2 Aunts, a gay nephew and family values

2 Aunts, a gay nephew, and family values – follow along please…

And now it’s Christmas week. There is great Joy in the land. As well as great consternation. The families of this great nation are under siege by overwhelming government. The nanny state grows like a sordid fungus. Ms. Obama is quite sure she knows what’s best for the nation’s children. She’s nuts of course, but she “knows.” Through faith! For Marxism, and Socialism, and Big Government is “Faith” as sure as any faith ever was. And the politics of Washington is still lunatic. The deal making, the earmarks, the corruption, the cronyism, the disregard for fiscal sanity, the nonsense over “cutting” taxes when the true issue was “raising” taxes, continues apace. Well, you can’t help any family by raising their taxes. It’s impossible. Then too there’s all sorts of attempts by the government to seize control over the internet. I worry about that, greatly. Perhaps I’ll not be approved to post my musings, however limited is my readership. And the mainstream media is in cahoots with the big government behemoth, to our detriment.

The money is unstable. The debt is unsustainable. The programs are bankrupt. The states are crumbling into the financial abyss. The elites have seized control of the wealth of the nation and is using it for their own purposes, like Royalty of old, without the ermine. The police state grows, with forfeiture laws and cameras at every intersection, and even such crazy things as requirements of life jackets to save a deer, as I read just yesterday. The Departments of Education, both federal and state, are running roughshod over the wishes of parents. The Department of Commerce is apparently trying to quell commerce, with its desire for socialist control over the minutia of our lives. The Department of Energy is working overtime making sure no energy is produced in this nation. The Department of Labor is trying to grab corporations for the unions. The Department of Homeland Security is ever more invasive and incompetent. And now it seems that Napalitano, secretary of that agency, is branching out to shore up the discredited global warming delusion. And the delusional Arnold Schwarzenegger is pining to join the feds in screwing up this nation. The Department of Interior is seizing vast tracts of land in the hopes of forever prohibiting the stewardship of it by responsible business folks trying to make life easier for families by providing the products which might come from difficult to develop lands.

The Obama administration is hellbent on wrecking our relationships with allies while coddling dictators. He is aided and abetted by crazed lunatics in Hollywood like Michael Moore and Sean Penn. This administration has so screwed up so much that it’s a wonder he’s not been impeached yet. And I pray that the new Congress throws itself athwart Obama’s plans to louse this nation up even more and says “NO!” But so far, it doesn’t look that way.

On and on comes the ridiculousness of the leftist, liberal, socialist, communist idiotcracy. I don’t know what to do about it other than to work on convincing my friends and family that this is wrong. I’ve recently managed to induce three friends to change from Democrat to Republican. I’ve managed to make several friends and family to at least think about the absurdity of our current morass. And I’ve struggled to move many of my family and friends to the Tea Party concept of Liberty for All and rational governance. I think I might be getting somewhere. I think I might be making headway against the winds of “hope and change” which is really “Let’s go find a unicorn farm.” But I’m just one guy. And most of my readers, and most of the commentators on many a website I go are just individuals. We do the best we can to help the people we know and cherish to come to their senses. Even at the Christmas table we will all try to convince some errant fool among the family to realize that this socialist administration is the worst thing to ever hit America since the British burned Washington in 1812.

This is what is happening in this land. This crazed socialist attempt at seizing power of government over the will of the people. This is the true menace to our society.

But no, wait, that’s not true. Not according to so many websites it’s not funny. No, instead it’s the modicum of sullen tolerance towards gay people that is the threat. This is what the Family Research Council says. This is what all the “family values” coalitions and groups say. This is what so many politicians still utter. This is what so many churches still preach from pulpits. This is what so many commentators on so many websites I go to say is the true threat. Gay people. Can you imagine?

How on earth can accepting the reality that most hairdressers who are men are gay possibly be a threat to the nation?

How on earth can so many gay interior designers be a threat to families?

How on earth can so many people just blithely say the most outrageous falsehoods and spew calumny against gay people is beyond me.

Over at www.moonbattery.com today, once again, I had to wade in and say “folks, you’re not being rational. Gay people are not the threat. Socialists are the threat, and some of them are gay.” But no, so many there are insistent that being gay is a political position. It’s absurd of course, but I guess it sounds good to people who are so fearful for the fate of our country that coming up with a scapegoat – gay people – makes them feel more comfortable.

