Anti-Gay the Australian Way

More Anti-Gay Political Calumny, this time from Australia. But it could have been said here.


(which I found through a guy picture site, but this is just the report.)

>> “It’s time to shutdown Mardi Gras Anarchy!” declares the Christian Democrat Party with a hilarious new video ( ) NSW MP Fred (vile) Nile’s right-hand-man Peter Madden is declaring way on Sydney’s Mardi Gras celebration – and is rustling up his troops to visit us on parade night. “Are you happy that the gay Mardi Gras will draw hundreds of thousands of drunken youth to Sydney’s streets to incite in them all manner of lust and filth?” a jealous Madden asks in the clip, which was popped on YouTube today. “Are you happy that the Greens, a Paganistic, anti-Christian front for the homosexual lobby, will hold the balance of power in the Senate, over the whole nation?” he also enquires. “We must realise that we are at war. There is a spiritual battle raging around us, that we will lose unless we mobilise and do something about it.”

But what is that ‘something’? Is Madden inciting violence? A ‘Battlecry’ graphic (above) is displayed throughout the video, looking worryingly militaristic. No. Madden says he’s hoping people will join him for a “peaceful, non-confrontational, prayer and worship rally” at Martin Place on March 5th – better known to Same Samers as Mardi Gras Parade and Party night! “Real men love God and stand for righteousness,” he rants. “Godly men and women are not afraid to stand up against the opinions of this generation, of its media, or the militant (!) homosexual lobby. I believe with all my heart that the fervent prayers of the mature sons and daughters of God can shut down the gay Mardi Gras, and turn the tide of evil that is rising amongst the youth of the nation!” So watch out for Peter Madden on Mardi Gras night – if all his supporters show up, he could be joined by as many as four people. END

Gotta’ love the “militant homosexual lobby” bit. Always a fine toast to the most disorganized bunch of sissies imaginable, aka gay folks. Why, we don’t even have a headquarters or a leader! Nary a billboard campaign or TV ads, or fliers or brochures about how to join the nefarious gay militant onslaught. We have no chapters or divisions, nor treasurer or secretary, and can’t even get out a press release. This “militant homosexual lobby” is something to behold. Mostly they’re allowed to say something to some politician before were ushered out of the room lest we taint the proceedings and the real discussions about us begin. But to believe that the parade organizers, who are a lobby of some kind I suppose, put together the parade to entice Good Christian Heterosexuals to become gay for even just a night is ludicrous. I’d dare say, from my own experience at gay any sort of parades, there’s barely a straight person around. Perhaps a child, or a mother, but rarely the straight brothers of gay men. I know mine wouldn’t go if you paid them. In fact, no straight friend of mine ever came to a gay public event with me in 35 years. So Mr. Madden should rest easy that all the gay boys there are already sufficiently gay, since, well, they were real boys.

Still, to put the lie to the frothing at the mouth, from:

“Last year [2009] police responded to 499 incidents on Mardi Gras night but only had 140 call outs this year [2010], acting assistant police commissioner Stuart Smith told reporters at a late-night briefing at Surry Hills police station.”

That hardly sounds like massive violence and drunkenness and people passed out to the point of intervention as Mr. Madden madly makes his claim to be. As for lust and such, well, perhaps Mr. Madden never heard of Rio de Janeiro’s Samba parades at Carnival, which is this very March 5th, the very day of the Sydney Mardi Gras. Odd, or coincidence? I think not! And certainly Mr. Madden should steer clear of New Orleans and most of South Louisiana. Why, the place is positively overrun with wanton displays of lust, starting January 6th, every year, the Feast of the Epiphany, I think it’s properly called. It’s a blessed Catholic Holiday, which kicks off weeks of permissible lax in public decorum and a bit of rowdiness & lewdness, and shaking out the Demons & the YaYa’s before Lent. Why, it’s been going on for nearly 1500 years? In divers cultures wherever Good Catholics & Christians of a less evangelical sort than Mr. Madden apparently is, settled. Where has Mr. Madden been?

