Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan

Yes, a happy birthday to the greatest president of the 20th century: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

I can’t say much more about him other than to echo all the stuff all over the internet already about him and his place among the greatest presidents ever. Of course, if something disagrees with that assessment, that disagreement is nuts. But some people still don’t like the man. No, he was not perfect, and which man or woman is? But he was great.

And no, I don’t blame him, or even accuse him, as some of us do, for not mentioning AIDS until 1987. Why, it was called GRID until nearly 1985! And there was the much more important issue of solving the Soviet Union and launching the greatest peacetime economic boom ever than wondering about a strange disease that struck a few people quickly. No one knew what it was. No one knew what to do. And no one stood in the way of the research that took place to solve the problem.

I also do think presidents often have more important things to do than worry about whether 5% of the population is fully accepted, but in general are left alone. And the police state against gay folks was long abated by the time he came to Washington. On the other hand, he never said anything against us. He also go rid of the anti-gay sex law of California, by simply not including it in the revision of the criminal code — and he had to have know that — for I’m sure someone mentioned it to him.

And too, he did say (and I’m still trying to track down the quote) in 1983 or so, to a meeting of the Downtown Development Districts, that everyone should be nice to gay folks because we were the ones fixing up many a district in downtowns across America. Those would be the “gayborhoods” of course, filled with brightly painted houses and freshened gardens. Which are of course, a “grave threat” to families and society or something.

Meanwhile, he did defeat the Communists. And that made it better for a whole lot of more people everywhere on earth.

I’m sure http://www.spectator.org and http://www.nationalreview.com have astounding retrospectives on the man’s legacy. As well as many other places all over.

Other than that, it’s SuperBowl Sunday and I don’t care about that. The Saints ain’t in it, so what does it matter, right? Well, enjoy that festival folks.

Other than that, boy, did I have conservation over at http://www.iowntheworld.com last night! The sort of conversation I hate, for it’s all so pointless, yet it must be done, for all the bad things said about some tiny percentage of the nation who fix up houses for fun and profit. Exactly like Ronald Reagan would have approved of. Individual initiative, and a perseverance against all odds is the sort of American Can-Do Exceptionalism that Reagan said we as a nation have. We still have it!

And if there’s one group of Americans who absolutely thrive in the face of adversity it’s gay folks. That’s one reason it got better.

So happy birthday Mr. President. And if Reagan taught me one thing – it’s this: fighting a repressive police state is an American value.


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