Misconceptions Galore

Misconceptions galore


I don’t usually post twice in one day. Today will be different. For I saw at www.jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com this:

This Is Not Bullying

I don’t know what has gotten a hold of news media lately but everywhere I go I keep seeing headlines referring to bullying when talking about the case in Georgia of a teenager who was beat to death merely for walking down a sidewalk too close to a bunch of thugs. Somehow, someway they are all working the word bully into the story.”


And then he goes to talk about some straight guy who got beaten to death in a group of straight teens in Atlanta, apparently over some girl. And he’s right, it’s not bullying, it’s thuggery plain and simple. And he’s right, too, again, that the media, is of course, once again, doing an injustice to the language. But he’s not quite grasped that the media is also doing an injustice to the story which gay folks are trying to make when we are talking about bullying. This is mostly because the media are twits, and because they are not “pro-gay” and are certainly not pushing any “homosexual agenda” nor “promoting homosexuality,” as some on the Right say about the Leftist media.


In fact, the media stays away from gay stories if they can all but help it. It’s only our lawsuits that keep getting filed that make the news. Hundreds of ’em, and more to come. Oh well. Yet the media certainly works diligently at avoiding gay folks should a story about gay folks come up. Why, they could barely find a gay guy who was a soldier and thrown out merely because he was gay to ask him what he thought of the situation, and there be 14,000 candidates for the interview. All manner of conversations about gay Americans are being held, near daily, in the media, and in political circles, but few gay people are being consulted on the matter. CNN has certainly never added a segment to the “Black in America,” “Religion in America,” “Latino in America,” and so forth series, called “Gay in America.” And I doubt they’ll do one anytime soon. Oh sure, they did do one on transsexuals, though what that has to do with gay guys I don’t know. Though, it’s one reason I’d toss the “T” from LGB… and I’d toss the “B” too. Neither has much to do with gay guys. We’re the real problem, supposedly. Even lesbians have it easier.


The bullying which was talked about recently had to do with straight guys just deciding to beat the daylights out of a gay guy, or a guy perceived to be gay. The bullying is not just in the schools, of course. But when it happens outside the schools it’s called “gay bashing.” Like recently in the Bronx when a few straight guys beat the living daylights out of a local gay guy. The bullying is not just physical either. When you have politicians like Carl Paladino, Clint McCance, that Iowa Republican State Senator whose name I could bother to learn, saying the most ridiculous things against gay people — “God did not create us like that” – well, that’s an incitement of a sort, to do something against gay people. Even if it is just to shun them, or to bully them into not speaking when still more gay stories surface.


At www.queerty.com is a near daily compendium of the most absurd things said about gay folks by figures big and small, public and private, rural and urban, white and black, Christian and Jew, work and school, elected or self-appointed. It’s like a never ending parade of bile wrapped around pure falsehoods and injected with disdain, disapproval and disparagement. It’s quite amazing to witness. That’s the bullying that gay people are trying to point out to our nation. And the world. For it happens everywhere else too. But even the law, such as DOMA and DADT, is bullying gay people, just in a refined and legal manner. Telling decent peaceful fellow taxpaying citizens we are morally deranged, not part of God’s good works, and not worthy of being in polite company and telling us to lie and hide is bullying. Pure and simple. Sure, those two laws don’t quite express it as bluntly as I put it, but that’s the import of the refined language used.


Meanwhile, while gay people are not killing each other, nor doing much damage of any kind, and rather peaceably asking for decency — straight folks are out and out deranged in the levels of violence towards each other – and towards gay people. It’s not been much different for millennia, so I’m not too concerned that is a new thing.


And then there’s the canard against gay folks that we’re sex crazed and sex fiends. And there, right there on www.jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com is this next post:


If You Want to Save Money, You Can Stay Home and Get Laid for Free

How bad is the dreadful Obama economy? Heck, even swingers are now suffering. We’ve gone from tingly legs to flaccidity in a mere two years.

You know it’s a tough economy when the swinger sex scene is feeling a chill.”

Which then goes on to report a story about straight swinger sex clubs somewhere, (I’m sure they’re everywhere,) being hurt by the Obama economy. Well, I bet they are. And amazing the number of “gentleman’s clubs” that have billboards, too. I bet business is down there, too. I see three or four just between the eight miles through the center of Baton Rouge on I-10. Right where kids can see ’em. And I’ve never seen a billboard for gay anything, ever. And the number of products sold with the visual aid of sultry buxom ladies is quite astounding, too, to me. And never a guy in Speedos, not even in gay magazines. Though, I have seen some nice guys in their underwear on billboards, they certainly aren’t spending all that money to reach some random gay folks on the thruways, for sure.

Not to mention the apparently adultery, and hanky-panky and the philandering which must be going on to lead to the divorce rates we have. And then there’s Tiger Woods and Wilt Chamberlain – the latter claiming 10,000! Ten Thousand! Can you imagine? And of course Spitzer and company; there’s so many. And then I seem to see the most amazing headlines right there at the supermarket counter, 10 or 20 ways to make your man or woman do this or that and get the jolly and whoopie back into the marriage, or just the cohabiting. Not to mention Playboy and the Larry Flynt enterprises. Apparently there’s so much sex fiending and sex craziness among straight folks that there’s just oodles of babies born out of wedlock, to kids of the most innocent ages, and then there’s the abortions, oh so many abortions. By the millions you are killing your progeny after nights of wanton disregard for the consequences of one’s actions. And none of it seems very Scripture based at all.

And isn’t this the canard against gay folks? That we’re the sex fiends disregarding Scripture and the consequences? Sure it is. And what of you all? From the sounds of our society it’s apparently no big deal. But we’re the one’s lambasted as a threat to society. Amazing. That’s the bullying.

So don’t worry, Jammie, you’re right about the thuggery, and the media is wrong about working “bullying” as it was recently talked about by gay folks into every story now. So just relax, as I’m told to do so often when I get huffy on this issue. It’s getting better, as we say. The mainstream media is disappearing. Soon there might be but a smile left.


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