In fact, Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” in French. Which is, roughly, “get blasted.” Especially the day before one should get down to the business of being the good Christian Mr. Madden wants to be, which is Ash Wednesday. Just like all the gay men really are. For during the rest of the year you hardly hear a peep out of us. One day a year for public frolic, and Mr. Madden is determined to stop even that. Good luck sir, Good Luck! They tried to stop the Zulu Parade on Mardi Gras morning in New Orleans. Back then it was black folks having their own parade, and the Democrats, very Christian, which is hardly coincidence to the Christian Democrats in Australia, weren’t going to tolerate that, no sir. Zulu is very popular now, some 70 years after the first few were stomped upon.

Meanwhile, to put some truth, perhaps, to the violence that might be done, from:

>>Some anti-violence group, “ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said while ACON is working with NSW Police, the NSW [New South Wales] Attorney General’s Department and the City of Sydney to address the issue, it remains a serious problem.”

Data gathered by the NSW Government shows that gay men and lesbians are, respectively, four and six times more likely than the general population to experience prejudice-related abuse, harassment or assault,” he said.

From a NSW Police perspective we don’t have statistics that support an increase in reporting of homophobic violence [during Mardis Gras]. However I understand the ACON statistics come from reports to the anti violence program they run,” she said. END

So that’s sort of conflicting as to the amount or increase of violence, but still, it’s directed AT gay people by straight people, probably well enthused (oh but not incited, one can’t yet be accused of inciting violence against gay people, after all, if the Pope says we’re evil and need to be self-eradicated, then surely it’s the duty of mankind to be enthused at least about such measures.) But the violence is not by gay people, or between gay people. My Lord, two sissies with knives? Or breaking bottles to use as shivs? My heavens, what a ridiculous notion! Gay bars have bouncers to keep the violent straights out, not stop the fights within like in straight bars.

And then this is a comment posted that I sort of like – for we don’t have enough political marches true, and nowadays what were our political parades are far more festive. On the other hand, it has gotten better, and so we do have something to celebrate. And it’s actually the media which ignores the reasonable part of the parades, because supposedly they’re for us or something.

–”As someone who marched in the second Mardi Gras parade and in many since then, I find that Mardi Gras has lost its effect. It was once a parade about our rights to exist, but is now just a silly parade that people come to for some titilation. It is boring and crass and reinforces stereotypes that are long gone. Its continuance is an insult to the wonderful achievements of the earlier parades which actually did something positive in regard to changing attitudes. Yes, we still need to fight for our rights and maintain what we have, but I do not think this parade is the way forward. I am not surprised that homophobic violence increases at MG time. The media loves to portray us as freaks and fails to mention it when someone `normal’ turns out to be gay. This parade does little to address this.”

But still, for a major political party, and Members of Parliament, and their staffs, to bring this sort of attack is absurd. The man is daft. Free Speech & Movement and the right to party applies in Australia, I do believe. Good tax paying citizens maligned based on nothing more than lying accusation; it happens here too. Then in the video, within minutes, is a change to abortion. And what on God’s green & blue orb do gay men have to do with abortion? We neither make babies, nor get our “girlfriends” pregnant. We’re probably even the very last person a woman with the thought in her mind to consult. If you want to lambaste gay men, sir, stick to the issue.

What’s funny, oh so very funny, is that this Madden man madly says that he wants “20,000, even 10,000” (um, shouldn’t one want a smaller amount, then a larger amount when wishing for anything but gay people? and, is that all he can get?) to come out and some how counterbalance “400,000” gay men and woman? And oh how could there be so many? What a recruiting job by the “Militant Homosexual Lobby”! All those straight boys lured into the life of lunacy. Sure, Mr. Madden, sure. But, my lordy, sir, well, Australia has 30,000,000 or so. So by the 5% rule, 1,500,000 gay boys and girls in that nation. That’s just the way it is. And they have every right to have a party as anyone else. Mr. Madden should just stay home and shut his blinds and think about his misstatements and calumny. And is inability to match the gay guys one for one.


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  1. Toby

    I’d dare say, from my own experience at gay any sort of parades, there’s barely a straight person around.

    The Sydney parade is a bit different from the ones you’re used to, I think. There’s a very large crowd of supporters and spectators, the majority of them straight.

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