Blood Libel, Palin & Gay Folks

If the lunatic of Tucson, Jared Lee Loughner, had walked into a plain ol’ shopping mall and sprayed the place with bullets and killed and wounded the exact same number of people, with the exact same ages, sexes and conditions, then the Left would not have blamed Sarah Palin, or Glenn Beck or any particular individual. And no one would be saying this was a political act by someone. No, not at all. We know this by the amazing number of shootings of all kinds similar to the Tucson slaughter. It’s happened at McDonald’s and Post Offices, factories and offices, over the slightest slights and imaginary issues that the lunatics of this land always come up with. Oh, each is a bit different, no doubt. They each have a mission, though, of some kind known only to them. Even in reading the screeds of small plane pilots after the building is struck, or of loners in the woods mailing intricate bombs, or of any number of so-called politically motivated killers, or fashion maven stalkers, or teenagers at a high school, it’s impossible to figure out what they are saying. The garbled incoherent mutterings of such crazed souls is forever beyond our reach. And thus the problem is how to spot them before they go on the rampage. Often it is quite impossible. Who can know what thoughts are written by hand in neat notebooks dense with text?

But no, he shot a US Representative, and a US Judge. These are fine people, good people, lots of wondrous people who did nothing to deserve their own slaughtering or maiming where struck, but still it’s now some sort of “political” act, supposedly perpetrated by the “Right” and “Palin.” And well, all the “usual suspects” of that portion of the public figures opposed to the Left. The Left is a lot of the media, but no longer all of it, and a diminishing portion of it too. They are the Democratic (Socialist) Party. Let’s call it what it is. There are far too many members of the Socialist Party/ies (some masquerade by other names or variations on the theme.) in the “mainstream” Democratic Party than can possibly be excused as mere happenstance. And they hide their Socialism with great care, speaking in terms of “helping the people” by taking their money and telling them how to live their lives. It’s a violent history, Socialism has. But it’s the targeted and carefully laid plans to kill off the capitalist opposition. One way or the other, due to the reality that people are naturally capitalistic, or free marketeers, or profiteers, or even smugglers or black marketers, the Socialist regime – which always must be a government with the power of the state – must physically prohibit, to the point of death if necessary, capitalists from mucking up the five-year plan or global warming agenda.

Now, the global warming crowd, they use the blood libel of saying businessmen and most citizens are intent on destroying the world. The evidence is made up. It’s mush. And the blizzard in Atlanta which stranded me, albeit comfortably, in South Florida for two days is just one more icicle in the coffin of this bizarre theory that it’s getting warmer because of the snow falling every where at astounding rates and the weeks of 24 and 25 degree lows in Louisiana, when once there was one, maybe.

Then too, when Palin used the “blood libel” phrase, which, as everyone has noted, is from the Medieval Christian claim that Jews were eating Christian kids, because she’s being blamed personally and in spirit, and her followers too, with the acts of the lunatic there is a certain resonance to the usage. It’s appropriate on many levels, and as many phrases of antiquity do, it has spread its wings a bit to cover more territory of the blame game. Indeed, almost anyone who is blamed for heinous acts of mythical proportions because of no connection other than in the mind of the accuser with no facts, no consanguinity and no nothing much at all, well, then, that’s a blood libel. That’s a good term to use in our modern times. When blame is cast wide by many who are in fact the great transgressors libeling the innocent.

There are many images at divers websites that show the blatant and direct call for the death of Reagan, Bush I & II and Karl Rove, and Newt, and Sarah, and Glenn, and Rush – the whole lot of them have had incredibly blunt “Kill The Bums” imagery and words. And naught is said by the Socialists. But with no such imagery by the Right or Palinistas or Tea Party people the Socialists put the blood libel on the Right, etc, whenever some lunatic goes a-shooting. Or driving a car into a Luby’s Cafeteria, like happened oh some 20 years ago. Are we to ban cars? Like the calls automatically to ban guns? No, not at all.

In a sense, too, the entire Homeland Security TSA apparatus regarding us all as criminals first, until we prove ourselves innocent by intrusive acts, because of the acts of a deliberate bunch of murderous ideologues hellbent on destroying our portion of the earths’ civilization is a blood libel against we innocent Americans out for a few days vacation.

