ObamaCare Fail, No hope, bad change

It’s seems that some 19 states are going to cut funding for HIV drugs. And thus those people deprived might very well die, or at least get sicker – running up the cost of healthcare! This in the age of unicorns and ObamaCare? Wasn’t this law supposed to mean more healthcare? And not less? No, of course not. It was never about healthcare, it was who is going to control healthcare. And the socialists want to control it, for like Dillinger before them said “It’s where the money is.”

And I said, at the time Sarah Palin brought up “Death Panels” that it would behoove Conservatives opposed to this monstrosity of a law to say to the gay folks of this nation “You are going to be the first on the chopping block.” So as to get our votes and stop the morass before it got to this point. But no, that was too much to ask. And now, lo, it turns out we may well be. Or at least those few of us who are HIV positive. That’s roughly 500,000 gay men with the disease, and some 20,000,000 without it. And this will push even more gay people into the ranks of conservatives and the TEA Party.

It is apparent to me, in my many conversations with gay people (which is far more than the entire number of commentators combined at many a TEA Party website where I venture forth with my two cents) that about ½ of us are opposed to the Leftist nonsense. And it’s apparent to me that another good 30 or 40 percent are now just pissed at the man, his minions and the Democrats in general. Work on that number, and who knows, another 20,000,000 votes for rational thought might be found. Or at least 20,000,000 less votes for Democrats if we decide to sit it out altogether. And abstaining from voting for Democrats, is, in a way, voting for the TEA Party.

Now, it will probably turn out that the money will be found. For either this is a scare tactic by the Associated Press – the purveyor of the bad news — “cuts threatened” – to drum up support for their beloved Obama, or the pharmaceutical companies will forgo the profits and dispense the drugs, or someone like Zuckerberg or Geffen, Elton John, or Ricky Martin, or some other fabulously wealthy gay people will foot the bill. I don’t know. Somehow I don’t think that the nation is just going to let people die in writhing pain. The nation doesn’t have the heart for that. For this nation is too decent in the long run. I’d think even the Pope would foot bill before he would allow the suffering.

What appalls me though, is that the AP didn’t see fit in it’s article to mention the wondrous ObamaCare as the savior come to the rescue. No, they didn’t utter a peep about the law they fought for.

Now, it’s said that some 4,500 people with HIV are on waiting lists to get the medications. Is someone hoping that they’ll cure themselves? Is this financially sound? I mean, if the AIDS gets worse, then those folks will use the healthcare system more. The article says it’s costs about $20,000 a year for the drugs. Which is not the manufacturing costs, but the recapturing of the development costs. Well, if there are 4,500 a waiting, and it’s $20K a year each, that’s $9,000,000 – Nine Million Dollars. That’s a John Murtha Center right there. If some $2 billion is spent in earmarks, then surely some erstwhile senator could earmark $9 million to the project. No?

But surely some of these healthcare administrators are doing a cost-benefit analysis, no? For if it costs $20K to keep a person healthy, I’d imagine it’s going to be $50,000 a year to deal with the effects of no medications. And in a $1.2 Trillion dollar omnibus spending bill there’s isn’t room for $9 million?

And for those who say that well, gay folks (who only make up slightly less than ½ of HIV positive people in the nation) are at fault – well, then give us a tax break equivalent to the money not spent – and we’ll spend it ourselves. It is our money, after all. The taxes paid by the 20,000,000 healthy gay men are more than enough to cover the 500,000 with the disease.

Which is why, in the long run, for healthcare and for retirement we should all – straight and gay – should keep our own money to fund our own problems. Get the dingbat federal government, and the state governments out of the healthcare industry. Cut the endless bureaucracy. I’d bet that there’s $9 million in savings in just cutting the endless paperwork and compliance officers and grant writers and administrators to determine income eligibility requirements and all the plethora of bureaucratic nonsense that passes for “healthcare” in this nation.

Oh what a mess. And now endless worry for HIV people in this time of alleged hope and change. Which is actually this time of crazed socialists working overtime to wreck the nation for some ill conceived plan to get all the control into their hot little hands. What a bunch of Grinches.

Hell, if they cut the $150,000,000 or so in National Endowment for the (disgusting) Arts budget then there would be more than enough to handle the bigger problem of people dying from a still unsolved disease rather than arguing over ants on Jesus “art” — which is not art, but crap.


OH yah, Jimmy Carter said America will be ready for a gay president — would that man just shut up and play with his grandchildren already? The very idea just enrages people against gay people. And he is not my spokesman. And we had a (probably) gay president — Jimmy Buchannon. He was as big a failure as Carter was. Egad. With “friends” like this I don’t need enemies.


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