Paging Dr. King

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today it’s reported quietly on the front page of my Advocate that many offices and schools are closed for Martin Luther King Day. There was, at the time of the day’s memorializing, great discussion over whether the holiday should have been created. Well, yes it should have. Civil Rights for black folks took a long time, and the Democrats did their best to keep segregation and race laws going as strong as they could, and long suffering people deserve something special every once in a while. Indeed, the rights climate for African-Americans was rather dismal for centuries. Until, due in large part because of Dr. King, the nation came to its senses and stopped the crusade against black folks. Now, today, there’s a great discussion over gay folks. I doubt we’ll get a holiday anytime soon.

Especially when we find this spat within the King family itself. The spat was simple enough to find – just Yahoo’d “Martin Luther King on Gay People.” Presto, lots of sites come up. Including the ones outlining the spat. The spat is, sadly, reflective of the nation as a whole.

I went to three websites to gather the information:

The pieces cover nearly 15 years of discussion. And still, look what’s being said:

Dr. Alveda King — “who is a politician, activist and author, is the daughter of the late slain civil rights leader sister A.D. King” — says that allowing same-sex marriage would lead to “extinction” and “genocide.” And my head reels in disbelief. How on earth can 5% of the population lead anyone to anything like extinction or genocide? Why would we even do such a thing? How could we? For such a tiny group must plan mighty hard to round up the 95% of you and do you in. It’s absurd on the face of it. Yet, supposedly, this is part of the measured debate on gay folks right to exist. It’s said pretty routinely actually, by lots of people. Quite amazing. And it is our right to merely exist that is in question — for if we are going to cause the extinction of the human race through genocide, or other means unsaid, well then, that must mean that our very existence imperils the world. Boy, talk about your blood libel, eh?

Poor Sarah Palin has nothing on us gay folks. She just wants to get rid of socialists. But gay folks? We’re accused of wanting to destroy us very people everyone. Why, to believe that gay people want to cause the extinction of the entire population! It’s ludicrous. Yet, part of the debate, which is odd. Why, we must be very suicidal and murderous and pissed off beyond all belief. But no, actually no. We’re rather happy folks, yes? Willing to tolerate the most mindless mush with “Well, there he goes again.” And nothing much more. Why, we’re men in Speedos for crying out loud, what on earth are we going to do?

Typically, as in all such articles on gay folks two whole contradictory ideas are lumped together in one phrase as if they are similar or something: “A former Georgia House of Representatives member, King is known for speaking her mind about controversial issues, such as abortion and gay marriage.” Why are killing babies and affirming gay relationships always put together? It’s like the two can never be talked about anymore without reference to the other. Maybe allowing gay relationships to be given the thumbs up instead of a poke in the eye causes the genocide of abortion? We’re not making babies, so we kill them off? Or actually, we don’t make ’em, aren’t near them, and through some fairy dust sprinkling we make young women hustle down to the abortion clinic. Hmm. Is this what she thinks? She doesn’t say.

In fact, no one who holds such ideas ever lays out the logic or the process or the methods or the how and why and when of their prediction that by giving a few sissies the right to file a joint tax return this will lead to the extinction of the species because no one will ever have a baby again. But that’s what they must think will happen if this is what they say the outcome of the matter will be. And they say we’re the crazy ones? Youze gots to be kidding me!

And exactly how do gay people threaten “extinction” of the species? Why doesn’t anyone tell us? Why must we guess? It’s merely said, and “amen” comes from the crowds. Does she think that by giving us a piece of paper all of a sudden every God-Fearing heterosexual male is going to hook up with the neighbor stud and never touch no woman no more? Isn’t that just nuts? Clinically? Why doesn’t some enterprising reporter ask her exactly how this is going to happen? Or ask some Catholic prelate or Baptist minister while they’re at it. Or perhaps Tony Perkins with the family research council can tell us how we 5% will kill off the 95%. This I got to hear. It’s a movie plot that is so unbelievable, and yet, here we have real live people saying this astounding thing. And supposedly, the Leftist press is for gay people? If they were they might demolish our opposition instead of inviting them to give their sage opinion on how gay folks are the biggest threat to earth since an asteroid struck some 65 million years ago.

What could be the logical process which says that by merely admitting that about 5% of the boys are natural born gay people – and we’ll stay at this rate — this will imperil society? And all we really want is to have someone finally say “Yes, it’s OK you’re gay” and “No, it’s not going to destroy humankind.” All we got so far is “not that there’s anything wrong with it” — which is merely “it’s not bad” but it surely ain’t the “it’s good” we think it deserves. But we also get this bit about how we are seeking to destroy the earth’s inhabitants. It’s fantastical. It’s moonbattery. It’s the most cockamamie absurdity uttered – and yet, it’s uttered daily by many otherwise quite rational people. Congressmen, governors, preachers, and many divers others, just go off the deep end when we sissies say something like “Don’t worry folks, it’s only us gay folks who are gay.” And you don’t believe us. And so what does that say about what you are thinking about yourself? Are you really that weak in the knees when a sissy speaks? Yikes. Maybe the nation is imperiled!

Ironically, it is written “She has been a pro-life crusader and vehemently opposes same-sex marriage.” Well, “vehemently”? That’s awfully strong. She’s “pro-life” but “vehemently” wants to snuff out all the gay folks. Oh sure, she doesn’t actually say “kill” us all. That would be too harsh, and show the lunacy. No. None of them do. But that’s what she & they mean, for sure. That’s what has to be the only way to de-gay the populace, which is what they want to do. There’s no other way to get rid of us gay folks without killing us.

One wonders, if these folks had their druthers, whether they would allow us even into a store to beg food. Since they want to fire us from our jobs, we’d have no money. For we’re not fit to work with humankind, I guess. I mean really, if we’re “Evil” and hellbent on stealing the souls of heterosexual men and bringing utter destruction such as “genocide” and “extinction” upon We the People surely one must come up with a plan to rid civilization of the threat no? You can’t leave us wandering around, can you? Because we’re not volunteering to change, because we can’t, really, though you don’t seem to believe us. And so what will she do with us, this niece of the man honored today? And his own daughter Bernice too. She says the same thing. How will they rid the nation of us civilization threats?

Maybe they’ll want to arrest us all and put us to hard labor in the hopes it will break our spirits and our souls and our bodies, and then snuff us out on the rock piles from malnutrition and abuse and over work. How else will these people rid this nation of this scourge?

On the other hand, this crazed Dr King failed to mention, however, that the late Coretta Scott King (who was married to the real Dr. King) actually supported gay marriage publicly and was even a speaker at a 1996 Gay Pride festival in Atlanta. Back in 2004, she called gay marriage a “civil rights issue” and even denounced a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban it. She said:

“Gay and lesbian people have families, and their families should have legal protection, whether by marriage or civil union. A constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages is a form of gay bashing, and it would do nothing at all to protect traditional marriages.”

Now, really, enough of the debate on whether gay folks have the right to exist – and let’s get back to important stuff, like whether the deficit will wreck the place, hmm?


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