Ms. Palin — stop the attacks against gay folks

Dear Ms. Palin: only you can stop the attacks on gay people

My dear lady, as the de facto leader of the Tea Party movement and the resurgence of America and I hope the next president of these United States – I implore you – tell America to stop picking on gay folks. We’re the most harmless gentle folks ever known to mankind. Yes, we’re different. So is you son, Trig. You don’t like it – as a mother – when someone picks on him – or any of your children – why would you think it OK to pick on my mother’s son?

Why does anyone in this nation think it’s perfectly fine to pick on any mother’s son? We’re sons. And daughters. But this nation is most particularly obsessed with sons of mothers – who happen to be gay. Please, ma’am – use your influence – as a mother — and stop this attack upon us.

We are not against family or mothers, or kids, or fathers – nor are we against the nation or society or civilization. We’re not against marriage or anything. It’s an absolutely absurd charge – and everyone knows it – but the nation awaits someone to say so. Someone BIG – someone with the ears of the nation attuned to what she says. Please, oh pretty please – say “Stop the attack on gay folks.”

The nation will be far better off for those words. The healing words you might speak.

For we are the sons and daughters of families who have to deal with the reality we present.

And why is this reality so dangerous? No one can say. Other than “You’re gay, you’re a danger.” That’s it. There’s nothing more to it. No facts. No reason. No rationality. Nothing more than a superstition that somehow if someone says something nice about gay folks everyone will be gay in a fortnight, I think. I don’t know – no one will tell me why I am a threat to the nation – other than I’m gay.

Gay folks have been saying this for 40 years – we’re gay since childhood – and only us are gay – and not a-one of you are ever going to be gay. God did not “make you like that,” true. But He made us like this, that’s for sure. And we’re not recruiting anyone. We only want you – and us – to mentor the young gay folks who will be coming along any day now. You know they are there. Just like every “less than perfect” person came along in the centuries past. Just like all gay folks were kids. Just as your own son — “less than perfect” — came along. Here, look, see us as we were children – read our stories —

We don’t know why – and neither does anyone else. Instead we’re given a mishmash of reasons that bear no resemblance to reality. But the only reason which is said not to be true is the one we give: we just are. We just are – by the Grace of God Himself.

So, please tell the nation to stop this onslaught against gay folks.

You have the power. You have the ability. You are the only one. Anyone else would be suspect of having an agenda.

I pray you have the wisdom to tell the nation this. I pray deeply for your wisdom.

Just yesterday I read two political blog posts that address this issue —

And I beg you to read these. And I beg you to tell the nation to stop the attacks on gay folks. We do not attack anyone, why do people attack us?

More importantly – the Family Research Council is parading around this nation telling everyone they can get to listen that gay folks are a threat. They have invited you to speak with them. And they want to outlaw us, and incarcerate us, and “cure” us by no way they can explain other than only if we find God – well we have found God – and He says it’s OK if we’re gay.

Yet worse, Peter Sprigg is on record, the Senior Policy Fellow of that group – saying he wants to “export” us.

Ma’am, that’s anti-family. My family will not stand for that. My family is enraged that anyone should call for “exporting” me.

Tell them to stop it. It’s unbecoming a Free Republic – which I pray you will lead soon.

Stop the attacks on gay folks for once and for all. We’re American born patriotic citizens of this nation and are as threatening to it as palm tree in Florida or a spruce tree in Alaska. Please, just say “stop it.”

If not for gay men — than for our mothers!

Thank you. One of your future voters. Regardless of what you say now. For the Republic is more important than gay folks. And we are no threat to it. But if I have but one life to give to it than that’s good enough.


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