They have a right, you should have decency

Epic Fail, ye are the FRC.

The Family Research Council has pulled together tens of millions of dollars and a huge staff with nice offices in Washington DC to stop gay folks from, essentially, being gay. Actually, I’m not really sure what their end result desired is, but from the sounds of it, it is to simply rid God’s green earth of gay folks. Surely they want to stop any laws for us, and stop us from being included in any that are around, and exclude us from others, and even, amazingly, pass some more against us. They started on their great quest to get rid of gay people, or shove us back in a closet, or whatever they think they will do, over three decades ago. Can there be any more unsuccessful organization? They have failed in every one of their policy prescriptions. The reality of our existence is more accepted everyday. It seems to rise every time the likes of FRC speaks.

Oh sure, they had a moment’s victory here and there, like they think they won in Iowa by getting rid of judges who allowed gay marriage. Sure, the judges are gone, but the law is there. More importantly, there are now hundreds of couples with standing to sue in courts of all kinds against any action or legislation that might come. Thereby the FRC will waterboard themselves for another decade as those court cases bubble up. Then the next thing they know, they’ll lose again. From my own newspaper, the Baton Rouge Advocate, I read reports that all sorts of people aching to step up the “culture wars.” Have at it, it is your right. But I say – bring it on!

For they are lunatics calling for criminalizing some 20,000,000 or more people – and then what? They will lose because there are too many of us and we will not rest, for we have naught else to do – and we are in too many families. You can’t very well expect to win a lot of support by telling some mother that her son is a monster worthy of exporting or imprisoning for the “crime” of merely being. And I’d dare say, in the name of family values itself, that a mother knows her son far better than Perkins or Sprigg of the FRC knows that boy. And now that the election is won – which is merely a first baby step to stop the socialist juggernaut – and all of a sudden there’s talk about the “culture war.”

And gay folks are the target of it. We are not at war with the culture, but parts of the culture is at war against gay folks. They make that clear to everyone. We don’t know why, something about Christian Love they say, as they spew illogical nonsense. It is their right to do so, of course. And those same people against us are silent on the true crisis in the family. No one wants to stop divorce. Abortion shows no sign of ending. No one is stopping the straight boys from impregnating young ladies at an astounding rate and abandoning them quicker. Marriage is in decline, the family stressed by ever growing government. You 95% of the people are mangling the family, not us. And these groups like FRC, and many Mainstream Republicans, and more than a few fine Democratic clergymen and politicians, are obsessed with gay people to the point of pathology. But now, even the pope himself is having to admit that well, just maybe, it is natural from conception – though for appearances he must still say it’s “evil.” Which is a hard concept for me to contemplate – that my existence might be both “natural from conception” and “evil.” I await for further guidance from His Eminence on how to reconcile the conundrum. But I do appreciate the slim break towards recognition of reality.

But I don’t want to constantly talk about this friggin’ subject. Still, it’s in the news nearly daily. And the Family Research Council, despite their epic fail, are obsessed with me and mine. And everyone else wants to debate this fool thing, too. So what am I to do?

I’d rather talk about my 200 plants that I now have to put up for the winter because global warming is still not here, and doesn’t seem to be coming at all.

I’d rather talk about the book I wrote with my father – Houses are Free – – about how we made money, how we supported ourselves, how we deal with economics – and the stupidity of government. (It’s Christmas, buy a copy.)

I’d rather talk about the book I wrote about the Czechs & Slovaks of Louisiana — “A Hidden Impact: the Czechs & Slovaks of Louisiana from the 1720s to today” and the museum I plan on creating based on that book. (Ditto)

I’d rather talk about the paintings I do, to sell and gift. Few of my friends and family are without one of my works – mostly they are mazes. Each line is a brush stroke, quite complex. Others are flowers, for the ladies, and abstracts for those who prefer. I’ve made good money with them. In a quirk I always put Roman numerals for the date, which causes some befuddlement when people see MMIV. “What’s that,” they ask. “The date.” They are perplexed.

