Gay man agrees with the FRC? Wow!

I agree with the Family Research Council.

But not why they think I should.

For I shall first debunk their Myths of Family Research, before statement of my agreement and why.

I saw today a full page ad by the Family Research Council that appeared recently in the Holland Michigan Sentinel, the newspaper in the small city somewhere there in the frozen north.

I found it at

I had never been to this blog before, but found it through

Amazing what one can find with a few clicks of the mouse. I had never seen an FRC ad and in general avoided them like the plague. But now that I have the ad – let’s look at it in myth busting fervor that I have on par with the FRC.

It presents five “Myth” as written by the FRC. I don’t know where they get the myths. Perhaps they believe the myths they write, in order to debunk them all the easier.

Myth #3 they list is — “10% of the population is gay.” Well, that was the number given by Alfred Kinsey in 1948. In the one and only study – by which every single person operated on from 1948 to about 1985. It certainly wasn’t propagated by any gay person between say 1948 and 1985 – which latter day was when we might first have even been quoted in the press about ourselves or our numbers. By the mid-1980s his research and number were well debunked. Not many believed them by the 1990s, so the myth itself is a myth. Still, even within the past year the number 1% to 7% has been given. By wildly different authorities of an FRC nature. Perhaps they should coordinate their myths and facts better.

Still, the FRC says: “Less than 3% of American adults identify themselves as homosexual or bisexuals.” First of all – from where did even this data come from? They didn’t bother to give any source other then themselves, which is a neat, almost Liberal Leftist type trick. There are, however, so many studies giving so many different numbers based on faulty methodology that it’s hard to come up with any number by any “respected” source that one could conceivably call “Fact” — as the FRC does proclaim its answer.

On the other hand, if you count, say, people at gay pride parades, numbers of people in certain occupations, number of bars in any given city or even the number of men who never get married – well, then you get about 5% of the population. But say the FRC is right — When you consider only adults, well, then that does leave another 1% of the population uncounted who are children who will soon enough be adult gay folks. And if you assume that only the most open, brazen, radical, militant, out, avowed, flaunting (what’s the word for us?) gay person would say to any given random survey taker that they were gay – well, that might well be 3% of the population. But then that leaves aside the probable 3% of the population who is panic stricken, fearful, hidden, not out, or otherwise not going to admit it to any survey taker whatsoever. So assuming the FRC open gay count of 3% — and add in the 1% of kids, and 3% of denying gays – well, then, factually, that would be about 7% of the population. Myth busted, and fact wrecked, and reality achieved, eh?

Now, Myth #2 is intriguing. For it says: “Myth Sexual Orientation Can Never Be Changed.”

You know, you can’t make this crud up – look – this is debunked by our careful researchers themselves with “Research confirm that such change does occur – sometimes spontaneously, and sometimes with therapeutic interventions.” Oh yes, “tens of thousands” have gone back to straight they do proclaim. Alas, rather sometimes spontaneously, if we are to believe the FRC itself, at least 3% of the adult population did indeed change their sexual orientation. Why, they went from straight to gay. Spontaneously! Wow! Such research! What utter mush. And what a bunch of 20,000,000 people who spontaneously changed their orientation. So much for that myth eh?

Let’s list the next three related myths, and then bust them, shall we?

1) “Homosexuals do not experience a higher level of psychological disorders than heterosexuals.”

2) “Homosexuals are seriously disadvantaged by discrimination.”

3) “People are born gay.”

So the last myth is debunked by saying “research suggests instead that homosexuality is from a complex mix of developmental factors.” Well, besides the fact that no one has come up with any nurture point whatsoever that has ever withstood rational thought, it does suggest we are indeed, as the FRC states is “Fact,” of psychological malady of some danger. Well, OK, if you conclude that I’m psychologically ill formed, then I’d dare say that your claim that “homosexuals experience considerably higher levels of mental illness” is tepid. Why, given your own definition that we’re formed somehow, ex post facto birth, than I’d say truly 100% of gay people are experiencing mental illness. Com’n now FRC, don’t get weak when you need your fortitude to preserve 97% of the population by screwing the remaining 3%. And hey, by the way, I thought it was un-Christian to stomp on the underdog? Or was that a myth?

Then even though we do experience such high levels of mental illness, and “substance abuse” too (for good measure I’m sure,) and we are in fact, according to your own definition of us, mentally ill, you sate, as your “Fact” to refute your “Myth # 1 above — that “homosexuals have significantly higher levels of education than the general public.” Well, sirs and madams – I’d like to ask you one thing:

How on earth do such mentally ill substance abusers manage to maintain such higher levels of education and change their sexual orientation spontaneously all at the same time?

This I’ve got to hear.

And if we do so – shouldn’t you be teaching our methods to the under performing heterosexuals who are just fine in the mental illness and substance abuse departments? So they might be above average like we are? It would be good for the nation, no?

Enough of myths and busting them – the FRC is nuts in all this. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – it’s not hate – it’s mad delusion and a pathology of obsession that I cannot comprehend.

Now, the whole point of this ad is, supposedly that Holland Michigan is considering a resolution to protect gay folks in hiring decisions. Well, frankly, I hate such resolutions. I don’t care whom hires whom – but if you are to go the principled route – than it must be for everyone – that businesses must have absolute power to not hire anyone they don’t wish to – including Christians. But also the right to hire whom they want – and as so many companies do – and offer benefits to do so – and which the FRC protests and complains about too — they attract certain holders of psychological maladies which result in “significantly higher levels of education than the general public.” And I don’t well question the right of such companies to hire the best and the brightest, and not to hire some of the less educated heterosexuals whom the FRC believes exist. That they believe this is sort of elitist, in a Leftist way, isn’t it?

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I am smarter than your average FRC person – as exemplified by my debunking of their myths and facts.

But they want to force businesses to hire with religion in mind? Well, my religion says being gay is OK. So I guess I’m covered under that. Thanks for the clarification, FRC. Glad we agree on that. Oh yeah, I also agree with the FRC that I am indeed better educated than  their normal heterosexual selves.


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