Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind, ah, yes, what a book! Just finished reading it, again. I hadn’t read it in more than a decade. Though I have probably read it once a decade since I was a teenager. Something about it that just makes it a great book, a page turner that one just can’t put down. And so that’s why I didn’t post a lot this week. It’s a thick book, a thousand pages. For some reason I like thick books. Maybe I should go back and read a few more classics while I’m at it. I haven’t read Huckleberry Finn or Moby Dick in a long long time. War and Peace beckons. Jane Eyre. Far From the Madding Crowd. There are so many great books. Of course, one thing they all have in common is that there are no gay folks in ’em. Part of our great invisibility.

And I hardly went bouncing around the internet all this week reading the perils of our times. I’m sure the Carpetbaggers and Scalawags that people Washington and the state capitals are legion and busy. The cronyism that bedevils the halls of power are just as traumatically dramatic as the power of a good novel, I’m sure. The feelings, the hatreds, the despising of this one for that one, and the strange way people crawl up to powerful positions and use the power all swirled around us while I was back at Tara. Far too many people, really, who want to gain power so they can remake people in the image of society they want, which does go against the grain of what society is. And the friends supposedly made for this or that reason until the next time for a good busting up of strange bedfellows for political purpose will of course bring endless discussion in the news, as if it was news. The forces that seemed to bedevil the Union in the 1850s seem to be swirling around here in a modern version. The two forces of the nation becoming more implacably opposed to each other. The house divided against itself, as it were. And it really can’t continue. This time too will be gone with the wind one day.

Whether the socialists, with their 20% diehard of the population, or the 40% who claim some brand of conservatism or the 40% who muddle through the middle, wins is a sort of pretty much forgone conclusion. The socialists will not win. They have fooled some of the people a lot. And most of the people all the time, but their time is crashing down. When the combined viewership of the traditional old guard media smaller than a renegade start up network it’s good news. Now apparently this Keith Olberman fellow is going with a stiff breeze of reality. For you really can’t be continuously nasty and expect to go far. Indeed, many other stuffed heads in the news industry are finding themselves with fewer and fewer viewers. The internet is taking over. Which is one reason the FCC and the henchmen of government want to control it. Throughout history governments wanted to control information; it’s easier to keep the people in line and the wealth flowing to the big wigs.

The socialists – and www.keywiki.org is a good place to fine scads of information on who exactly is socialist in this nation – have insinuated themselves into power like invading forces. They speak smooth words of togetherness and riches but they have no earthly clue as to how to achieve this. Other than through duplicity. For seizing wealth from those who make it and giving it to those who don’t is not going to help anyone. For eventually the wealth makers will make no more. It’s the same story since the dawn of time. A great novel, Atlas Shrugged, was written about it. But it’s too real, and scary to the Left, so no one ever bothered to make a movie of it yet. I hear one is in the works. Maybe.

These socialists will say anything, really, to get elected and stay elected. What the rout of 2010 was though, was the death knell of complacency by a people too long patient while children played in the halls of power. They’re all about to be gone with the wind too. I can see even further gains by the TEA party folks. I can even see many mainstream Republicans falling by the wayside, the RINOs as it were. And I can sense, though can’t put my finger on any particular point or points, that the entire rotten structure of what is charitably called the Budget of the United States is also going to be changed. We might well be now coming to a major realignment of cabinet departments, and the ridding us of all manner of farm supports to keep the price of food high, and the ridding us of the complexities of the IRS. Gone too will go the Great Society social programs. The feeling that people must still be helped will be there, for that’s still true. But the current mechanisms will be gone. They must go. It’s not that the government has no responsibilities to help the most bedraggled, it’s that the oversized bureaucracies headquartered in humongous buildings with myriad of forms and rules that pretend to do so now will have to be changed.

In a way the change will be as radical as the change which struck the South after the Civil War. In a way it will sweep aside the entire society built upon the overtaxing of the people. Gone will go the enormity of federal power. If only because there will be no more money, and more importantly, fewer people in power who want to take the money from people to give it back to them while saying it does any good.

In the midst of the wholesale reconstruction of the government’s way of doing things there will be a realignment of the political parties. The socialists will find themselves vastly outnumbered, and shunted off to a rump of a party, perhaps still called the Democrats. Or perhaps more truthful in their name as the Democratic Socialists or something. And then the Right side of the Democrats, and the Left side of the Republicans, and a vast muddled middle of independents will form a solid block to have both hard headed economic sense with a great compassion for those who are just not going to make it on their own. And over on the far Right, so far Right that it swings right back to the ways of the Left in its lust for political power to remake society into a more stringent conformity of a glorified impossibility, will be the 15% or less of the people who are beloved of theocracy, but who masquerade in Republican clothing.