I’d rather talk about my piano playing which I use to make a living too – and the five CDs I have out – and the sixth I’m planning. Hell, I’d rather just play piano than write anything here.

I’d rather talk to people about the absurdity of the IRS, and of the rest of the current morass of taxes. I’d rather talk about the absurd foreign policies of this administration which seems to be to boil down to apologizing for the greatness of this nation and encouraging our enemies to take pot shots at us.

I rather talk about my transcriptions of the 84 letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother from Venezuela and she was in Queens NY. 1/3 are in Czech, which will take some doing to translate (ale, ja muzu, nevadi – yea, I can) .And the English is immigrant-worthy challenged to say the least. Letters to Nettie – I think it might be a good movie, too. I recall my grandfather saying to me, when he saw reality, “Ah, so I have a divni grandson, good.” — he used the Czech for, more or less, “sissy,” and then we went and did family values together. My grandfather would have punched Peter Sprigg in the nose.

And I’d rather, truly, talk about the utter morass and mangle of marriage and family that straight people have done. Oh, you’d think all these focus, and values, and family groups obsessed with gay people would actually concentrate on the divorce, the abuse, the rape, the killing and the unwanted children which fill the news every day every week every month every year. Every day straight folks show themselves poor stewards of the institution of marriage. And these gay-obsessed groups think we are the threat? Are they kidding?

And what might be news about gay people? Oh, yah, we want to serve our nation and get a piece of paper that says our unions are civil too. Such earth shattering radical militant things – serving one’s nation and getting hooked up with benefit of clergy. Nothing could be more threatening to civilization than that, says the FRC and it’s ilk.

And now, because some group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had never uttered a word on our behalf in their 50 or so years around, and I doubt they have a single gay man on it’s staff or board, all of a sudden decided to say the gay-obsessed groups are “hate” groups – what utter nonsense – and now that’s the new political football thrown around the field.

I’d rather work on strategy about defeating the Democrats – not spend it defending gay folks’ existence to the people I want to cooperate with in defeating Democrats. The latter is a waste of time, while the former might actually save the nation.

And I’d rather not have to read the nonsense said about gay folks hither and yon, from fine people and cads alike. Get a grip people. We’re all over the darn place, and right there at the dinner table, brought here by quite a moment of family values indeed.

What’s the more amazing thing is that many Republican and Conservative websites, otherwise not exactly gay friendly, though not unfriendly, but what I would call “gay perplexed,” are referring constantly to many a conservative and republican gay website. And this disconnect – to both be comporting with the FRC against us – and use our words and ideas to fight the true problem – the socialists in the world and the decline of liberty – is going to be the cause of a break up of sorts. For the FRC does not want Liberty for All. They are clear on that, like a socialist calling for a five year plan. And those sites making reference are going to eventually have to deal with the conflict between the message of the FRC and ours. They claim we’re evil or something, and we say we just are by the Grace of God. I’m so sure that the FRC will be out of a seat when the music for Liberty stops that I’ve contacted dozens of people rather pointedly to push the reality of gay folks using my own name. Like John Hancock, with whom I share both initials and a sort of pun of a name, I put it up big where the King can read it. Many an internet person hides behind monikers of all sorts. I’m perhaps causing quite a ruckus too, apparently, sometimes, maybe. I’m a militant for rationality, I guess. Or extreme in the defense of liberty.

Not in a political way – but in a philosophical, and religious way. If the government was oh so much smaller, we would all not be discussing politics. And you’d hardly know there was a gay person there, except all of us you see everyday anyway.

And ultimately, the FRC will be gone, and they’ll spew no more mush. And it’ll just be better. But I’m impatient because I live in our remote control society too. But if some Republican – a serious person – finally just told the FRC to shut the hell up and actually work on solving family problems and not creating political problems with the mothers of gay folks – then just maybe I could relax and get back to what I’d rather be doing. For if anyone thinks being nice to gay people is causing the destruction of the family in this nation, you’re nuts. And I’m here, by the Grace of God, to tell you that.

