Hopenchange cartoons is wrong

At www.hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com this morning I saw this:

…the Democrats want to vote on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” issue to protect the Gay rights of soldiers like PFC Bradley Manning (who lip-synched to “Lady Gaga” while stealing the Wikileaks documents)

No, sir, there’s no such thing as “gay rights” — there are only rights for gays too.

And the 14,000 or so soldiers dismissed from the military under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” are not “like” PFC Manning. Neither are the thousands more who must lie to serve our country.

Just as Benedict Arnold does not represent straight folks, this Manning menace does not represent gay folks.

And I loathe the Democrats for using us a political football – and I pity the Republicans who fall into the trap over and over again.

Set up the National Commission on Gay Americans, and figure us out and how we can be included into this nation. And stop with the “evil” and “sick” talk, and the “anti-family” & “anti-society” and calling us a threat to civilization.

Meanwhile, the slow waterboarding continues – with Illinois now set for “civil unions” — and hence more court cases. Though, if you all hadn’t raided the Stonewall Inn, again, on a hot June night in 1969, we might well still be hidden.

Meanwhile, from a lady at http://planetsampo.blogspot.com I received a note that I should be more pithy. Or actually, that it was a word I should become “acquainted with.”

On her site she had a wonderful picture of a Christmas Tree and a fine bit about the spirit of the season.

I wrote the lady a note and said:

> Under that Christmas Tree on your blog,

I’d like to see a big box of “Decency” towards gay folks.

For we are not “evil” or “sick.”

Decency is a word many straight folk should become acquainted with,

when talking about us.

Don’t tread on us either. >

Is that pithy enough? Hmm.

And thanks to www.iowntheworld.com which let me have my say, again.

Though when you read the comments there, well, let’s say they are not really decent, pithy though they be.

Welcome to the IOTW folks, and come back and see me sometime.


1 Comment

  1. Hope n’ Change Cartoons WAS wrong to put things that way, and I should know…I wrote the cartoon. Any harm was unintentional, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

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