3/5s person, 100% taxed

And so the theatrics of Don’t Ask, Lie, or as it’s euphemistically called – Don’t Tell – are over for now. Maybe. Yes, it’s “Lie” — for what Don’t Ask means you can’t ask if we’re gay – but if you ask a gay guy if he has a girlfriend or a wife – what must he do? He must lie. For if he “tells” the truth – he’s guilty of something. How one can be guilty of something for telling the truth is a philosophical conundrum to profound for my morning post.

What gay soldiers were told yesterday by our own government is that the military can’t handle the truth. We must still lie to defend this nation from the threats which face us.

It was political theater for the Democrats to hold the defense budget hostage to whether gay people are honorable enough to get killed for the nation. Perhaps they will now go to the gay voters and say — “see, we tried, mean Republicans stopped it.” No, Democrats – you played it so that it could not pass. For you would rather use us as a political football to badger Republicans.

And it was politically stupid for the Republicans to stop it through procedural moves and whatnot. For they told 20,000,000 gay Americans that we are not worthy to tell the truth about us. And in the process the Republicans told all the mothers of gay soldiers that their honorable kids were just not all that honorable if they told the truth.

And gay people, once again, are told to lie about being gay – it’s pretty common society wide actually — because it upsets some of you. So long as we don’t tell, even in civilian society, you don’t freak out. For apparently, you can’t handle the truth. And you will continue to live by superstition. I think it might be something psychological you all have. So afraid of us, so many of you seem to be, still.

And there will still be gays in the military. But they must lie.

The military, rightly so, is an honor bound institution. There can be no effective military with the honorable gay men and women who volunteer to serve being told to lie about reality.

Lying about reality is not honorable. It’s not rational. It’s not good for anything under the sun.

There is no honor in lying.

There’s even a Commandment of God against it.

But now, the arguments will start all over again. And with the patience of Job gay folks will go back to the hustings and start this repeal process all over again.

I saw today that in London there was violence at a tuition hike demonstration. Apparently Prince Charles’s car was attacked. Probably not badly, eggs thrown or something. Still, straight boys and girls seem to riot at the drop of a hat. You riot when a sports team wins, or loses. You riot if you don’t get your petulant little ways. And you riot when you are required to pay for your own education, or some other government benefit is cut. You riot when the girl you love goes with someone else – even if it’s a Riot of One. Murderous violent people rioting to the tune of 45,000 murdered every year. Violent crazed destroyers of family – your own, or someone else’s, you don’t seem to care. The child abuse, the wife abuse – it’s rioting in a sense. Mini Riots of a certain kind.

And gay people? We do not riot. We barely hold a protest. Even our one riot, 40 years ago, was more in self-defense at yet another bar raid to arrest us all and destroy our lives, than a riot for silly reasons.

And if the military wants to say we’re too gentle to serve in the military because we don’t riot enough, as it were. Well, then, I could live with that.

But in essence – what DADT, and DOMA, and all the laws against us and excluding us from this or that says – is that we are 3/5s persons or less. But we are still 100% taxed. And this cannot stand.

None of this can really pass the test of time. For the nation is divided against itself on gay folks. And you all had better come to a conclusion about why we’re gay. And that might then make you more comfortable with us gay folks, once you figure out, that, oh my, we just are natural as can be by the Grace of God.


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