Tony Perkins hates some children

Tony Perkins is anti-children. He hates some of us.

Yes, Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, the entire FRC right down to the mail clerks are anti-children.

And the Pope, he and his curia and the entirety of the clergy are anti-children.

And White Evangelicals, and Black Baptists, and Democrat and Republican politicians, and the entire panoply of people aligned against gay folks – you are all anti-children.

Yes, that’s a bold statement. But that’s what you are. Children haters.

For you see — we gay folks, we are children. And you condemn us still for our mere existence.

We are hurt by this. It is a tremendous hurt in our hearts, when we hear you say what you do.

Please, please stop this.

It is against us – mere children – that you direct your scorn and hate and obsession.

That is not a Christian thing to do, sir. Or any of you.

Or Jewish. Or Muslim. Or Hindu. Or any religion.

Religion is about acceptance — not hating children.

You have no idea why we are – by your own admission. I believe you.

The Archbishop of the Armed Forces says it’s “Largely unexplained.” I believe him.

Tony Perkins, your group says “It’s a mix of developmental factors.” I believe you.

OK? I believe you, we believe you – you have no earthly idea why we are.

And yet you condemn us for your lack of knowledge and understanding?

Stop it. Just stop it. It is unbecoming rational people.

Each of you straight people has some other mealy mush mouthed reasoning for us – and it’s always external. It happened to us. We caught it. We acquired it. We were afflicted with it. We were recruited.  We were made. Isn’t that what you say? Or worse, we chose to be gay. We did not!

It’s not from within, no. That’s what you say. For to be from within means it is natural and thus moral and OK.

And this you will not accede to. That’s your problem.

Still, you seek to cure it – or demand we cure ourselves. And in every instance the answer is you cannot. For you cannot cure a problem without knowing what caused what you have amply expressed in a problem.

You all have a hundred different reasons for why we are – there is no agreement among you.

You have claimed you’ve studied and studied, and still, you come to a hundred different conclusions that can be summed up in two words: Beats us.

You have no clue.

And if you think it’s a mix of developmental factors which are largely unexplained – fine.

Fine. Have at it.

But don’t blame me.

Don’t condemn me.

Let me and my people go.

You are at war with us.

And we only ask God to forgive you, for you know not what you do.

And we tell you we are children – your children.

And you created us.

Each of us says the same thing – we are, and we knew it when we were extraordinarily young.

Way back when, as children, a largely unexplained mix of developmental factors conspired against us to create your hate and loathing, and fear and panic about our existence.

But if it is largely unexplained, leave us alone until you can explain it.

And who am I? A lowly gay person to question the church?

Then get off your tuckus and figure it out. Explain it please. I await you startling conclusion.

But don’t blame me in the meantime, while you conduct your research. That’s what I resent.

Oh, I don’t care if you can’t explain it. By all means, fumble around, or figure it out.

But don’t tell me I’m evil, and a threat to civilization, and a sinner for existing.

You sound like a bunch of, well, sissies.

Are the few percentage points of the population thus jinxed, for unexplained reasons, really a threat?
Are sissies that powerful? Egad, people. Get a grip.

But you can’t figure it out?

Here, let me help you: we are, by the Grace of God, a test unto you, and you have failed.

For I am a child. A child of a mother and a father. A member of a family.

And most importantly, a child of God.

I might be the least of His children. I can handle that. For He will provide. That’s His job.

But don’t blame me.

And if you think it is a mix of developmental factors – than lay them out. What are they? Pray tell, give me the details. Give me the mechanism – so that I might even attempt to comply with your demand I change and be who I am not.

But you have no mechanisms. You cannot figure it out.

And you have the audacity to blame me for your ignorance.

Though I can solve your problem. If only you’d listen Mr. Perkins. We all can.

We are the children of mothers and fathers and God Himself, who figured out, when we were 8 and 9 and 10, or 11 or 12, or even as late as 14 – when puberty struck, and the first hair grew in places that only the TSA dare go without consent, that we are gay. We just are. You have no idea.

We were children when we knew this.

We are children now. Of all ages, just like at the circus.

Don’t be the clown any more Mr. Perkins.

Don’t pick on children sir. It is not becoming.

It strikes me to pick on children is anti-children. Anti-family values. Have you no heart sir?

Change? You want change? What a dolt you are, sir. We can’t change, for we are. We are gay. That’s it. For largely unexplained reasons and a mix of developmental factors, if that’s what you want to call it.

Not “homosexual” — this scientific word you like to bandy about. No, we are gay, sir.

We are children, and we are gay. In every sense of the word.

Until I have to listen once again to your anti-children screed and bile.

And then I am pissed. And disappointed.

For you are against us.

And that, sir, makes you anti-children.

It is Christmas, sir. Find there, under your tree, some heart.

Some decency, and Christian compassion towards the least of the children.

But, sir, know this – we are children.

And we are fed up with your bile and lack of understanding. And your obsession with us.

And it is not just you, sir, Mr. Perkins. It is all who agree with you to any degree.

It is all of you in this society who say these hurtful things.

You fling bile and hate at children.

For we are children.

And you know children well. This too I believe.

For you created us “homosexuals.”

And we, like all children, can be ornery.

Let my people go.

Do not tread on us.


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