal sanity and liberty for all, should think back to his own Jewish heritage and see the strange comparison to today — of a bunch of fanatical Christians passing theocratic laws against a tiny minority, and even calling for the elimination of that tiny minority – much as was done for a 1000 years in Europe. All because the “Bible” said Jews were evil, and against society, and it was a choice and society wanted them to change, just like they say now today about gay folks. Indeed, Jews in many parts of Europe were denied legal marriage for centuries. But hey, who want to make the parallel? But no, Jews clung tenaciously to their knowledge that they were fine folks. Just like gay folks do. It was 1000 years before Europe dealt kindly with Jews, perhaps it’ll take a 1000 for America to deal kindly with gay folks.

Thus I wonder about the priorities of the elected officials of that collapsing state. They’re worried about the most peaceful and docile group being accorded a modicum of decency, and the Republic is falling around them. I think it’s called “fiddling while Rome burns.” And it certainly can be called “conduct unbecoming a legislature of these United States.”

Meanwhile, any gay person with a lick of sense in his or her head will get out of the morass of Rhode Island, and out of the rapacious taxation of Massachusetts and head for a low tax state and get away from the cold while they’re at it. And thus a measly 1,500 square miles of this land will be free from the threat of gay folks kissing (though as Gallileo might have said “but they’ll still kiss.) And then let the heterosexuals there sink into their swamp with the sure knowledge that there are no gay folks in their midst to muddy the waters, for the good of some family value that cannot be elucidated other that “because we say so!”

And then I’m sure, emboldened by whatever success the NO GAYS Movement will feel they’ll win, within a year or so they’ll be back to actually outlaw the kissing. For the fun of it. For these NO GAYS folks do delight in their folly that they’ll rid the nation of us.

And Rhode Island, even if denuded and stripped of it’s gay folks will still collapse into financial ruin.


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