Right now, this fringe goes by quite reasonable names, like the “Family Research Council.” And the “Family Values Coalition.” And the more oddly named “Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality.” There are many such groups, raising untold millions of dollars, and seeking to lobby for a ridding America of gay people. They are single minded in their underlying claim – No More Gay People. How they will affect this plan they have no clue, for it’s impossible really. But they are gathering the ears of many a Republican running for president, in the odd hope that he or she will actually come to outlaw gayness, to hunt us down, imprison us, scorn us, deny us jobs and shelter, remove us from schools, chase us from cities, and generally hound us out of existence, or round us up and then somehow miraculously “cure” us of what they think ails us, and yet they themselves have no earthly clue as to why the thing exists. They think, for the moment, that the political winds are coming in their direction.

They are being lulled by their success of gaining political notice by real politicians. They are gaining this support by being “For” marriage, and “For” families. They are gaining it for “upholding” “values” and “America,” and even “God” they think. They are being very coy and quiet about their true plans, which is unearthed doggedly and daily by www.goodasyou.org and other sites. They are vague in their plans to resurrect the American family. And no one could really be against their buttery claims – who is against family? No one, except maybe socialists who would rather raise kids in dormitories for the glory of the people, but who even in the most oppressive regimes have to accede to the reality of real families’ necessity. These groups are so sure of themselves right now, but they’re going to be in a shock one day as big as the one Scarlett O’Hara faced while Atlanta burned around her. They’re going to find that far too many people just don’t share their view of a gayless society. They’re going to run up against what is commonly called reality.

For the next few years, perhaps six, surely for two, until the 2012 election, the No Gay People forces – they’re not just against us – they want to remove us from existence – are going to seek votes, and they are going to be heard, and listened to, and put on the news, and brought into the halls of power and then they are going to spill their beans. And what will fall out of their bag is Jack and Beanstalk type foolishness and the silly notion that a nation now entering a time of stemming the tide of red ink, of stopping the spending, of getting rid of rules and laws, a nation intent on bringing back individualism, is going to spend a few billion on rounding up and incarcerating gay people so that some mythical cure will be applied to us. They are going to come to the brick wall of 20,000,000 gay folks. They’re going to say the most outrageous things about us, like they already do – like we want to have sex with horses, when there aren’t even enough horses in the entire nation for every gay guy to have his own and nary a stable in any gay neighborhood. They are coming more open about their claims that we’re warehousing young men – which has been tossed onto the accusation pile despite there being no young men gone missing and no warehouses filled with them to be found. They’ll ratchet up their most outrageous canards and calumny which they are filling their websites with, which fill their reports and PowerPoint presentations.

Like one I saw the other day that gay men die before the age of 50. Where do they come up with this stuff? Other than from fetid imaginations steeped in unreality, I mean. And the lies, the fantasy, the vague mush of stupidity, the mindless numb nutty wackiness that says that gay folks are destroying the nation will all come to the fore. And the rational 80% of the nation will recoil in horror. And then it will all be gone with the wind. Every time I hear of another No Gays group being formed I thank our lucky stars. With every appearance of the Republican presidential hopefuls at the No Gay rallies I think, this is good. This is good for the nation. Get it out of the system so to speak.

For the rhetoric will be big, but the actions small, as they must be. Then the No Gay groups will ratchet up their squealing, as petulant children are wont to do. And some bright Republican policy wonk will notice that there really are 20,000,000 gay folks, and thus just probably 20,000,000 mothers of gays, and 20,000,000 fathers of gays, and at least 20,000,000 siblings of gays – and think long and hard — “Can we really afford to offend any longer 80,000,000 potential voters? Can we really afford to hire so many hundreds of thousands of police to round up the gays? Can we really afford to build prison beds for them all, and the guards to guard them? Are gay people really the threat they are said to be?” The answer will be “this is absurd.”

And that wonk will say to his political star, “Um, that’s not going to work.” And President Palin will call the truce and expel the wackos and deal with reality; like a moose in the living room, the gay population is just too big to ignore. And in a puff the No Gay groups will be put under the bus, or left to twist in the wind of forgotten delusions. They will be put out to pasture as addled cows, to live out their lives fuming that the “radical” and “militant” “homosexual” lobby with it’s evil agenda to get the nation to recognize reality did exactly that. With the help of those who would rid the nation of us. Those who despise us most will be our unwitting and unwilling biggest proponents. But it hardly requires my daily musings, and so perhaps I’ll get lost in some big novels while my self-proclaimed enemies work double time to destroy what they think they are creating – a powerful No Gays movement. Thanks fellas, keep up the good work!


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  1. The gay sex scene between Queequeg and Ishmael is as blunt as it could get for the times it was written in. Go back and read about their rolling around till exhausted and fall asleep.

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