FEMA’s Louisiana Snow Plan Stupidity

FEMA’s Louisiana Snow Plan

Can anything be more ridiculous?

My Advocate makes light of FEMA’s regional administrator, one Tony Russell, who “recently urged residents in Louisiana and neighboring states to prepare now in case more snow and ice arrives this winter.” Well, I do declare. This hopeless inept agency “after the debacle in the wake of Hurricane Katriana” is now going to prepare a plan to help the Sportsman State – the land of such rugged individualism people live in the middle of swamps in houses on stilts – deal with the probability of snow! At this same time, another Federal agency – the Environmental Protection Agency — is hellbent on overriding Congressional opposition and even an admonishment by Congress to do nothing, and institute draconian rules and regulations to prevent the disaster known as Global Warming from destroying Louisiana from too much warmth.

So which is it? Too much warmth or impending snow beyond the capabilities of mere mortal Louisianians to wait for the sun to melt the inch or so we sometimes get? Are we really this hopeless in this state of weather extremes that the Advocate feels quite confident in saying “but we see no harm in FEMA thinking ahead”?

Well, I see the harm. The idea is ludicrous that tax dollars should be spent on both preventing global warming and dealing with the effects of the lack of global warming (aka snow sufficient to worry our good buddies in the regional FEMA headquarters.) Two federal agencies in a sense at opposites to each other – spending with wild abandon. As www.moonbattery.com pointed out just today – Obama says he’s going to cut $775 million from the federal budget to stem the tide of red ink. Dear Lord, why not just rid us of this FEMA which in case after case has shown itself completely inept at doing anything? They bought $500,000,000 in trailers no one can use and stashed them in the most ironic of all places, Hope, Arkansas, so they could now be destroyed and discarded for a few hundred million more. They’re going to tell me not to go outside in the snow? These blithering idiots need to hold a committee meeting to figure out which airline to fly on to the nearest airport in a city with good restaurants and no where near the disaster they purport to manage. And this they claim, with audacity, is beneficial to the people. It’s a boondoggle of billions.

“Who can blame the federal agency for not considering worse case scenarios?” Well, I can blame them, without hesitation. Every person in Louisiana, when being forewarned by a dozen or more different sources that some “wintry event,” as they like to style it here, is coming goes out and does what’s necessary. Gumbo fixin’s, canned goods, milk, bread, beer, booze, bananas, etc., – anything which they know they’ll need for the day or two in which it might be perilous to venture out. Families will get what they need according to the ages of the youth – sometimes it’s diapers, other times it’s a good selection of movies. Single folks will do what they do. Businesses will do what they do. We’ve always done it. And there’s never been a snow disaster of any proportion, save perhaps the one or two fires caused by heating elements placed too close to drapes. No FEMA program is going to solve that problem. And how could there be a snow disaster now when global warming has eliminated the chance of any poor Louisiana child from ever seeing snow in his lifetime. Right?

This is spending by an agency for no good purpose other than to justify the existence of said agency, which does nothing but screw up everything it touches and which results in endless investigations to make it run without corruption, misspent funds, boondoggles, cost overruns, ineptitude and so on and so on the next year – when it’s “thinking ahead.”

Sure. What an utter waste of money. End that agency. End most of such similar agencies. The EPA should go to while it’s at it. There’s got to be a better way to organize the government than top heavy bureaucracies which have no real purpose once established than to “think ahead” about covering their butts when their inevitable pointlessness is exposed.

The Advocate says this bumfuddle “might prompt more than a few chuckles” by Louisianians. I dare say a bit more. I’m gnashing teeth and thinking – billions need to be cut from the federal budget or the economy will tank soon enough – and these numbskulls are devising plans to meet nonexistent threats by something they claim isn’t happening while all the while normal people will do what they do and survive the onslaught of an inch or two of snow in our times of global warming peril.


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