Gay Agenda protected by 2nd Amendment

The Gay Agenda is a Second Amendment Right

At this fascinating website:

I found pictures of gay folks taken when they were children.

And folks, you don’t need to be a phrenologist to see reality here.

The personal testimonies are also all equal in one strong point – we all knew when we were kids.

And then, at today was a post about “Liberal Speak” and some wag named “Zonga” made the crude observation that “tax dollars were going to support gay pride parades. And not for St. Patrick’s Day parades.”

And I merely observed, at length, as I’m wont to do – that gay folks pay taxes. And our tax dollars go for the police, health & safety and clean up of gay pride parades – parades which are First Amendment protected free speech, religious freedom and redressing grievances. Aren’t gay folks entitled to these rights too? And shouldn’t our 40 year old series of ever-expanding peaceful parades over the whole world, started back then in 1970 in Greenwich Village New York City be seen for what it is – a plea for acceptance by the government to whom we pay taxes?

And I pointed out that gay folks actually even fund the government lawyers who go to divers courts to fight against any and all claims by gay folks to be included. That’s right – gay folks pay for our own opposition. And indeed, back then, before 1970, we even paid for our own police state repression. For it was gay tax dollars that were seized by government to pay for the cops which came in to our bars to arrest us and bust our heads. Fancy that – we must have been crazy to pay for our own oppression!

And some secondary wag did make complaint about, once again, “jim hlavac promoting the gay agenda.” And the only thing that came to mind as I strode outside in the cold fuming over the calumny and cupidity and vapidity is that – hey numbskull – the gay agenda is based in the Second Amendment right to bear arms and to defend oneself against government and rapacious fellow citizens. And if gay folks actually just “bare” arms, instead of “bear” arms – why does that make the difference to the concept? Gay folks protest for acceptance, by doing nothing more than, um, baring arms, and even some legs, and chests, and backs, and pretty much anything else that’s acceptable at a beach in all America.

And I think to myself – this is a problem? This is not to be allowed? This is not to be tolerated? For gay folks have some “pushy agenda” to make us acceptable? And this is bad?

Yes, that’s the major import, the major significance of any any all complaints about gay pride protests — aka, parades, festivals, etc. The complaint is that we dare to bare arms. And frankly, the idea that gay people have no right to self defense is Un-American to a major degree.

Frankly, folks, I hate the gay “debate” — I’d much rather stop the socialists. But I can’t help it if there are people dedicated to the proposition that there shall be no gay people in America.

And, as the above referenced website shows – we’re just born gay – and it is the most unbecoming, and non-conservative viewpoint to somehow believe that this is not true when all evidence shows quite the contrary.

You don’t have to like us, or one of us, or any of us, or meet with us, talk to us, deal with us – but you all have don’t have the right to be against us merely because of your mistaken beliefs. It’s not even what you Know – for what you really Know is certainly divorced from what you believe. You all believe gay folks are a menace somehow, but you know we aren’t. And that’s why it’s gotten better, and will continue to get better. And that’s why there’s less fag bashing than is sometimes claimed.

But don’t tell me about “tax dollars promoting homosexuality” when gay folks are taxed at the exact same rate, at the exact same tax collection points, and for the exact same nefarious reasons as every other American – and we’re also taxed by our government to maintain a regime against us and to fight us tooth and nail as we have begged and pleaded for our own government to recognize that we exist within the American Republic as citizens – and more importantly – we’re not going anywhere.

And that my fellow Americans is not an “agenda” or “promoting” us — that’s a 2nd Amendment right to self-defense. How dare anyone tell me differently?






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