12 G’days of Christmas

The 12 G’days of Christmas.

G’day. I’m your fellow citizen. I’m a gay man. But still, your fellow citizen. Forget the gay part for a moment. Now we’re in the 12 days of Christmas. Or, as my pun is intended, the 12 Gays of Christmas. Jesus said, “walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you condemn him.” I ask of you nothing less.

I agree so much with Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party people, patriots, red staters, and even rednecks. But not just me. Millions of my gay compatriots do too. Even if we don’t express it exactly as you do. For that’s because on one matter we disagree, you Tea Party people and us gay folks. Yes, except on one matter, we are in agreement. Listen to us, and you will see this is true. And on this matter, this subject under constant discussion, on this gay thing, the disagreement is based in misunderstanding and not adversary. I’m so with you all, as nearly all gay men and women are, that it’s not funny. That’s why no gay folks will cause any violence, will attack none that attack us, will simply turn the other cheek and appeal once again to your hearts and minds. It’s because we are with you America, because we are Americans first, and gay people second. We are for Liberty for all, however misbegotten we are.

But it’s Christmas. I’m tired of talking politics. I see my tree aglow, and stockings hung from the fireplace with care. I see my lights out front, so all the passer by can know, here Santa and Jesus comes too. I’ve done some Christmas shopping, and still there’s more to do. I’m not sure where Christmas dinner will be, but I have an inkling we’ll be invited somewhere. “We” is my 88 year old WW II veteran who I take care of. He’s a gay man, who helped defeat the Nazis by being assigned to the piano corps, if you will, and doing his job, and no one asked and he did not tell, but no one was unaware. And myself, the guy who honored his father by writing a book with him – www.housesarefree.com – his memoirs, my two cents (well, a nickle, even a dime perhaps) [Buy a copy, I got to make a living too!]

And I honored my mother by learning the language of the old country, and Czech is not easy. And by being the family historian. And it’s a lot of stuff my mother bequeathed to me. All destined for the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids Iowa. It’s what I’ve been informed, by more than one person – is just possibly the largest trove of original documents, papers, letters, diaries and photos, and more, of any immigrant family to this nation. Not just a Czech family, but any family, that this nation knows. I don’t know if that’s true. I find it hard to believe. But I’m told this by experts in the field. But I know we have the actual ticket used by my Great-Grandfather to come from Prague to New York. And I’m told that no such example of an actual ticket is known to exist. Again, I don’t know. But that’s what I’ve been told. And I’m the guardian of that ticket.

But I do know that I recall Bohumil, my great-grandfather. And I know he died when I was 8 years old. And my great-grandmother Barbara died when I was 10. And I knew already, when they died, that I was, shall I say, Speedo enthralled. There was no doubt in my mind. Though I did not say this. I did not think it necessary. I did not think that it was an issue. No gay guy knows it’s an issue when we realize we’re gay. It’s only later in our early years that we realize that there is this great consternation about gayness. Oh, we know we’re gay – and then one day we find out that it’s not about finding our sugar plum fairy. No, then all of a sudden we find out it’s about our supposed destruction of society.

And that’s the great disconnect. For we know we are but children, on grandpa’s lap. And all of a sudden we hear that we are a threat to society. We are there under the Christmas tree opening up a Tonka truck, and all of a sudden we hear that we are a grave danger to family. We are there, with a kid’s eggnog in our hands when all of a sudden we hear that we are depraved and deranged. And we, as children, wonder how this can be so. For we were no different than before we heard the utterance. We are kids, and all of a sudden, in a sound more horrendous than Santa landing on the roof, we hear that our kind are the most disgusting, sick and demented type of person on earth. And we wonder, can this be so? And we conclude, no it cannot be so. And then we try to reconcile the two. For we hear terrible things and we know we are not any more terrible than the day before we first heard these things.

Each of us hears these things on our own way. Just as each of us realizes that this cannot be true in our own day. Some of us real young, some of us a bit older, but still, at some very young age we come to face the reality that by some Grace of God, a jinx if you will, we are destined to be called the most horrendous names, and accused of the most astounding powers of destruction, and said to be the very nexus of evil and societal destruction. And we wonder why? Why would we be accused of this, when we are but children. And you don’t really have an answer.

And some of us fret more about it than others, and wind up being influenced by the malice hurled at us. But most of us grow us quite inured to it. We are so resilient, so indestructible, that we grow up to be quite fine peaceful productive adults. And this enrages you more. You who are against us. Sure, it’s getting better, and there are less and less against us. But none of you are for us.

No, it’s a sullen tolerance, or a dismissive “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” But still, we who are excluded, often on purpose, often by inadvertence, but all the time, we grow up to be quite fine people. And, again, this bothers so many of you. But there are no fairy tales yet for fairies.

There’s no prince charming for me at the end of the romp. There’s no coddling of my innate desires. There’s no encouragement, ever, for me to be the best I can be. There’s no acceptance. Tolerance is not acceptance. There’s no affirmation that I am OK. That I am part of God’s Will. In fact, there’s just the opposite. We’re told we are against God’s Will. And we wonder, as we think back to Tonka and a bad tie from Aunt Mary – how can this be so? How can we, we who knew so young that we are not like all you wonderfully perfect people, be so evil? How can we, how can we be so responsible for the break down of society? How can a realization that we exist, that we sissy boys do indeed throw like girls and can’t climb a tree as good as our brothers – how can we be so evil by our mere existence? We do not know how. I’m pretty sure you don’t either, but you bleat it still.

And we find nothing in the Spirit of Christmas, we find nothing in this joyous time, we find nothing in the Advent of the Savior that includes us. Other than the superstition of so many of you. The superstition that we are to be excluded, by virtue of our existence. This we find intolerable. This is our agenda. To hear no more how we are “evil” for our mere existence. Neither you nor I understand why we are. OK. I have Occam’s razor – we are. Or I have your explanation – that you have no earthly clue as to why we are the way we are. Well, again, as I “whine” some more. Explain it, I await!

If you think we truly are evil and a threat to family, nation, society, and civilization itself than prove it beyond bleating that we are. You need something more substantial than we’re a “largely unexplained mix of developmental factors.” Do explain. We’re asking, do tell. So we might be done with this “debate.” I want to be “cured” and find the right proper woman – but you cannot explain us. Other than once again saying “you’re evil.”

No I’m not. I’m not evil. That is the gay agenda. It’s to be accepted into your hearts and minds. And be called evil no more. It has nothing to do do with politics. No, it’s deeper than that.. It’s humanity. I’m gay by the Grace of God. It’s up to you to figure it out. And deal with it. But let me find my prince charming, and welcome him and I into your hearts. It’s not politics, no, it is, as I say, mere humanity. We are not evil! And if you can’t say it yet, well, then, Christmas is but 12 days away. Find it in your hearts in this season of joy to say it: Gay People Are Not Evil!


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