Democrats are the hostage takers

The Democrats are the hostage takers, I do believe, Mr.  Obama.

When Obama gets something wrong, which is alarmingly often, he gets it wrong big. He accused Republicans of being “hostage takers” for wanting to let Americans keep their own money. No doubt he’ll call Republicans hostage takers when they try to repeal one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed – ObamaCare (a health care bill with no hospitals, doctors or nurses – but plenty of bureaucrats and tax agents – cannot be a health care bill.) But it’s his own Democrats who are hostage takers, though I dislike using the term. And they have multiple hostages.

First they have the African-American community, long suffering, and kept dependent on government. Then they have the Jews as Obama illogically and dangerously undermines Israel and boosts Iran. Then they have we gay folks, for their feigned attempts to get rid of the laws they themselves passed against us. DADT and DOMA are Democratic projects. Clinton should have just canceled these laws. Vetoed them, threw them away and said “Let’s start over on this.” But no, he had to sign these bizarre and illogical laws. To serve honorably in an honor bound institution and to be told to lie to do it is an impossibility. There is no honor in lying about reality. That’s the problem with socialists though, they don’t deal with reality, they deal with what they think should be. Regardless if it is even possible. They wish water to run uphill, as it were. Socialists have always thought this. Marx’s writings are replete with such logical inconsistencies. For to achieve the liberty socialists claim to want for everyone, everyone must give up liberty to the all powerful state.

And in the same week we are having this debate over DADT. And we’re soon to have a debate over DOMA. And we’re soon to have a debate over whether it’s OK to say “God Hates Fags” at military funerals. And we’ll have endless debates over the thousand or so law suits lingering around the nation relating to including gay people in this society where we are deeply, um, embedded, if I might pun. We’re not going anywhere. It behooves rational thought, and conservative values of dealing with reality that indeed this matter be studied, as Senator McCain has called for. Well, sir, study it then. Don’t just line up the usual suspects to say we’re not really real or something. Don’t study what we do – we all know what we do – study why on earth would so many want to do it. It’s what makes us tick that’s the issue, not how we tick.

The Democrats are holding the nation’s business owners – among them some 1,000,000 gay businesses – hostage to higher taxes and endless more rules and regulations.

The Democrats are holding families and individuals – including some 20,000,000 gay American taxpayers – hostage to the threat of more taxes, more rules, more intrusion into our lives.

The Democrats are just nuts to think you can take more money out of someone’s pocket to help them. You cannot help people by taking what they earn and then try to give it back to them – with a way too healthy commission to bureaucrats – and say you’re helping. It’s just impossible. If the billions in taxes taken will help in “stimulus” or in “economic development” or in “preserving jobs” or whatever they call this or that boondoggle program in the hands of government, then those billions will do the exact same thing, only better and with more liberty, and more creativity, and more diversity even, in the hands of the people who earned the money in the first place. But socialists don’t see this because they have a theory. And their theory trumps reality for they have faith.

And the Democrats are holding the defense of this nation hostage to a debate on gays in the military. This issue – of our inclusion – should not be a part of any defense funding bills. It has nothing to do with defending this nation. It has to do with whether gay people can be honorable too, and not just in the military – but society wide. We sure seem to think so. But others disagree. But gays and straights agree on defending the nation. So remove DADT from the defense authorization bills – and let the military concentrate on what it does. For the DADT question cannot be answered by fiat. You simply can’t legislate people to accept gay folks. That’s reality.

However, Senator McCain, dunce though he be sometimes, is right – study the matter. And DADT is not just the military – for we can’t very well be told we’re now allowed to say we’re gay in the foxhole, but not allowed to go home to our fox and say we’re married to him. For DOMA is DADT too. As is every law, really, against us. For if we don’t tell, and you don’t perceive it because of willful blindness, we do OK. But if we do tell, well, then, that’s often a different matter. We might lose our jobs or our health or even our lives, or you might deal with reality.

And in that study – take DADT, take DOMA, take all the rules and laws and regulations regarding gay folks – there’s plenty – and truly, well study it. Pull it all out of the willy nilly and politics of the debate – and put it all together in one thing – a National Commission on Gay Americans. Don’t worry, we pay more than enough in Tax Dollars to pay for this Commission. I’m so tired of hearing that “tax dollars” can’t be spent on “promoting homosexuality” when you can’t promote the thing, you can only accept the reality of it, and we pay a healthy dose of taxes too.

