On this Sunday accept gay children

Now we are in the Christmas Season. And there is great joy around. There is cheer and merriment, as there should be. For it is a glorious moment in our culture. The birth of Jesus. It is the season of candy canes and presents under the tree. It is the time for eggnog, both adult and children strength. A great gathering of families will occur all across this land. This great land of liberty.

And there among those families will be gay people. Some, out and honoring their parents, will tell the truth, and the mothers will welcome them into the fold and perhaps teach a family recipe. Others, hidden, will lie to preserve the peace. Still others will be scorned and despised and sent into the wilderness. And yet others will be there, as children, opening presents. Right there in front of you.

You might not see them as gay, yet. You might not know they are. And they might not know they are yet either. But they are there. We are there. We were there. I was there. I was a child. And my family figured it out – and guided me as they could. But there was no assistance from the great minds of theology, or philosophy, or law, or family values, or American values, or Liberty, nor the entire panoply of what makes Americans American to guide my parents.

Give us that gift – of guidance within reality. We’re gay – and we want to be included.

I did it myself. I in a sense brought myself to a fine moral standard. I had the fortitude. Most of us do, actually. That’s what seems to miff the FRC and all its brethren. But more than a few gay children don’t. They are not, or were not, lucky like I am. Because of people like Tony Perkins. But know this – what you say affects that gay child. He will hear what you say. Guard your words. Let that boy be himself. If you open your eyes you will spot him. My family spotted me. Then, like true conservatives they found the courage to deal with reality. They were my rock, and I was part of the family.

We are the pink sheep of God, but we are among the sheep. Where is our shepherd? Where is our guidance? Where is our acceptance? Among many now it is there. That’s why it is getting better. But there are others of you still hard of heart. Open your hearts. Look around you. We are here.

Don’t comport with the likes of Tony Perkins. Ostracize this man. For he does not just condemn gay folks – but he condemns the children of parents, and the parent themselves. There is no family values in what he or his kind say. He goes after moms and dads and accuses them – however obliquely – with sordid accusations. He’s so obsessed with gay folks that he can’t even follow his own logic.

That’s what “a mix of developmental factors” means. It must mean that somehow the parents – my parents – convinced me to be gay. That they created the “Evil” which the Catholic Church and Tony Perkins agree exists, and the governments of Uganda, and Cuba, and Russia, and oh so many other places on this earth. Though everywhere now, we gay folks are saying – Don’t Tread On Us!

By saying children are made gay by some external force Perkins and those who think like him are condemning gay folks and our parents.

That is against the Commandments of God. We gay folks honor our parents. For we deal truthfully with our existence. And there in nothing more conservative than dealing with reality. This is how we got from the bar raids of the 1960s to today – by appealing to reason, and decency, and reality – and to our mothers. And they have come round. Though Mr. Perkins still remains hard of heart. Ye,s it is his right. But it is contrary to his duty. His duty is to accept reality, and open his heart, and accept that we are here, in your midst, by the Grace of God.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, however, than that we gay folks are “evil.”

You must stop this talk.

This society must not allow these comments.

This nation cannot penalize some 5% of the population for both having been “made” and “be” at the same time. And for a largely unexplained mix of developmental factors.

No, this must stop. This is not hate. This is delusion. To believe that being gay is an evil is delusion.

This Christmas, change your hearts. Look around the tree. There, opening a present with delighted smiles and giggling joy, is a gay boy. He will grow up gay. The parents are not at fault. They will not make him gay. And to say so, as Tony Perkins does, as the Pope says, is wrong. It is anti-family.

This Christmas, change your hearts. Look around the family dining table. There, enjoying the mashed turnips, and saying “pass me the creamed onions please” is a gay boy. He is gay. Not “he will be if only we stop it in time.” He is. We simply are. I am.

This Christmas, all of you in this nation, change your hearts. Look at that boy playing with his toys newly unwrapped. He is gay. He’s gay already. I played with Tonka. Is that a nurturing point, or a largely unexplained developmental factor? You will either know soon enough – for it will be obvious. Or you will know later because he will tell you. Or you will know later still when you realize your 40 year old son has never dated a woman and has dozens of other men friends who never dated women.

All of you straight people — Know this – we are children now, we were children then. Right there, by you, near the tree, with appropriate eggnog in our hands, enjoying Christmas joy.

Know this America – what Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, Brian Fischer and all their henchmen are wrong.

Know this your Eminence – we are not evil.

Stop that talk. Don’t use that word. Be Christian about it.

And figure out, in your eminent reason, how to deal with so many millions of us in your midst.

This is your mission for Christmas. Give us that greatest present you can under that tree.

That you will accept we gay people in your families and in your hearts and in our society.

Other than that – cut my taxes so that I can pursue my own happiness.


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