So AFTAH speaks the “Truth,” do they?

So, AFTAH speaks the “truth,” do they?

I decided this Sunday to delve into the world of Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality. I found some interesting truths, ones clearly not seen by the operators of the website.

It’s a sedate place, the disapproval given in sedate tones, though a bit histrionic from time to time, as might be expected from people who are very concerned with florists who drop the flowers once a year to prance around in Speedos just blocks from their own store in the gayborhood. So let’s delve:

Says the websites: “It should be noted — as we did in reporting pro-family advocates Mat Staver’s and Matt Barber’s “non-homophobic” scores – that we at AFTAH regard the entire concept of “homophobia” as: tendentious; non-scientific; overly-broad, especially due to its ever-expanding application in society (to cover opposition toward rather than irrational fear of homosexuals); subjective; manipulative; and – all too often — a bludgeon with which to demonize and belittle well-meaning opponents of homosexuality (including those motivated by their religion).”

“Well meaning opponents of homosexuality”? What exactly is that? Oh yes, a refusal to recognize the bizarre truth that some 20,000,000 gay folks keep saying well, we’re just gay as gooses and no one knows why. Still, they’re not “homophobic,” these two culture warriors of some obscurity. According to some test, apparently, which I didn’t bother to look at yet. Tomorrow is another day. (I just finished Gone With the Wind, perhaps a phrase or too will creep in for the literariness of it all.)

So what is the word that one would use for the “rational fear of gay people”? After all, if the truth be told, these dear people certainly do not have an “irrational fear of homosexuals.” No, the truth be told, they have a very cold and calculating rational fear, hate and loathing of gay folks. No doubt about it. They’re positive we’re the worst thing perhaps since Sherman came through Georgia. Perhaps they want to expel us from Atlanta and burn the homosexual lifestyle to the ground so it shall never rise again. And Sherman did not have an irrational fear of the Confederate Army protecting Atlanta. So he coolly and with great calculation made his attack. Just like AFTAH is crafting it’s attack upon gay folks. For they really have no goal other than the abject surrender of gay people to the heterosexual maw. Good look with that, generals of the culture war!

Now, then under: “NEW ARTICLES & COMMENTARY POSTED DAILY” — I’m sure. There’s so much to report about the comings and goings of the few thousand male flight attendants and airline front desk people that will bring the nation to its knees in supplication to the “homosexuals.” Man, do they love that word! Not for them the common “gay” word that is now worldwide. Why, even in far away Manila, when the gays march with signs in Tagalog, there it is > “Gay” — right in the jumble of incomprehensible syllables. And in Malay, and Hindi, and Xian and Nissamese I’m sure. What language has not adopted the word? All have, helping to get rid of the Tower of Babel thing. What a good thing gays have done in making sure we’re all on the same page. “Homosexual” never made the cut. Too big I guess. Anyway, this is what they say under this tag:

“Americans for Truth is creating a website that will become the leading resource for exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda. By clicking on the “Issues” buttons to your left, you can access articles and commentary on all aspects of the GLBTQ activist movement.”

My my, the “Leading resource”? They’ll have to talk to a lot of gay people to get this information about our nefarious lifestyle for sure. And so much exposure! Will they need some sort of cooties vaccine? I wonder. Exposing us! Why, sirs, one would think, since you want to get rid of the very concept of gayness, you would hide us and avoid talking about the subject. In fact, when we used to have to hide because of the oppressive police state against us, there was no lobbying for us or by us going on whatsoever. Why, we’d get arrested the moment we showed up in the lobby! Sirs, with all truth, it’s the exposure, sillies. It’s the exposure we’ve made to our families, our mom’s, our dad’s, our brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles, it’s the exposure to our buddies and high school friends, and co-workers and our neighbors. It’s the exposure! We even have a name for it — “Coming Out.” We even have a day for it – National Coming Out Day – which is not a federal holiday, and receives no recognition by anyone but us gay folks, I tell you – and we don’t even put ads in the paper or on TV or billboards on the freeway – it’s a grand promotion campaign we have! But still, October 11th. We celebrate it – by exposing a little more of the cars we drive, and the library books we take out, and the meals we prepare, and even the gifts we bring for nieces and nephews at Christmastide. Why, exposing our nefarious reality is the very best thing for us. Thanks, fellas. (Geez, you want to get rid of something and you expose it for all to see the strange calm boringness of it all? Putzes.)

They ask: “What impact does “gay marriage” have on you?” — Indeed, what impact could it have? This I got to hear! How could any marriage, say on Birch Street, be impacted by a marriage on Elm? Or 1st Avenue vs. 10th Avenue? Or even Seattle or Miami. Though perhaps they’re sleepless in Seattle because a gay couple is married in Key West, such is the power of the thing. In reality, since it’s doubtful that the two married couples would have much more to do with each other other than waiting at a red light together, what impact could it have?

“Learn to recognize and oppose pro-homosexual curriculum in public schools.” Ah, so they don’t want us in the schools. With a curriculum, though what that is can’t be said, for no one is “teaching homosexuality” they’re teaching “don’t beat up the sissies,” which is entirely different. For sad to say, we are in the schools. Getting bullied and pulverized and chastised and harassed. In fact, in truth even, always have been. Yep, there I was in school, I know for sure, right there in sixth grade, and surely into the fall of seventh grade, when over that summer I grew a foot or so, and got very hairy. Boy was there a radical militant homosexual with an agenda made that day! I can tell you exactly what that agenda has been – to not have to listen to people who purport to tell the truth about me without ever having a blessed clue about me.

