Why fear the gay child?

Oh how society fears the gay child of all ages.

For months now I have been romping around the internet reading many a blog that is TEA Party in nature. I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere in changing minds. Maybe a few. I hope. Some are more mainstream, like www.spectator.org and www.nationalreivew.com and www.weeklystandard.com and www.dailycaller.com. I did, for a while, romp around www.americanthinker.com – but they became so anti-gay – after I was already a comment moderator – that it became pointless to deal with them. And some are more humorous or sarcastic, like www.iowntheowrld.com and www.moonbattery.com. And still others are political like www.legalinsurrection.blogspot.com and www.jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com. Some are cartoons like www.hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com and some are more angry like www.floppingaces.net. These are the main websites where I comment. What I find odd, is that all these sites will approvingly reference two gay political sites:  www.hillbuzz.org and www.gaypatriot.com in the morn, and by evening devolve once again into the fear of gay folks.

But I also go to dozens more websites. Dozens more. Whenever there’s a gay themed post, I go. Though this is not my main concern with the status of this country. No, the debt and deficit, the money, the taxes, the federal behemoth, the weakness of the Obama administration when it comes to defense. The absurdity of the illegal border crosser situation is far more important than gay folks. Indeed, gay folks are just not really part of this debate.

Instead, we’re used as a political football by both Left & Right. And what I can conclude, having read hundreds of posts and thousands of comments is this: far too many people are afraid that their son will be “made” gay. The idea is preposterous. We gay folks keep saying the same thing – either you are or you are not. The “questioning” now surfacing is not “is any particular boy questioning whether he should be gay” but rather “how the gay boy will express his gayness.” That’s the questioning. For far too many gays are still in the closet. Especially on the Right. The gays on the right are absolutely panic stricken that they really are gay. They’re as panic stricken about themselves as the rest of the right is afraid that us open gay people will make anyone else gay. Again, it’s preposterous. You can’t be made gay. This is the crux of the “gay rights” movement. This should actually be called the “please oh pretty please accept us gay folks as your fellow citizens” movement. For what we gay folks contend, repeatedly, insistently, incessantly, is that some boys will grow up to be gay. And the rest of you will not.

And thus it behooves the Right, the Religious, to deal with reality. No gay person was made gay, or caused to be gay by any outside force. None of us were recruited into this. None of us were convinced through some “promoting homosexuality” campaign to be gay. None of us decided to be gay so we could do battle with society. None of us want anyone to be gay who is not already gay. No, none of us.

What we say, again, and again, and again, and again, is that, “Look, some folks are gay and it’s no big deal. Now please help us be better gay people.” But calling us “evil” is not the way to do that. Nor is calling us a “threat to family” or “destroying civilization.” None of that is true. And in someways most of society has recognized this. That’s why it got better. We simply cannot be the threat anyone says we are. Nor should anyone be afraid of us.

Nor are we a part of this great debate between the socialists and the forces of liberty in this nation. Gay folks are despised by both. That alone should tell everyone that gayness is not a political position. Or a choice. Or anything other than an odd fact of human nature.

You can’t “teach homosexuality.” You can’t teach someone to be gay. And that’s not what gay folks are saying at all. We’re saying “teach everyone that gay people are odd but natural and no threat.” There’s no reason to fear us. We’re not going to make any of your sons or daughters gay. No, your sons and daughters are going to be gay by some “largely unexplained” whatever – certainly biology – and now your mission, oh parents, and society, is to figure out a way to deal with the reality in your midst.

I find it funny that all these sites deride Liberals and the Left of being unrealistically for unicorns. Well, if there’s one unicorn that Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party people envision is the idea of some monolithic “homosexual lobby” “promoting homosexuality” to change fine young potential Marines into gay men. No, nothing could be father from the truth. What we are saying, all we are saying, is that some of your sons are going to be gay – regardless of whether you eliminate every gay person at 9 AM tomorrow morning. All of us could, I suppose, by some superhuman effort, all of a sudden declare ourselves to be heterosexuals ready for marital bliss with the women we never dreamed of. And then some 5% of the population who hasn’t realized it yet will all of a sudden one fine morning say to themselves “whoa, this is different.” They will just know they are gay.

The issue is not whether gay people exist. But how you will deal with the biological reality in front of you. So far, most of the people at the websites above are convinced that somehow the thing to do is denigrate us and call us all kinds of names and accuse of us astounding things of which we have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes, I suppose some gays are too bizarre for comfort. But that’s only because they might be Leftists, or worse, left adrift without guidance. For you will not provide guidance. That would be “promoting” the thing you fear most – gay people.

At times it seems many people at these sites fear gay people more than they fear socialists, and Islamofascists, and more than they fear anything on earth. It’s nuts, folks. The reality is we’re here. We’re always been in society. We’ve always been in schools. We’ve always been in families. And we’ve always formed as perfect a union as we might be able to do under the circumstances. And the circumstances are difficult.

It’s difficult not because we’re gay. Oh no, we’re very good at it, very comfortable with it, and extraordinarily happy that we are just the way we are. No, the difficulty lies with straight people who fear us for no other reason that they are not gay and they don’t wish to be.

Well, don’t be gay. You’re not gay. You’re not going to be gay. Only we’re going to be gay. And well, also, alas to you, some 5% of your sons who are now sitting in their pajamas near the Christmas Tree as boys under the age of puberty looking at all the presents they can’t open until a week from now are going to be gay too. We gay folks are not after your sons. Your sons are going to come find us gay folks and try to make the best of our lot in life. And this is what you fear. And it’s irrational. And it’s fearing unicorns. Even worse, dreaming of unicorns, you think anything under the sun on God’s green earth is going to stop it, prevent it, reverse it, cure it and eliminate it.

And such is not the case. It can never be the case. For God or evolution or both have decided to give civilization gay folks. And anyone who believes otherwise believes in unicorns.

OK, so gay folks are unicorns. I can accept this, if it will help you deal. But, please, stop trying to break our horns. We need those to defend ourselves against the onslaught of society. Why, surely you marvel at our peaceful obstinate refusal to accede to your desires and stop being gay, don’t you? Don’t you appreciate our resolve? Don’t you respect our determination? Don’t you absolutely love our fortitude? We are unstoppable – precisely because we are natural. So, this Christmas, please, for you eventually-to-be-gay sons and daughters – you must change your attitudes and accept us. And stop fearing us. It ill becomes rational people in a free republic to run around screaming “The sissies are destroying the place!” And it is neither the Conservative nor Christian thing to do. And it has no place in the Christmas Season.


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