My 88 year old buddy, confused by an early rise, and exhausted from 10 days’ frolic in Florida, and a two day delayed flight, and the tempest of my father, my brother and myself, and nervous about flying through Atlanta, and a WWII vet, and someone so obviously not a threat to anything or anyone was searched and patted down and fondled and junk-touched like a common criminal, and worse, a potential terrorist, or worse, a crazed lunatic. Then he was helped by two of us back into his wheelchair and we put his shoes on and stuffed his pockets with whatever he carried. And me – who was accompanying him and would be far more likely to do anything if one was thinking about the matter in a profiling way (Militant Homosexual, no? Hmm.) – after all, the old man wasn’t going to procure anything beyond some toothpaste without the assistance of someone. That was obvious. Putting him through the process was blood libelous in a way. It also, in a way, accused him of sedition, intent to murder, conspiracy, treason, and Lord knows how many other crimes that one might imagine either a lunatic of political or psychiatric demeanor committing.

And so this use of the blood libel is pretty big around this nation at this time. It’s not that out of sorts for Palin to react with the phrase she used. A little overboard maybe, if one is inclined to be sanctimonious about such things.

Though, as I’m wont to do, I can see the connection to us gay folks. We are probably the ones with the biggest blood libel directed at anyone in modern times. In someways we took the place of the Jews. We’re accused of stealing the boys and making them depraved perverts intent on destroying family, marriage, children, society, the nation, civilization itself and indeed, all of what God did wrought. We are libeled with the most heinous of accusations. All without a shred of foundation. All with no basis much more solid than Medieval Christian beliefs that Jews were cannibals of Christian children. Indeed, gay men are blamed for creating gay men by a devilish scheme of some indeterminate sort. And we’re accused of destroying family based on merely being a member of our families. We are libeled by the most horrendous calumny by saying we are destroying civilization itself. This is putting a target on our backs, and our fronts, and our foreheads. The imagery presented of gay people as predatory monsters destroying the souls of young men is despicable. And yet it is simply a normal part of the current debate.

There will be a great debate over the use of the phrase blood libel by Palin, and others, and there will be a great defense of her, and a great defense of the opposition and those who aren’t that sure. But when it comes to gay people we have no defenders but ourselves. At most we have a few in sullen toleration willing to say nothing bad about us, with the corollary that “not that there’s anything wrong with it.” But certainly, no straight person says there’s anything good about it. At most it’s the absence of badness.

Yet, when Ann Coulter says we’re causing teenage pregnancy and all its attendant ills and costs then that’s a blood libel.

When Tony Perkins says were destroying families by unstated means that’s a blood libel.

When congressmen and preacher alike accuse of us stealing young men to turn them into demented monsters from the very streets we trod that’s a blood libel.

When Carl Paladino says “God did not create us like that.” That’s a blood libel. That somehow we are against God himself! To state such a thing is reprehensible, but yet it was considered perfectly normal. Few debated whether the proposition was true, merely that it was said.

When Margie Gallagher of No On Marriage (she’s says she’s for marriage, but really, that’s her group’s name) says we’re destroying marriage by wanting to file a joint tax return and get mortgage survivor benefits, that’s a blood libel.

When Justice Antonin Scalia says that a law is required to squash us because we are a danger to all that is good and wholesome, that’s a blood libel.

When the Pope himself says we are a destructive evil force that is rending the natural order to the detriment of the whole of society, that’s a blood libel.

And it’s all very Medieval in its way. All these people, and all who think like them, they are Medievalists when it comes to gay men. Lesbians are given a much better ride, especially if they’re pretty. But gay men, no, we are the most horrendous thing ever contemplated by the minds of mankind. Listen to the blood libel hurled at gay men with malicious malice. With a fervor of spewing hellfire and brimstone at us for our mere temerity to say: Stop Attacking Us and Include Us in Society.

And all we get is a targeted campaign, however doomed to failure, to eliminate us by means fair, foul or medical or by some unstated unknown way. We are targets, we gay people, of the blood libel hurled at us. And we do nothing more than plead for rational consideration of reality. It’s one reason it got better.

But Palin has nothing on us when it comes to blood libeling. Though now that she knows how it feels maybe she’ll be a little more conscious of all the blood libels hurled around and then do something about it.

Strange, though, that the only ones with blood on their hands are the socialists, who are so adept at libel, for they have slaughtered millions for the sake of their cause.

Gay men, of course, take to the streets in the very threatening Speedos and Feather Boas and await the next 12 year old to figure out he’s a gay boy to join the parade.


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