Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

As everyone gathers around the dining table today – in great celebration of being alive, of being American, of any particulars of your health, wealth, family and friends – be thankful indeed, for there is much to be thankful for – like, just two more years of the Obama administration coupled with a dawning resurgence of America. But look, too, around your table, and your kids’ tables especially, and know this:

There, somewhere among them, are kids who will grow up gay. I’m in agreement with the Archbishop of the Armed Forces – it is indeed largely unexplained. All of those kids who know this about themselves know it already. As the archbishop says, we’re not going to change. All the 8, 10, 12, 14 year old kids, we all know, in our time, like you normal folks come to realize your desires. But we just know, and there are some there today in your homes, who know too. And our mission was to accept it and deal with it. Surprisingly, nearly all of us do admirably well in becoming decent productive citizens of this great Republic. Especially considering the circumstances in which we live. For, as the archbishop calls them, the trials of our condition, is not within us. It’s within you, our families and our society. We have no trouble with our condition, or with you. Nor are we against you one iota, even in the face of what is hurled at us. We are cheek turners of astounding proportions. No, you all have trouble with us, and we do not know why. Still, we’re thankful it’s getting better.

Your mission, you normal people’s, is to come to the same conclusion that we did. We are. And realize too, you did it. Yes, you. If you want to claim biology – it was you who started the process. If you want to claim nurture – then it was you who did the nurturing. If you want to claim predisposition – you did it. If you want to claim some combo – you brought us into being. If you want to claim we are some moral failures – it was you who gave us this morality, for we had to learn it somewhere, and it ain’t on TV. And we sure didn’t think it up on our own. No 8, 10, 12, 14 year old could possibly come up with something so supposedly unnatural that God himself did not want it, and yet which wholly encompasses our being, all by ourselves, and then go seek out others who came up with the same thing, independently, all over the world, and we all know exactly what to do to make the best of it. We do it without any fairy tales for us, nor any positive words, nor any encouragement, and often without your knowledge of our presence there at the table. No, we did not do this to us, or come up with it on our own. It’s impossible, and you know it. So stop blaming us. Figure out a way to include us, and direct us to the better lives you think we all might live.

The saddest part about the whole morass is groups like the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, No On Marriage, and all the other various family values coalitions, groups, organizations, and yes, even the churches – they blame us for what you wrought. And they accuse us of horrendous things, none of which are true. Sadly, they fail to recognize, even fail to admit, even simply deny — that we are the children of someone. And you cannot say such horrible things about children and be pro-family at the same time. No gay man or woman does, that’s for sure. We simply cannot bring ourselves to say anything much against you at all. For we are not against you. Instead, because we are so deeply embedded in every family we came from we merely ask for inclusion. We have been doing so politely, though more insistently of late, throughout the ages. We cannot stop doing so, for we are, and we don’t know what else to do about it.

We are perhaps some 20 to 25 million in number in this nation, and a few hundred million more worldwide. We all sat there at the kids table once. Some of us are sitting there now. Take a look, perhaps you can see one of us. We’re fairly obvious if you’d open your eyes. And when you do – take us into your hearts – and don’t try to expunge us from your side. There are no family values in chasing away and denigrating and condemning a member of your family. And if you want to, as the archbishop does, compare us to alcoholics, well, I would point out that alcoholics can get married and are still welcomed home for turkey and pie.

Because by whatever reason you purport for our existence – you all did it. And we thank our lucky stars you did. For we are here to tell you all about our exciting adventures. But, please, stop blaming us for our condition, as the Archbishop calls it. And stop accusing us being a threat to anything on God’s green earth, least of all civilization itself. We might be the Pink Sheep of the flock of God, but we’re among the flock too.

As you sit with your family – remember well, too – that there are still many of us barred from the family table. Not as many as before, but still … In many cities of this nation, today, there in our bars, we give thanks, and put out groaning boards of home cooked family recipes, ranged around a golden turkey, prepared by all the gay men and woman who are still excluded, contrary to all reason but in the name of family values. I hope that all those alleged pro-family groups and their members will well consider the harm they are inflicting on someone’s children in their unholy quest to expunge the gay kids from their midst. It might not be like it was, no. It’s getting better for sure. But there’s a ways to go. So after you finish the pie and do the dishes, get to work on figuring out how to include us, guide those children into even better lives and thank your lucky stars that your misfit of a gay kid still wants to share some time with you.

So Happy Thanksgiving indeed, and pass the mashed turnips. I just love that stuff!


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