Fischer and the gay tax dollar

Money Ill and Well Spent

It is now coming out that billions and billions, even trillions and trillions, of dollars were shoveled out of the Federal Reserve into corporations of all kinds. This money is actually shoveled out of the pockets of the people. This money is ill spent. Companies should earn their own money – and keep it to do what they will. This shoveling money from one sector of the economy to another cannot help anyone. For now people have less money, or their money will be worth less, and they will now need money shoveled to them in the form of food stamps and unemployment, and all manner of so-called social spending. And this money will be taxed out of corporations, or still other individuals. And all this money will be shoveled around to no good purpose other than to hopelessly confuse and confound with needless rules, regulations and taxes and compliance the greatest self correcting self sustaining thing on earth – The Free Market.

You cannot help economic development by taking money from one group and giving it to another. For you must impoverish the one, and cause resentment, and not one iota of increase in wealth can come of it from those who receive it.

One of the prime examples is sports stadiums. Supposedly the ½ billion or sometimes billion bucks spent by cities on such behemoths is to create jobs. But in order to create a few hundred jobs – those employed by the sports teams, and those employed by the stadium – a few hundred other jobs will not be created. For the money to create them through the process of individuals keeping their own money to buy or save as they desire is taken from the individuals and given to others. And since a city, say like Phoenix AZ, with some 4 million people in Maricopa County, took a billion in tax dollars from the 4 million so that some 70,000 can watch a few dozen play a game, then that billion is not in the economy so that someone might buy something they want. Which would create just as many, if not more jobs. For a billion spent is a billion spent. But now, money was taken from individuals to be gifted to a sports team. And many an individual who could care less about the sport now is compelled to buy what he does not want or need – a sports stadium.

This is now writ large by the billions we learn about today. And this cannot be good. This foretells ill for the national economy as a whole. Right now the music is playing, but quickly it will stop, and there will not be enough chairs for us all to sit down. Whether this is purposeful to destroy the economy, or if it is simply a misguided adherence to the teachings of John Maynard Keynes I do not know. In either case, it is brain dead. And this is what the TEA Party Resurgence must stop. I pray they do.

Though speaking of brain dead, let us consider one Brian Fischer of the American Family Association, or some such. They’re all pretty much the same, these family and values associations which are obsessed with gay people to the detriment of family and values. (More or less “Moms! Hate your gay kids.” It’s a fine selling point, I’m sure.) He says that gay groups should be dunned for the money spent on AIDS research and sustenance for “promoting homosexuality” like cigarette companies were dunned for the money for cancer research and services. This is based, he said, on the harm that cigarette companies did in selling cigarettes.

Well, sir, one cannot buy or sell “homosexuality.” You can’t manufacture it, nor put it in a box on a shelf. No one “promotes” it. There is no advertising campaign seeking consumers of the “product” of “homosexuality.” Gay people are not like smokers consuming a product. We are people who are just born this way, and knew it far before we would even be allowed to touch a cigarette. I think it’s in the brain wiring. Though, thus the analogy falls. Cigarettes are products, gay people are, annoyingly to the man, people.

But too, I think Mr. Fischer is quite wrong on his own or straight society’s financial burden with AIDS.

My libertarian rugged individual personal responsibility TEA Party self thinks, though, that I agree with Mr. Fischer’s idea, somewhat, of separating gay people out like he wants to do. Here, take a look at a post I put at and a similar one at when this subject came up.

Let us say my inspiration is Jonathan Swift’s solution to the Irish problem nearly 160 years ago, if I recall. And which is still quite a good read.

>> Actually I rather like the man’s thought, for it can be logically extended. And so gays should indeed get a 100% tax cut and fund our own lives, including AIDS. We should not have to pay for the divorce courts, nor the marriage registry offices – we are not allowed to use them. Nor should we have to pay for the police, court & prison systems which adjudicate the murderous rampages of Fischer’s fellow heterosexuals, since it is not gay folks murdering our spouses and our children or any random stranger. And we should get that tax cut so as not to pay for the sewer which runs past this man’s church where he speaks. Nor should we have to pay for the children fathered out of wedlock, requiring all manner of social services, hospitals, schools, and such — for it is his people who create that little problem. Oh yes, Fischer hasn’t quite thought through his brain dead comment.

And when I think about it — the 20 million or so gay folks in this nation already more than pay for every dollar in AIDS research and sustenance — for we are 20 million and gay AIDS people are but 500,000 or so — and straight folks are using our money to solve the problem. And we want our money back. And if we find the cure, it shall be very expensive for the straight folks who get the disease to get that cure.

And even better, Fischer should propose that gay folks get a few states of our own. Yes, entire states! There’s more than enough of us to all move to, say, Wyoming, Oregon, Alabama, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire — and simply become the majority in these states. And then outlaw Fischer and his kind, and their marriages and their sex, and raid their bars too, for good measure. And just possibly chase them all out, as Fischer’s fellow henchmen Peter Sprigg wants to export us.

Yes, we should keep our money, get our states — and separate our Gay Republic from this man’s theocracy. What a wonderful idea, and thank you Mr. Fischer, for it.

Which goes to show, that sometimes even the village idiot comes up with something worthwhile. And “radical queers” can be radical indeed in “promoting homosexuality.”


No, I’m not serious, but still, Mr. Fischer needs to get a life actually producing something. Maybe he should go into the cigarette business. People do say they smoke to calm down. I know I need a ciggie after every time I hear such men speak such drivel. Often even a cocktail. For Mr. Fischer’s Gay Derangement Syndrome is what drives me to drink.




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