Thank you

Thank you Big, my contact at for being supportive, if still somewhat confused.

And welcome all I Own The World readers.

If you want to debate me — leave a comment.

But remember this: no matter how nasty or disapproving some might be — I will forever respect your opinions and be willing to give my own.

I do this for me – and for my people.

For no group of people has been so put upon as gay folks. We beg for inclusion, and you deride us still. And I’m sad about that. I truly am.

For I only want to be your fellow American, though love whom I want to. I don’t ask you to be gay — you’d be lousy at it, I’m sure — but please, respect my existence as a gay man.

Thank you, and God bless you all — even our most obstreperous opponents — for somehow, I think they mean well, but are merely confused.



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