Gay Derangement Syndrome


Many on the Right are quite right that the Left is obsessed with Sarah Palin and her kids. They call it “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” And the Right is quite right that the Left is obsessed with Chris Christie, a man who is trying to make sense of the mess that is New Jersey. The Right is sure that the Left was obsessed with Sharon Angle. And they are too sure that the Left is obsessed with the long ago stupid comments of a teenage – what is her name, the lady who ran for Senate in Delaware? How quickly are losers forgotten. And the Right is quite right that the Left is consumed with control, and running the minutia of life, and they call it a derangement syndrome. And the Right claims they are for reason, fact, knowledge and reality. I know they are, for I am on the Right in this big debate about our nation.

And the biggest complaint – and fairly so – is the Leftist obsession about Palin’s boy Trig. For to pick on that poor boy is indeed deranged. It is wrong. It is morally repugnant. In fact, our society has long ago realized that there are people who are less than “normal.” Kids with autism, kids born with horrendous medical conditions, kids born retarded, or with Downs, or a plethora of other maladies. These children are not scorned, or hated – no, they are brought into the fold. And great amounts of money and time is spent on trying to figure out what the problems are and how to solve them – or if unsolvable – to mitigate them and incorporate such kids into family and society. It is a great trial of patience and fortitude to deal with less than perfect kids. Hat’s off to those mom’s, and families, and all the medical folks who deal with the issues confronting those kids. They are like Marines in the forefront of that battle.

But the Right has it’s own Derangement Syndrome. They have Gay Derangement Syndrome. So many on the Right – but thankfully an ever decreasing number of them (or us, since, oddly, I’m a die hard Righty of Goldwater proportions) – are consumed with gay folks. Tony Perkins and his crowd spend endless hours running around deranged about us. I cannot catalog again the calumny this man and his kind spread. But while the Right is so concerned that the media is oh so pro gay – the Washington Post has no qualms about giving space to the deranged mumblings of Tony Perkins. For the good of the debate, perhaps. That’s what’s said. And when religious figures of all kind obsess about gay people, it’s said it is their right. It is their right to yell “God Hates Fags.” Or gays are “Evil.” Or that gays are a threat to the family, society and civilization itself. That’s derangement. That’s nuts. But still, we are to debate this. This is what the Right gets deranged about. All for Liberty – except, well, maybe, you know, maybe not for those people.

If any preacher ever went to military funerals and help signs aloft that said “God Hates Kikes” or “God Hates Niggers” — my God – the uproar! That preacher would get excoriated by the whole of society Right & Left so fast it would make his head swim. But no, it’s only “fags” — the least of God’s children, that’s OK. So it’s a debate about whether it’s OK in the name of Religion. Well, Christians spent some 1,500 years using the Good Book to support unGodly acts against Jews. The Good Book was held aloft as the pogroms burned the ghettos. Jesus was invoked as killing and rape were conducted in the Jewish Quarters of the Dark Ages, Medieval Times, the Renaissance – until the Final Solution was brought to bear on the problem. Virtually every country in Europe, by all the plethora of names, from roughly 500 AD until 1945 did what it could, from time to time, as the fancy struck them, to “export” the Jews. All in the name of God, in the name of family, and country, and decency – to get rid of the degenerate Jews. The history books are filled with the horror. Perhaps there was even debate as to whether “God Hates Jews” could be uttered. And the Family Research Council calls for exporting gay folks as their final solution, and naught is said by decent people – for it is Mr. Perkins’ and Mr. Sprigg’s right!

And now this man Tony Perkins, and so many more are doing the same thing. They are using the Good Book to spew and foster and engender and create a societal hate for children of a certain kind. And he is given the time of day – as he would not be given for any other class of people – to disparage us in an unGodly manner. It is not a hate, nor a right, it is deranged.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate John McCain says he would like more study on whether in the name of Honor gay people should lie. Exactly whose honor is hard to determine. For one cannot lie and be honorable. There is a Commandment of God – thou shalt not lie or bear false witness. And asking gay men and women to lie is against a Commandment of God. And to hear any Congress person or politician saying anything against gay people is amazing. The divorcees and adulterers among them being the biggest hypocrites – for there is a Commandment against adultery – yet there is not one against being gay. John McCain committed adultery – and he say’s I’m not quite right for some quasi religious reason? You jest Johnny, you jest.