In the meantime, I have to spend my time on a far more important project I have right now. One that should have been done by the parents. I’m working on rescuing another slight, flimsy, effeminate doe eye 19 year old from the maw of Christian Fundamentalism. Tossed out for being himself, then dragged away to “save” him from perfectly fine reasonable responsible citizens trying to direct the young man to a productive future with any prince he might find. He sought us out, and he’d have taken any one of us, for he knows he’s “one of them.” His family and Lord knows who else are intent on both castigating him, as evil, a sinner, and telling him he’ll have a lifetime of hate and scorn directed at him by these very people – for family values no less, the hypocrites — who are also saying they will rescue him from the hands of other evil gay folks whom he knows are not evil. For he himself, as a 19 year old, knows he’s not evil, but a guy trying to make it in the world.

But it’s awfully hard to do so when I can’t even get his family which birthed him, his church which claims they are all for the boy, and society as a whole, best exemplified (and sadly so) by the Family Research Council, to cooperate with me in making the boy a man and a citizen – and a good one at that. Though, yes, he’ll be gay. There’s just no way getting around that icky detail. Sort of like an autistic kid or something, but as natural as anyone human on earth. And the fact that we older gay folks have repeatedly shown we’re just as good as you is what seems to drive the FRC to ever greater flights of fancy.

I mean, really, why would anyone speak to a bunch of straight men obsessed with gay men to the point that they think they’ll convince everyone to set up a police state to criminalize, and I guess arrest, imprison, or just possibly deport us all, is just beyond me. Again, the FRC has the right to say anything they want. Have at it, God bless!

But the rest of you ought to have the decency to say “Hey Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg, you guys are nuts, we can’t do that. That’s preposterous. Why, that’s unAmerican!” But I have yet to hear that much from anyone. And for Christmas one year, it would be nice to know that there was a fairy tale for us fairies with a happy ending approved by you all. I’ve already provided my own, but still, we are family. You should research that and then hold a great council and come to the obvious conclusion – we are. We just are, and there’s not a thing wrong with it that a little true Christian love wouldn’t cure.


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  1. rkeefe57

    “And now, because some group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had never uttered a word on our behalf in their 50 or so years around…”

    You’re absolutely correct. Gay rights never really became an issue for the SPLC until they started running out of gap-toothed hillbillies in sheets with which to frighten their donor base.

    This flap is just the latest in a long line of fund-raising ploys.

    The Boy Scouts of America have been publicly stating for decades that gay men “aren’t moral enough” to be Scout leaders and refuse to hire openly gay men as such.

    Oddly, you won’t find a single word about the BSA’s blatant discrimination on the SPLC’s website, despite the facts that the BSA accepts public funding AND that its core mission is to shape the minds and morals of millions of American boys. Why not?

    Because many of the SPLC’s mostly elderly donors were Scouts, or the parents/grandparents of Scouts, and linking the almighty donors with a “hate group” is bad for business.

    It seems that this “nonprofit civil rights organization” is entirely “dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry” until it cuts into the the profits.

    And speaking of “nonprofits,” in 1994, SPLC founder Morris Dees vowed that he would stop soliciting donations when the SPLC’s Endowment Fund reached $100 million dollars. It reached that mark in 2002, yet the fund-raising letters continued to go out like clockwork.

    By 2007, the Endowment Fund had reached $200 million, and still the fund-raising letters went out. Last year the Endowment Fund generated $39 million dollars in interest, or more than $15 million dollars in excess of the SPLC’s total annual expenses, (minus the $5.3 million they spent on fund-raising), and yet the fund-raising letters, like this one from this past September,, keep coming.

    If this be “non-profit,” where do I sign up??

    The most ironic (read: “hypocritical”) thing about the Southern Poverty Law Center is that NOT ONE of its top ten, highest paid executives is a minority.

    In fact, according to the SPLC’s hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser, despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin Luther King’s home church, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of power.

    Some “experts”

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