Peace and Peril in Our Times

President Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize. War is more imminent every day. Iran has announced that it is just getting better and better at building nuclear weapons. The rest of the Middle East is a tinder box of crazed Muslims intent on bringing Sharia law to the world.

The Il’s (how poetic a name for such people) of North Korea are on the same path. They are now softening up the South and seeing just how mealy mouthed Obama can be. And it’s pretty apparent that he’s pretty mealy mouthed.

This miscreant for a president is still running around apologizing for America. Our erstwhile Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton, is out of her league and running for president. Our Homeland Security leader, Janet Napolitano, is in the deep end of the pool and she doesn’t have her water wings on. Her TSA is a laughing stock and a bunch of molesters to boot.

The Federal Reserve is pumping the economy with cash backed by dreams, and the economy is in the doldrums. The unemployed are growing desperate. The tax system is Byzantine and unworkable. The IRS is an intrusive un-American entity with a rule book so convoluted that even the head of the IRS, Timothy Geithner, can’t figure it out. Barney Frank has almost, single handed, destroyed the housing market, and Fannie and Freddie are teetering on bankruptcy.

The Social Security Administration is broke, and facing almost insurmountable problems. The Medicare and Medicaid systems are screwy beyond belief, as is the VA. The unfunded liabilities of the three or four are astounding. The deficit is beyond comprehension and the debt is becoming unsustainable.

Terrorists wander among us. Illegal immigrants are too, and more pouring across the border. The murder rate is sky high, and rapes proceed apace. Daily the missing children, the exploited women, the enslaved ladies and such fill the airwaves and the news pages. Robberies and burglaries are not abated, and gangs roam the streets of many of our cities selling drugs and causing mayhem. For good measure college students are rioting over having to actually pay for their own education.

The number of unwed mothers is enormous. The number of fathers abandoning their children is in equal number. The sex among teens is astounding in its profligacy. The divorce rate is higher than ever. Marital infidelity, aka adultery, and against a commandment of God, fills the streets and the halls of Congress and state legislatures, and the clergy with equal fecundity.

And the 5% of the population who are sissies are the peril to civilization.

You got to be kidding? No? Are some of you, like Perkins, Sprigg, Fischer, Coulter and the Pope himself, really that sure of this? For the largely unexplained mix of developmental factors? We’re the evil that must be stomped out? Yeesh, how powerful are the sissies. What a peril.

Meanwhile, as many a danger to society will say: “Please put you seats in an upright position, and fold your tray. Pay attention to where the nearest exit is to your seat. And observe the fasten seat belt ride. For the captain says it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Indeed. Such is the warning gay men give in our pursuit of destroying society.

No, it’s not hate. It’s delusion.

Have a pleasant Monday, and beware the flimsy flight bank teller taking your deposit. He’s probably “promoting homosexuality” and advancing the “gay agenda.”

And speaking of “hate” groups. Aren’t gay people, with our penchant for destroying family, society, the social order, the nation and civilization and the way of God Himself the biggest hate group ever? I mean, really, we must really hate it all to be so dedicated to what we are accused of.

Oh, I’m sorry, got to go, the laundry’s done. That’s one of the main parts of the gay lifestyle, doing the laundry. Who knew?


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