And yet, there is a way out of this Gay Derangement Syndrome. This derangement brought about by what the Catholic Church – a great and conservative institution said to be for seeking truth – calls “largely unexplained.” This derangement brought about by what the Family Research Council calls “a mix of developmental factors.” This derangement brought about by a complete and utter lack of knowledge about why on earth – and all over it too – the same tiny percentage – 3, 4, 5? Who knows? No one – why are we gay? You cannot answer us. You just bleat. Yet, why would this tiny percentage go against, as you say, nature? What power of the mind do we have to willingly override biology? It is indeed, largely unexplained.

And Senator McCain wants more study on the issue of why some people in the military can’t handle gay folks. For that’s the trouble. It’s not that gay folks can’t serve in the military in a practical way. We do. We do our jobs, those of us who are able. We perform the tasks given. The problem is not the gay people in the ranks. No, the problem is the inability of some straight people in the ranks to handle a gay person who says such a simple thing as “You know, after I get out of risking my life in Afghanistan for my country and to bring Liberty to even this misbegotten corner of the earth, I’m going to give my boyfriend a big hug.” What extraordinary fear or even a derangement syndrome someone must have to worry about who one’s fellow soldier might kiss when he returns from the battlefield.

And the Church knows not where we come from, and neither does Perkins – so the three of them should get together and set up a National Commission on Gay Americans – and figure us out. We spend billions on researching all manner of things. For it is the quest for knowledge that is the hallmark of humans over all other species. But on this subject – the gay people in the midst of every society on earth since the dawn of time at the same percentage rate – there is no knowledge. There is no surety. There is nothing but superstition, and a few good men and women, with the honor and the decency to stand up and say, to avoid bearing false witness – but we are, we just are. The Church and Perkins have admitted utter failure in trying to change us or cure us. As have all the psychologists, psychiatrists, and interventionists of all kinds admitted utter failure. Indeed, we don’t want to change and we are quite confident there’s nothing to be cured. But it is no wonder they cannot effect their changes upon us – for they have no earthly clue as to why we might be.

Go, seek, ye shall find the reason. From just the news of the past week great scads of knowledge came to the fore. We can find now, it’s said – some sextrillion stars. And we find now bacteria that love arsenic, and we find fantastic new species all over the globe near weekly. And our human culture studies every thing – we catalog and enumerate. We quantify and we test and examine and wonder and ponder. We spend billions on looking at every possible human condition – on disease, and what people do, and what medicines might lurk in the leaves of trees. And on making our wounded soldiers whole again as best we can. As a society we have set up great research institutions – the universities, the national labs, and hospitals.

And yet, and yet – to deal honestly and forthrightly, with compassion and decency, and with knowledge about gay people – no, nothing. Nothing is seeming allowed to be studied on the matter. Least of all how so many children keep coming up gay by largely unexplained reasons. For that would be “promoting homosexuality.” And that is part of the Gay Derangement Syndrome. That one can promote such a thing. No, like Trig, we were just born this way. And like Ms. Palin, you must deal with it.

It’s one reason I want her as president – for she will grasp this – when we gay folks bring it to her attention – that though we may be less than perfect children, we are children. And she will call that commission. And solve this problem. And include gay folks into this society – not with a sullen tolerance, but with sure knowledge and a new found respect for our existence.

But stop with the Evil and the Sin, and the calumny. It is ill befitting a great people in a Republic of Law based on Reason, Liberty and the decent respect of mankind.

So Senator McCain, Your Eminences, and Tony Perkins – call that commission – to truly study us – and perhaps then you can figure out why some number of the military and society might so fear and despise us that you freak out when we say “Hi, this is my boyfriend Michael.”

Go seek, ye shall find the reason. Go, and be deranged no more about us.


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