Religion must resolve to embrace gay folks

In 2011 Religion Must Resolve To Embrace Gay Folks

If Pat Robertson can all of a sudden come to the logical conclusion that the drug war, aka, the “War On Drugs,” is a pointless exercise in futility he can come to the equally logical conclusion that the “culture war,” the “gay war” if you will, against gay folks is a pointless exercise in futility too. This war against us, by a major segment of the culture and the nation’s people must stop. It’s unbecoming of a nation steeped in liberty. You know, I read this morning three opinion articles which serve as parables for embracing gay people.

Froma Harrop concludes her exploration of Robertson’s change of heart and mind on the drug war (why are these things wars?) with “A social conservative has filled a gap in the anti-drug war lineup of liberals, economic conservatives and libertarians. We welcome him.” Well, I’m not a regular reader of Harrop, but I scan the headlines, and I’ve never seen her talk about ending the gay war. Yes, it’s a gay war we’re in, like the drug war. Major segments of our culture are in a gay war like they’re in a drug war, even like they’re in a “War Against Poverty.” Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg and many Evangelical and Baptist ministers are in a war against us. They will not have us in this nation, and they’ll harass and harangue us until we’re gone. They think. Sadly, gay folks’ elected representatives are often in agreement about the aims of the gay war – our elimination or at minimum, our suppression.

Then Cal Thomas, who is a social conservative indeed, and a soldier in the war against gay people without a doubt, is rightfully very fearful of the “death panels” by bureaucratic rule. It is indeed a slippery slope towards despotism when government and its henchmen make money from recommending the death of people. And yet, in a way, social conservatives make money from recommending a sort of death for gay folks. Tony Perkins makes a living despising gay people, and calls himself productive. Certainly it’s not a physical death, maybe, yet, at least not by more than a few cretins who are still shouting “Death to fags” as they bash and beat. But figuratively they, certainly they are for a genocide of sorts. That elimination of an entire class or group of people for nothing more than being who they are is genocide for sure. That it is only a cultural genocide is really besides the point – for you can’t get rid of gay people without stomping on us constantly – which will necessarily be a slippery slope to the very physicality Thomas is concerned about.

If you can’t get rid of it through exhortation and laws against the very fiber of the being of a person, and you still want to follow your plan for the elimination, than physical violence must come. That’s what arresting and incarcerating people in the drug war is about. This is what NOM and AFTAH (how quaint, like for evah! Americans for the truth about homosexuality? Are they kidding?) and FRC are for – a physical attack upon us in the form of arrests and incarceration. That’s really what Justice Antonin Scalia wants. He wants to use the physical violence of the state against a tiny group. That’s why he want to outlaw gay love again. It’s a slippery slope before he goes after other people he might not like. Surely we’re not the only ones he thinks are a threat to his Medieval Catholic Theocracy, are we? And why would the jurist want a law he has no intention of having enforced? Just to be gratuitously nasty? Perhaps. Or perhaps, he wants it enforced indeed, physically.

Which brings me to Rich Lowry’s column, which deals with Marco Rubio, the new Republican senator from Florida. Sure, Rubio gives a good speech about this being the greatest country ever – which is true. And he gives a fine spiel for liberty for all. And then, well, Rubio backtracks just a bit, though not truly vocally, yet, and says, yes, well, no, no liberty, not for the homosexuals. He’s all for liberty for all, but he’ll tell us gay folks what parts of liberty he might allow us. He’s right there for the police state.

Just like my own governor, Bobby Jindal is for the police state against me, which stems in part I guess from his own sort of Medieval Catholic Theocracy he wants to impose against us. What else could be the reason for him signing on to a letter by a group, the Family Research Council, which wants to “Export” gays. Does Jindal not know this is the plan of the FRC? This is all well documented at – the entire panoply of gay war groups is laid out and dissected and vivisected daily. They have a plan to eliminate gay people, first. Who next they do not say. But surely it will be someone as they seek to impose their wondrous view of exactly how everyone should be like, just like any communist heathen ever let loose on a society. But is Bobby Jindal, on his quest for the Vice Presidency, really ready to call out the gendarmes and arrest us all like Perkins wants? Is that what my Governor is warning he’ll do? Why else would he sign the letter I do not know.

Indeed, Perkins is just like Fidel Castro in his disgust for gay folks. And just as willing to punish us with the police state. So why would Marco Rubio, who hails from the socialist maw of Cuba, want to get in league with Perkins? I guess we all have to hate someone?

And then there’s the Pope, who well knows the horrors of repression, having spoken at length about it I’m sure with his predecessor John Paul II – but who still calls for repression against a tiny group. Even if he wants to be compassionate in his repression, it’s not any less repressive. Indeed, it might be worse. For I can comprehend the fight against the police state and battle back. But it’s harder to handle the fight against being called evil with just such a studied nonchalance by a man who wields great influence. The words “evil” “disordered” “dysfunctional” “sinful” and such just roll off the man’s tongue with the greatest of ease. But what he’s practicing is a sort of genocide, again, culturally, psychologically, emotionally – it’s a brutal put down and harassment for no good reason other than fear and loathing. All of which goes against the very point of the church’s intended goodness.

This nation is greatest, without a doubt. But it’s not great because it represses gay people. To hear Ann Coulter put it, among many others, gay people must be scorned and hated and despised and figuratively spat upon so that the rest of the nation can live in peace and harmony. The idea is so ludicrous that it pains me to hear the otherwise perfectly reasonable woman say something so abysmally stupid.

When I read the comments at dozens of websites it pains me greatly to know that there are people who are absolutely sure we’re the greatest threat to the family, the nation, society and civilization itself. This concept is preposterous. And yet the only way it’s going to come to halt, this fear and loathing and willful ignorance that seeks to eliminate every last vestige of gay people from this earth, is for priests, ministers, rabbis, cardinals, the Pope himself, and all manner of clergy of divers religions to resolve to truly grasp the reality of gay folks. It’s time. This is a great year to practice what they preach. This is a fine time for the lions to lay down with the lambs. And remember, it’s the lion which must come to the lamb – the big and the strong must come to the small and weak — that’s the meaning of that parable. And gay people are such a tiny gentle (if a little wacky) percentage of the whole that we pose a threat like a dandelion poses a threat to the lawn on the Mall in Washington DC.

The Mall around which are arrayed the monuments, halls of power, seats of justice and even the nation’s attic, is filled with lions. And we lambs, we’re just hanging around waiting for everyone to come to their senses. Perhaps, this year, when Perkins and Sprigg get public about their big plan for arresting us and incarcerating or exporting us, because they received the cooperation of politicians and columnists and bloggers, then someone like the Archbishop of the Armed Forces will call a truce. The social conservative will fill in a gap. For that man is sure we’re gay for “largely unexplained reasons,” but, yet, somehow I think even he will realize that to continue the gay war against us is futile. Then he’ll recommend that all the swords be beaten into plowshares and we can live in peace in the greatest nation of the world. This is what those arrayed against us should resolve to do. That is the gap which must be jumped. We lambs already embrace family, the nation, religion, society and civilization – for we’re embedded in it just as deeply as everyone else. It’s time for you all to return the favor – and end the gay wars.


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