The Understatements of Idiots

The Understatements of Idiots

Nancy Pelosi is quoted in my Advocate today saying “So far the response has not been very good.” Well, yes, I’d say that about sums it up. The American people have not responded very good to the junk the Democrats have brought us. The response to virtually everything they’ve done was to change wholesale the make up of the next Congress. But, oh well, this rapacious moron says this about the lamest of lame ducks upset that the chief employee of the people of this nation, aka President Obama, got the memo and is going to keep lower taxes. Nancy and her gang, arguably a far bigger threat to the nation, to the family and to children than any bunch of gay guys with a joint tax return to file, is so sure that sucking more money out of the pockets of the people is a good thing.

Then Rep. Earl Pomeroy – Deludedcrat of of North Dakota said “It seems to me this Congress should not be adding substantially to the deficit.” After I picked myself up off the floor and cleaned up the coffee I thought back to the bizarre unread thousands of pages of laws creating vast new powers for the government, and the tens of thousands of coming bureaucrats, and the trillions spent in stimulus spending that never could stimulate anything, and the trillions in new spending of all kinds for nothing more than permanent advertisements for more political power, and I’m just dumfounded. Is he kidding? This Congress, dear sir, added substantially to the deficit already.

And I love this line in the AP report: “Many House Democrats emerged from a spirited closed door caucus Tuesday evening and said they would have a difficult time supporting the package” And I thought almost immediately, of this spirit, of that commercial I keep hearing on TV: “It’s my money and I want it now!” Yes, the Democrats seem to think it’s their money, and they’ll get to spend it as they wish, and We the People shall provide it to them, like a grasshopper kept captive by ants. They seem to think that they know what is best for our spending, and which amount we might be allowed to keep. It’s a strange reasoning, of a socialist sort. And since, well, I heard that some 80 or 90 members of the spirited Democrats are actually also members of the Socialist Party, or one of its many variants, then, well, that solves that.

Still, the response of the people was negative towards tax increases. And the response of the Democrats is “tough noogies.” Well, then, this should be interesting. For it’s reported too, that it’s a “huge political bet that voters will blame Republicans as much as Democrats” for having their pockets picked. Well, I’d say the Democrats are going to lose the bet. And Republicans will win it. Except maybe the RINOs among them, for they’ll need to be replaced too. I’d dare say that the people are not really all up for paying more money to the government for stuff they don’t need, and be put into more privation and precarious financial shape with the less money they’ll have. And having less money to buy the kids some food and shoes is a threat to the family far greater than a bunch of gays folks in wedded bliss.

And the Republicans, well, they should publicly point out to the Democrats that any person in this country, from a vagrant to Warren Buffett, can donate money to the government. And indeed, the Republicans, in a bet of their own, should publicly call on the rich Democrats to make those donations. For there is nothing stopping anyone from paying more in taxes. The law is clear – you must pay what you owe, and not less than that. But there’s nothing saying you can’t pay more. Put your money where your mouth is, you higher tax proponents.

Meanwhile, in other understatements of idiots, today we mark the anniversary of a Declaration of War. And all because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. And one of the best lines to come out of that war, yet almost at the beginning, was Admiral Yamamoto’s “I’m afraid we’ve awoken a sleeping giant.” Well, was that an understatement! You not only awoke it, but you pissed it off so badly that it pummeled you into rubble, and was going to continue doing so until you said “surrender.” Which thankfully you did, finally.

Of course, Hitler was always understating his idiocy, and his murderous rages while he was at it. And so we took him out too, and reduced that fine nation into rubble. So sad, this war thing.

And next to the article about Obama liberal base now coming to despise him too, is this gem of a headline: “Tax cut debate limits time to pass nuclear arms treaty.” Well, sure, it might be good to reduce the US-Russia 2200 war head limit to 1500 – that should be sufficient to blow each other up so that only a few cockroaches would remain alive. But the problem is not Russia’s nukes – it’s Iran’s and North Korea’s. And on that front, well, Obama is very Neville Chamberlain, which brought us WWII anyway.

And sure enough, on the very next page is “Iran agrees to 2011 talks in Turkey.” Well, sure, why not? Hitler agreed to talks in Munich. Chamberlain gave him what he wanted – a piece of paper for peace in our time – and Czechoslovakia too. They can talk all day, just as Hitler did. Then go do what they want, just as Hitler did. And so ultimately, someone must & will destroy the facilities. Israel, us, both, maybe Saudi Arabia too, for a dash of ecumenical pulverizing. Jew, Christian and Muslim, united, even if momentarily, in removing the nuclear capabilities of Iran. Now that sounds like a plan. I’m a hawk, I do believe. But a realist – for it’s a mini-war now, or a great big war later.