Right now, we can get married in Massachusetts – but if we move to Texas we are automatically unmarried – not divorced, just “un” — by state police power. Of a theocratic nature, to boot. Not because we want to “un” marry – but simply because Texas will not deal with reality. And if we’re Texans, and go to Massachusetts to be married in a fine church in Provincetown that might have us – when we return it’s for naught. For Texas will, again, not deal with the reality. This disconnect will have to be dealt with. All the states that refuse to recognize a marriage from Massachusetts will have to ultimately conform to the reality. How this is to be done is hard to say – for there’s a lot of laws that will need a-changing. But change they will. Either Massachusetts or Texas will change its law – to the full faith and credit of the other for civil acts of matrimony. There’s no way around it. Plenty of stalling is possible, for sure. But reality will be dealt with, as it must. For we are a nation of mostly realists (excepting of course, the Democratic Socialists in our midst.)

Most straight folks, and many gay youth, wonder how we got to this point. I bet Senator McCain wonders too. How could such a tiny portion of the society, astoundingly disorganized and so scorned and hated that we were arrested in our bars and imprisoned and denied the right to defend ourselves because the law said we were not of sound mind and body, and with no clear concentrations of our kind, have brought the nation to this debate in a mere 40 years.

And look at the debate over gay folks – it’s in every state, every city, every court, on TV, Radio, the internet, here, there and everywhere, and in every home and church too. And it is not going away until far more study is made of this ridiculously tiny bunch who is obstinate in our insistence that everything said against us is stopped. And it’s happening all over the world too, this debate. It’s quite amazing when one thinks about it. That in every nation on this planet gay folks say the same thing – we are just normally gay and it’s OK. And we’re so polite and peaceful about it it’s hysterical some are still frightened of us. I mean, really, a sissy in a Speedo can shake a US Senator and many a contender for the presidency into contortions of fear.

Of course the FRC and all the family value coalitions are quite sure it’s because of some vast powerful radical homosexual lobby hellbent on dooming civilization. That’s delusional of course, but I can’t help it if grown men ramble around the nation mumbling about the gay terror in their midst as they take another cup of java from their male flight(y) attendant. I don’t know why grown ups would go around the nation and claim that gay folks are a threat to the nation and then have Paul and Ron come in and arrange the furniture and put up the coordinated drapes. I have no earthly clue why some preachers and pastors are so overly sure that we are an evil as we play church organs (oh yah, most of ’em are gay, get a grip) and sing in the choirs (need I say more) or are doing the floral arrangements for the many nuptials solemnized, or are perhaps serving canapes and finger foods at some anti-gay confab held in any given conference center.

And that’s the problem – you see us – though far too many of you are blind to this reality. You don’t need to be a phrenologist to see we’re mostly different physically. Sissy or Marine is not exactly a moment in confusion is it? And there’s no way you can square what’s right there in front of you with the words you utter. And that’s why the anti-gay forces have lost every argument on the matter over the past 50 years. For reality wins over theory, over faith. There is much faith in this nation that’s we are a threat, but the reality just keeps interceding, as reality does.

So how did we get to this point? Well, it seems to have started at a family dinner party in 1958. A young gay man, of 22 or so years old, said to his mother’s friend, a psychologist named Edith Harper, “If you think we’re crazy, prove it. All you do is say it, but you have no proof.” And Ms. Harper considered the matter. “Do a study, you know one of those blind studies, one where you don’t know who is gay before you study anything,” said the vast conspiracy of one young gay man. And so she did. She studied the matter, in a John McCain sort of way I suppose, for he wants to study it he says. And she did the blind studies. And found we were just fine. Over and over again she did them. She invited other psychologists to do their own such studies, just to check, cross check, double check, and make sure they were missing nothing. And lo, behold, study after study showed the same thing. We’re not gay for psychological reasons, and we’re not crazy. Though it only took 14 years of studies before the psychologists finally took us off the list. But just to keep something around they created “gender confused” — which put us right back into the book of disorders of course.

Still, here we are. Hello. Get a grip. Study the matter like science studies every other thing around. Come to a conclusion a little more firm than “For a largely unexplained mix of developmental factors.” That’s a conservative position. That’s reality. That’s dealing with the truth. And I know this nation, which produces the finest Marines of any nation, can handle the truth.


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