Please explain “gay lifestyle” to me

My forays in the Blogosphere are far and wide.

Most everyday, like most of us, I skim around the blogosphere looking for goodies and baddies. All sorts of interesting information and different takes on current events might be found. I’m prone to comment on gay themed posts, though also on a host of other subjects. Here’s two comments I put up just this morning:

“As a gay man I find this concept ridiculous. Who thinks of such crud? As I find “protected” status merely for being gay (or black, or Jewish, or Christian, or anything really) abysmal too — can’t do the job, fire the bum. Don’t like gay folks, don’t hire us. I solved the problem — started my own business. I don’t hire straight folks, don’t like ’em — heterophobic I think it is, yes. Obama & the Socialists are trying to kill it now. Hence I’m on the “right” side. Lower my damn taxes already. And I hate tolerance resolutions too — we already have one – The Declaration of Independence, something about “all men… etc, etc.” A radical homo indeed.

As an American of Czech heritage who speaks Czech, I defer to the famous vowelless Czech sentence — strc prst skrz krk — “shove a finger down your throat.” Or, roughly, gag me with a spoon. Though, there is the more pointed phrase — strc prst skrz prdl — which is, roughly, they can shove their finger were it don’t shine. Don’t worry straight folks, the word for boob is “prs” — so you can, of course, strc prst skrz prs, all day long if you desire.

But if there’s one thing Czech discriminates against, it’s vowels. Czech hates vowels. Vanna couldn’t make a dime in that country.

Now I’ll go get some zmrzlini. And hope I don’t run into Joe Biden at the zmrzlini shop, or I just might smrt.”

“Apropos of the Czech Queer Meter post, and all the crud said about gay folks around here — and this post here — the one thing gay folks are not doing is all this incest, abortion, unwed mothering, child abandoning by miscreant fathers, child killing, wife abusing, baby kidnapping, adultery, divorcing, fathering children with our own daughters, secreting young girls in underground bunkers, raping, family murdering, birthday party shoot’em ups, bar brawls, riots over championships, fights over whose girl is whose, murders, and slaughtering in shopping malls or post office, and various and other sundry crazed violent acts. What on earth are you people teaching your kids?

Meanwhile, supposedly, we gay folks were “nurtured” by you, our heterosexual parents, and what did you get? A bunch of sissies, the most peaceful & docile, (though obstinate,) group of people on earth. And if that’s not a good reason to keep us out of the military I don’t know what is. We just don’t seem to have that killer instinct, I guess.”

But I also comment at – oh do I comment there! Even had three guest posts – which I thought was very nice of them.

And at I’m fairly frequent in fostering the gay view on the grave matters of state we’re all talking about.

And I write directly to Professor Jacobson at on a regular basis.

As I do Jim Treacher at – though less frequently.

And at I’m known to say a thing or two.

Also, hears from me.

And I communicated with Jeff Perren at about this all.

Hmm, where else? Well, on almost any of the sites linked from Professor Jacobson I’ve put my two cents in (and he links to me, where I put up a whole dollar’s worth.) He does have a convenient blog list – and I bounce around and say this or that.

Mostly because far too many of these sites seem to have this thing about gay folks. It’s sort of a complete misapprehension of the reality of the life gay people lead, though I can’t quite put my finger on it. And to a surprising degree they are all quite insistent that all gay folks think and do alike, most of the time. Which I find odd, for they are all about the praises of individualism and pointing out the problem with the Left constantly trying to put everyone into groups. Indeed, the hallmark of most of these sites is to praise independence from government and decry “group think.” And conformity with other people’s measures is something they don’t like for sure. Though, then, when it comes to gay folks all of a sudden, with much clatter, they devolve into group think about us and call it the “gay lifestyle.” This term puzzles me.

For I do have a lifestyle indeed, with all sorts of things that must get done, though how gay it is or could be in Baton Rouge Louisiana where I live, I don’t know. I’m not sure the people who use this term realize that living the “gay lifestyle” even requires trips to stores, bill paying, cooking, laundry, maintaining the house, etc., and all the other things that are apparently oh so different as to warrant its own term — “gay lifestyle.” Why, we must even pay taxes differently, and perhaps stop at traffic lights with just a bit more aplomb on the brakes, apparently, for us to be all that different than to have our own lifestyle.

I’ve never been sure what exactly that is, the “gay lifestyle.” No one seems to define it more than simply being “gay.” If one is, then one must, apparently, have a “gay lifestyle” Which therefore makes the term redundant. Or at least the “lifestyle” is superfluous. So why does anyone still use this term? Beats me. Maybe they know something about my middle class capitalistic patriotic Americanness that I don’t know.

Oh yeah, among many a comment thread there’s this constant drum beat about gay people all living in San Francisco or something. Or that somehow the gay people in that city all work for the central headquarters for the much feared “homosexual lobby” trying to “promote homosexuality” and our dastardly “homosexual agenda.” None of these terms are ever quite explained either. Or have so many meanings that it’s as if the Liberals themselves devised these terms, for those people do speak mush.

I find that at many sites the recent early 1900s foreign word “homosexual” is preferred over the ancient English word “gay” — brought by Eleanor of Aquitaine into English in oh, roughly 1150, when she married Henry II. They had 8 kids, they did. One of them was King Richard the Lionhearted, of Robinhood fame, and a very gay king, as his mother kept having to remind him — “go get married.” He did not. So they got King John. And we got Magna Carta. Good thing, too, I say.

And it’s said we’re against God for some reason, equally unexplained. Many quote the Bible, which is usually the King James version I’m sure. And they don’t seem to realize that the Number One Quip of 1603, when James the Bible writer came to London, was: “We have had King Elizabeth and now we shall have Queen James.” For James was very gay. His father was the very gay Lord Darnley. His ministers, spiritual and temporal, made him see his wife once a month whether he wanted to or not. He did have a kid. Charles I. Poor Charlie lost his head. For being very Obama like actually. Though that Republic didn’t last. Oh well. So our forefathers had to get out of there and start our own. But I somehow don’t think one cannot like God, or be against Him, and compile the English version of the Bible, too. It’s sort of contradictory. And James was both gay and compiler. That’s just history, reality, and thus very conservative.

And in many comment threads I notice that there is a great dyslexia in the land, brought about, no doubt, by horrendous Liberals running schools, I’m sure. For so many people write “G-A-Y” as “F-A-G” Sad that they misspell while dyslexic on such a simple word. Oh well, such are the public schools today.

So as I promenade around the internet, I ponder these things, and wonder – are you all really that concerned with what 5% or so of the population is doing? Or whether we have a piece of paper that says it’s OK? I mean really, as I pointed out at just this morning, we are indeed the most peaceful and docile group ever imaginable. Sure, we might play a bit weird, but still, we don’t cause much of a violent ruckus anywhere. And we sure contribute an awful lot to this nation, and plenty of taxes too. And on almost every flight across this nation one of us is surely securing the plane’s cockpit door against the true menace afoot. Take a look at the flight(y) attendants, folks. It ain’t phrenology here.

Yet, from the sound of it, though, sometimes, we seem to be accused of having this vast conspiracy working on destroying family, the nation and civilization itself. I don’t know, I talk to my gay friends and I find about half are economic conservatives who own their own businesses and strong defense patriots ready to put Sarah Palin into the White House. The other half are just fed up with Democrats and Liberals, and Obama, too.

So maybe the “gay lifestyle” isn’t all that different than yours. Ya’ think?

Anyway, give it a thought, you know, for a decent respect for the opinions of mankind.  So we can all be rugged individualists in our own way. Thanks.


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