And “North Korea conducts artillery drills.” And there is of course a great flurry of talks hither and yon all among the people very concerned, I’m sure, about the drills, and their purpose. And I think to myself – how easy would it be to just launch the US, South Korean and Chinese military forces into the North and destroy their military capabilities and reunite the two Koreas. I means, surely that half starved nation with not much in the way of development, and that can’t even keep the lights on at night, can’t hold off the assault, could they? They might if they got that nuke bomb they crave. But still, I’d say within a few days of carefully targeted pulverizing there wouldn’t be much left of the North Korean armed forces to do much more than say “Ouch, uncle, we surrender.” And then true peace might be had in our time in that region of the world. Even the Chinese I think are coming to the conclusion that the folks running that prison-nation are getting a tad ridiculous.

I would think that with Iran and North Korea it would be better to strike before the iron gets hot. And not after. And since it’s the job of the president to deal with foreign affairs, and not worry if I’m getting enough rest or aspirin, well, then, he could be a good president and solve those two problems. But no, the man is worried if we use too much electric.

Speaking of which, in more understated idiocy, Ban Ki-moon – Secretary General of the not very United Nations – is beside himself in thinking that “science warns that the window of opportunity to prevent uncontrolled climate change will soon close.” Whew. Apocalypse! Well, no. So, the window for the thoroughly debunked pseudo-science of climate change is soon to close eh? I’d say the window on climate change conferences in sunny tropical climes in the middle of Winter should close. Enough of this junk already. Someone should ban Ban from speaking already.

And why on earth is the AP’s Charles Hanley still bringing up melting Himalayan glaciers when it’s been shown that no such thing seems to be happening. Nor is there a sea rise like he says. And why doesn’t anyone just point out that the subduction of some techtonic plates that the world’s land masses slosh around on means that some land will sink, while other land will rise. In fact, the Himalayas are rising – precisely because those Indian island nations are being pushed down under India – and for every inch the mountains rise I’d guess it’s an inch lower that the island plunge. It’s not the sea rising – it’s the island sinking. And that’s not because it’s warm.

And then finally, on this recap of the understated idiots of our times, comes the sad news that Elizabeth Edwards died. RIP, fair lady.

But the understated part is this, in reference to all the fine family at her bedside – was her “estranged” husband. Huh? Let’s get family values going here – he was an adulterer who went against a commandment of God.

Let’s write the truth about this grave threat to the American family. The philandering cads, the adulterous bums, who father children out of wedlock while their wives suffer at home. Or ditch the old model for a newer shinier one. And all the while Tony Perkins, and Brian Fischer, Peter Sprigg, Peter LaBarbera, Barb Andreson et al, etc, ad “homo-nausea” as was said – these self-proclaimed protectors of family values – they remain silent of this scourge, this outbreak, this flaunting, this debauchery, of adultery. All of these idiots, of whom I’ve written about lately – and their Family Values, and the Values Coalitions, and their return to traditional values – where is their outrage? Where is there public calls to re-criminalize adultery? Where are their pronouncements that “adultery is the biggest threat to family values”? Where is their talk of the destruction of the American family – both in the personal sense, and in the public morals teaching to young men – of the adulterous cads who break their sacred vows? It’s no where, for they must meet with some of them – Gingrich & McCain for two – how many others in this vast coalition for the family by denigrating gay people are adulterous cads? How many?

There is much tearing asunder of the union of man and woman in this nation. And not a one of these family values groups and evangelists or established churches obsessed with the fortitude of we few gay folks in asking for inclusion in our society has uttered a word. I never hear them speak about the destruction to family that breaking a commandment of God causes. And God saw fit to put it three times in the Bible. Thou shall not! He’s clear. But thou do, by amazing numbers. And you all promote it — with great billboards — “Divorce, cheap and easy. $599.” Promoting adultery in a sense.

And in all the threats to our nation and our families, and our sacred honor, not a gay person is involved. We are simply not a part of this destruction. So stop calling us a threat, and give us the piece of paper for a civil union in some name so we can have peace in our times, and you all can get back to your breaking the commandments of God in peace.


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