Why ask? Who cares? Thank God.

Why ask? Who Cares? Thank God.

I think I heard Tony Perkins’ head explode last night. I think I heard John McCain cry in a corner. Who knows how many Americans gnashed their teeth last night? Will anyone count the pulpits from which great denunciations of the least of God’s children will be uttered? No, no one will. But surely not more than 25% now. If 3 out of 4 military personnel and 3 out of 4 Americans not in the military said it simply doesn’t make a difference, well, that’s 25% who are wondering what the world is coming to.

And what the world is coming to is a great awakening – OMG! I see gay people! And it’s OK!

Yes, it’s quite astounding to see. Quite a Christmas gift. Thank you very much, indeed.

Though it isn’t quite a shiny new bike. Nor is it even one that needs assembling. Nor even a used bike in good condition. No, it’s still sort of like getting bit and pieces of different bikes that had lain out in the rain to rust and crumble. For while DADT is now history – there’s the “tiny” problem of actually figuring out how to “implement” it. Like it needs to be “implemented.” For in reality, the only thing that needs to happen is that all the soldiers, and everyone else who still has trouble dealing with gay folks, need to just wake up and say, “OMG! I see gay people! And oh yah, who give a rat’s tuckus.” For we’re just here, there and everywhere. Like we’ve always been. Like straight folks see from the time you start to call us sissies, and fathers yell at their slight sons: “Don’t throw like a girl!” From the time mothers fully grasp that their 35 year old son with no lady friends and a hair salon is not going through a phase. Nor did she do anything wrong.

It’s just the luck of the draw. In the wondrous moment of conception and the entwining of the great helix of life into the miracle of birth – well, some of us, a tiny percentage of the whole even, is just, well, just gay. That’s it. That’s what you get. Our repeating this until it’s drilled into your heads is our “agenda” and nothing less or more. We can no more be a threat to society or family or anyone or thing than redheads or Jews or autistic kids or left handed people. Or anyone really. At least not as a whole. Sure, some gay individuals are miscreants, like some straights are. But just as straightness is OK, so is gayness OK. That’s still going to be a hurdle to get over, but no biggie. We have, as I’ve said, the patience of Job and the fortitude of David against Goliath. We really have no choice but to continue our quest. For otherwise we are not doing our duty to the boys and girls still to be born who will be gay too. And we did not get this far by simply sitting around waiting for straight folks to come to the logical conclusion. No, we went kitchen table to kitchen table saying, “Now, mom, this is the way it is.”

Though let us now consider the new problems created by not solving the matter of gay folks as a whole. No, it’s still piecemeal, sort of like peeling an onion. And so many cry too, as the onion is peeled. And if I might mix metaphors, once the world is done peeling this onion there’s going to be a pearl of a gay person in the middle of it all. A shiny pearl of a person who desires no more than to be left alone, to pursue happiness, be productive and all he or she can be, and to not live in fear that society or some element of it will come crashing down upon his head, and not worry that if he says to family or stranger, “Hi, this is my boyfriend Michael” he’ll be excoriated and chased away. For the hammer is still poised high.

Because of DOMA, gay soldiers are denied a slew of benefits granted to their straight buddies in arms. Because of DOMA gay soldiers can’t come home to their spouse awaiting. Nor get “partnership” benefits, (Lord do I hate that concept word “partnership” or “partner,” like it’s a business or something.) Because of DOMA gay people still aren’t full citizens. Sure, a step closer, but still, the shining city on a hill is far away yet.

And because of the difficulties the Archbishop of the Armed Forces is now confronted with there’s much to be done. For what will his Eminence instruct his chaplains to say to any gay soldier who comes for succor and guidance? “You’re still evil and intrinsically disordered, though for largely unexplained reasons, sorry you lost your leg”? Is that what he will say? What will any chaplain of any faith say to the gay soldier in time of need? How will the Muslim chaplain respond to a Muslim gay soldier? Or the Rabbi to the Jewish gay guy? What will they say? Surely, though, it must be a time of great reflection for these theologians. My advice is, of course, just come to the natural conclusion – gay folks are just natural by the Grace of God. But religion is going to have to come to a conclusion that there’s nothing evil, or disordered, or anti-God or anything else malign about being gay. This will be a big hurdle for them to leap, but leap it they must. We are here, we gay people, to guide them, by our constant peaceful refrain: “We are. Let us be in peace.”

Now, if anyone had listened to John McCain, including he listening to himself – a great national commission of people of good will would be called and a big study of the issue made. And science and logic might be brought to bear on what still so many are worried is a great threat to the nation. For the FRC and all the “family values” people will not rest in their continuing failure to achieve any solid and lasting results for their fantastical policy proscriptions of arresting all the gay folks and exporting us. How delusional can one bunch be? I don’t know, I just don’t know. And for Republican presidential candidates, or the media for that matter, to give them the time of day is bizarre. What do they think they’ll win by calling so many people – and by logical extension, the fathers and mothers who gave birth to the gay boys and girls, and their brothers and sisters – a terror and threat to the nation? It surely isn’t a way to win votes, that’s for sure. There’s too many millions of us, and there’s too many millions of our families to keep up this excoriation and denunciation.

But now, this Sunday, let us give thanks to God and reason for repealing this law of calumny against gay soldiers who volunteer to serve this great nation. Soldiers who for so long did so with a fervor actually beyond straight soldiers – for they did it in fear of discovery of their naturalness. They did it by lying for the good of the nation. They did it by lying for the sanity of those who still can’t accept reality. But lying is not honorable. And being a soldier is among the most honorable things one can do. And one cannot be a good soldier and lie at the same time. (Unless you’re captured by the enemy, I suppose. Then lie through your teeth to confound the enemy and escape. See, sometimes lies are good, no?)

Yet, one day, soon I hope, and probably so, this great nation will come to its senses and realize that for some odd reason known only to God and nature some tiny percentage of the population is gay. No more than 5 or 6 out of every 100 men. No more than 2 or 3 out of every women. That’s the way it’s been since we left the savannahs of Africa for the great peopling of the world. And that’s the way it’s going to be until God calls us all home at once.

So, come, let us join in peace in this Christmastime. So that we might go fight the enemies of freedom and this nation together.

And let us consider the fine irony that now gun toting openly gay soldiers will be allowed to defend to the death Tony Perkins’ right to say horrendous things about the soldier doing the defending. The soldier will do his duty. Perkins and his ilk should do the same, do their duty — and get a productive job instead of meandering around the country trying to destroy a natural born portion of it.

And isn’t it odd that 70% of the nation is opposed to Michelle Obama’s “busybody in the lunchroom” law – while only 25% are worried that gay folks will destroy the nation by being allowed to not lie as they serve in the military? Indeed, at this point in time gay folks are far more popular than the Obama administration and all its family wrecking economic & healthcare policies. 3 out of 4 Americans accept us now. While 3 out of 4 are opposed to ObamaCare and the Stimulus and the thousands of pages of unread laws. Indeed, far more discussion went into repeal of DADT which affects so few than the monstrosities that affect us all. Which is why and how the TEA Party is gaining in power.

And that’s something that Republicans should well consider. This nation is not going to follow Tony Perkins or Justice Scalia back into a police state against gay citizens. But they will follow The Tea Party in restoring fiscal sanity and individual liberty to this great nation. Which will Republicans concentrate on? Now, want to be truly pro-family? Then accept that gay folks are part of families. Right there under the Christmas tree and (especially) under the mistletoe.


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