“Identify corporations that promote homosexuality through policies and donations to activist organizations.” Well, surely it’s the right of corporations to make policies for gay employees, I mean, they got ’em. And sales pitches to gay customers, for they got those too. Though there aren’t to many ads directed at us yet. Still, no corporation “Promotes” the concept aka “homosexuality.” Why on earth would any corporation promote anything that doesn’t promote the bottom line? I would think shareholders would have a say in that. But again, truthfully, were exactly are the ads by corporations to cause anyone to become gay? Isn’t that the true meaning of the phrase “promote homosexuality”? It must mean making being gay so darn wonderful that straight boys will be lured to the demon.

“Is your tax money subsidizing the homosexual agenda?” Well, I do declare! I’d say gay tax dollars are subsidizing the non-existent gay programs of the combined federal and state governments. I mean, really, what gay programs could there be by any level of government that subsidize our vague agenda? Or are the streets before our houses to be considered such? Or the sewer and water lines provided to our homes? Is this the subsidizing they’re wondering about? What is this government agenda, with DOMA clear on the books expressly prohibiting any such promotion, inclusion, mention, bothering with or acknowledgment that gay people exist and live and breath other than in the negative? This is, truth be told, gay people subsidizing the Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality agenda to be well-meaning but rationally fearful of us and thus opposed to us.

“Be ready to counter increasing GLBTQ pressure within Christian churches with the Truth of God’s Word.” Well, sirs, you have this right to say what you will from the pulpits, but to try to make this a theocracy is a little out of your purview.

They helpfully note: “(Notice that each “Issues” category has a unique set of sub-categories, as indicated by the buttons on the lefthand side.)” to bring you to all the wonderful allied groups in the culture war against the reality of gay folks.

But let’s look at the “Truth of God’s Word” as these well-meaning opponents of ours put it:

“Sin-Welcoming Churches & Movements” — now, is that anyway to talk about people who believe a bit differently than you about the Word of God? Surely these folks can’t be serious in denouncing good Christians of different and divers persuasions and a bit more, well, a bit more Christian in being well-meaning to gay people, and not just well-meaning opponents. Surely it is the God Given Right of any and all to believe in God as they choose, something about Freedom of Religion. And I don’t think it’s very ecumenical to simply denounce well-meaning proponents of gay people as “Sin-Welcoming” people. I’m sure there are some, based on Scripture itself, who might find eating, say, shrimp stuffed pork chops in a cheese sauce quite abominable, but they don’t run around the nation talking about the nefarious lifestyles of gourmands who stuff shrimp into pork for the fun of it.

But look at all the proponents of well-meaning Christians, and quite a few others sorts of believers, who have come to recognize reality – both shrimp stuff pork chops in a cheese sauce and gay people are really not that bad. But it is not the place for one religion to lambast another, nor for one religion or group of denominations to put into public policy and law their particular religious beliefs about a group of citizens with whom they don’t agree as to religious practices. Truthfull, it’s simply un-American.

Affirmation (Gay & Lesbian Mormons)

Affirmation, United Methodists for LGBT Concerns

Al-Fatiha Foundation

Association of Unity Churches

Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests

Call to Action (Catholic)

Community of Christ

Dignity USA (Catholic)

Evangelicals Concerned

Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns (Quaker)

Gay Christian Network

GLAD Alliance (Christian Church, Disciples of Christ)

Integrity (Anglican, Episcopal)

Lutherans Concerned

Metropolitan Community Church

More Light Presbyterians

National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries

Our Whole Lives (UCC)

Out in Scripture

Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International

Soulforce (Mel White)

Unitarian Universalist Association

United Church of Christ Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns (aka Congregational Churches)

Welcoming & Affirming Baptist Churches


World Congress of GLBT Jews: Keshet Ga’avah


What a list!

And then, the nervous nelly histrionics:

“Pro-Homosexuality Websites TARGETING CHILDREN”

“Targeting children”? How so, truth tellers? Oh, they give the links to a dozen or so organizations run by adults, and some by teens too I guess, who actually have come to well meaning rational conclusion that gay folks exist as kids and they need a good bit of moral and social support so that they grow up to be happy normal healthy productive peaceful gay men and women. This is called “mentoring.” It’s not the implied “recruiting” — how a now long discarded concept that lingers in the “targeting.” Well, it just happens to be that all the gay boys and girls know they’re gay when they’re quite young, and because of the aforementioned exposure, and the good meaning Christians affirming the reality of gayness, well then, a little long overdue mentoring is in order. And these groups do that.

Now this is funny – for supposedly we’re “targeting” children, and all they could come up with, after I’m sure vast scouring of the internet, with but two “Homosexual Pedophilia Activists.” One is not even American – but some Danish wackos. I dare say, more Catholic priests and clergy of all good kinds have been arrested for pedophilia than there are members of both these benighted little pipsqueaks of miscreants. Dare I say, there’s nothing like saying to 20,000,000 people that we’re in league with the 200 or so members of NAMBLA because we can’t get the police authorities to shut them down. Oh well, still the canard is thrown, and the elementary truth that NAMBLA is no more part of the gay agenda than making cucumbers dance is.

And so the major implications of the truth about gay folks is that many Americans and religious organizations have come to the rational reality and well meaning advocacy for the existence of gay folks and the refusal by most Americans now to come flying at us like Sherman flew at Atlanta. For there is no other purpose of presenting the purported truths given by AFTAH other than the complete and utter elimination of all gay people from this earth. Frankly, they do give a damn about us, and they are not irrational about it. Thus they have a hell of a nerve in not stating forthwith their true agenda, the truth about what they are wanting – a cultural genocide against gayness. So that the nation can truly get to the truth about the gay people in their midst.

And now my goal, maybe, is to get on their list of “pro-homosexual blogs.” For really now, this bunch is wacko, and they deserve ostracism and scorn for being such craven abusers of the truth about gay people.


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