At www.legalinsurrection.blogspot.com – the site where I can’t seem to figure out how to post, some idiot said gay folks are part of the Marxist insurgency to take down America. The man or woman (they all hid behind genderless screen names,) is apparently unaware that Marxist nations treat people worse than this nation does.

At www.justoneminute.com was a fine exploration of Barry Goldwater’s admonition that gay people deserves full constitutional rights too – and the comments section lit up with the most astounding falsehoods, calumny, accusations, misinformation and plain unicorn hunting against gay folks.

At www.theothermccain.com was some wonderment as to whether we should be calling Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council “hate groups.” And “no, no” I commented, “they are delusional groups. For they think that hairdressers and interior designers are a threat to this nation and its families.” I’m sure that will elicit all sorts of nonsense. As my comments usually do. For some are so convinced, by a Michelle Obama like faith, that gay people are the cause of all the destruction they see around them.

So many people by statement or implication of their statements seem convinced that even tolerating gay people is the cause of the destruction of this country. Talk about power! Some 5% of the nation, sissies even, are supposedly going to destroy the whole merely because we defend ourselves against the onslaught of society. This is preposterous. As more and more Americans are realizing, it’s lunacy. It’s not hate, it’s just nuts. Sure, they have the right to be nuts. Be the rest of you have the duty to say “That’s nuts!” Yes the duty. For you know it’s not true. But oh are gay people such a convenient political football to be punted ’round. We’re easy to pick on. And we have no defenders other than ourselves. And we can’t even put an ad on TV, in the newspapers or on a freeway billboard saying “don’t tread on us either.” For that would be “promoting homosexuality.” As if any boy not already gay would see the ad and say to himself, “Oh yes, I’ll go be gay!” Sure, right. And unicorns are a dime a dozen in this neck of the woods.

Meanwhile, I spoke to my two aunts today, to spread Christmas cheer. And they’ve known I’m gay since I was a kid. As did all their kids know, who comprise a bunch of cousins some 20 strong. I’m the runt of this brood. And they are not adverse to it. And all are quite pleased to be my cousins. I was lucky. I can talk to all of them. They love me for who I am. And we don’t talk “sex” or “gay” — no, we talk life and family. For I’m part of the family. In a family values far stronger than any ever postulated by any “family values” group now existing.

This nation has got to come to its senses about gay people. The rampaging debate as to whether or not I’m a fit human being as got to come to a halt. It’s time, this Christmas, for all Americans to deal with reality. Some of the kids in our midst are gay. That’s it. We’re like rocks, we just are. And we can be changed from rocks to gold by any alchemist who comes along.

But no, there’s this debate. Like I said, at www.theothermccain.com there was this great fretting that some groups might be called hate groups because they supposedly, with great delusional, spout what they feel is the “truth about homosexuality.” What a bunch of clods. What a bunch of idiots in delusion. Sure, go ahead, tell my two aunts with whom I spoke to today that I’m a threat to family and America because from the time I was 8 years old I knew I liked guys and not girls. No, it’s not hate. It’s a wackiness beyond all comprehension.

Come to your senses America, see what’s around you! Yes, you see gay people. And we’re OK. Now, end the debate. Accept reality and work on making us better gay people. But I can assure you – none of us are ever going to find some girl of your dreams. For it’s not my dream to get a girl and get married – no, it’s yours. You shall tell me, you think, how I shall live. Just like a socialist. Sure. Go ahead, try. But let me tell you — I’m repulsed by the prospect. I wouldn’t do what a straight man does if you paid me. Or put a gun to my head. It’s disgusting. It’s revolting. It gives me the vapors. You’ll have to arrest me and throw me into jail with all those other similar men before I go near a woman. Have at it. I can’t wait.

Other than that – have a Merry Christmas. And remember this – you anti-gay straight folks – while the Red Cross was busy banning Christmas Trees – every gay bar in America put up a Christmas Tree. Go, look, learn. And stop the nonsense. Give me a present I never expected in my life – your realization that some tiny percentage of the population is gay and you’re finally, finally, OK with this. Cheers, and pass the eggnog. Thanks.


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