Now this is evil!

I came across this on the news at

“LOS ANGELES (AFP) – US authorities said they had helped break up an international online child pornography ring using a bulletin board called “Lost Boy” and charged some 20 people in five countries.

The Internet forum was used by some three dozen members trading thousands of “images and videos of child pornography depicting young boys in sexually explicit situations,” some of which the members made themselves.

Sixteen of the suspects are in the United States, while the others are in France, Germany, Belgium and New Zealand.”
This is truly evil stuff – by three dozen people, oh and probably a few more hundred more, too. How does one wind up with “thousands” of images after all? They each might wind up with 20 years in jail. Perhaps not enough, if you ask me.

Yet, this will also be used to tar all gay people with the horror. We will be accused – us 20,000,000 or so, for what a miniscule bunch have done. What they did is demented. And it has nothing to do with the rest of us. But it will be said now, again, “see, there you go, gay people doing this.”

But all the thousands of child abuse cases and sexploitation done of women by men? You know, heterosexuals doing the evil? Will they be used to tar all straight people? Absolutely not. No one would think of it. It would be ludicrous to say so. But many, far too many, will think that this group caught today represent gay folks. And that’s just unfair. It’s just as ludicrous.

Amazingly, and just like all the boys molested by priests and pastors – none of these boys will be gay. None are gay now, and now will be gay in the future. It’s just so standard, though, to claim that the molestation is some sort of recruiting device. Nothing could be further from the truth. None of these boys molested ever seem to grow up gay. And few if any gay boys are ever molested. (Apparently sissies aren’t popular among the molesters either.) That’s not what makes us gay.

Still, the horror is done, and the criminals should pay for it.

But I find it fascinating that all the cases of men keeping young women in bondage and cages and basements are never said to represent decent straight men. For those criminals don’t. But a handful of crazed lunatics will be used to tar and feather the vast hordes of decent gay folks. As if we did this too, by our mere existence on the same planet with the criminals. Sad that this is so. But it is.

And so, quell the urge to blame gay people as a whole for what these few cretins have done. But if I go to the internet today, I shall see on many websites the accusation “homosexuals are molesters and this is how they recruit new gay men.” It’s preposterous. And yet it will be said. And I don’t have the energy today to wade in among the accusations that will be cast and say “No.”


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