Honoring Veterans

And so today is Veterans Day. Though everyday is a veteran’s day, for sure, no? There’s veterans at risk right now, under horrendous conditions. They will be there tomorrow too. Some of them will lose their life tomorrow, and we’ll honor them next year on this one day set aside for Veterans. The guys (and gals, and of course gays if they’re good enough liars) who grunt their way into the enemy strongholds are truly to be admired. They are the ones who make all this blogging and slogging and the whole thing continue. And despite the left’s complaints about the military, the US military has been the most peaceful military in the world. Sure, we’ve invaded here and there, and usually some thriving democracy and economic powerhouse comes out of it. Germany and Japan ring a bell on that, right? And we even tell the enemy we’re about to bomb them to smithereens, so they should run for the hills to save their lives, and surely surrender for there’s no beating the US military. Unless some mealy mouthed president has no gumption. Of which we’ve had a few. Franklin Pierce comes to mind. Obama might be up, or down, there with him soon, as among our worst presidents in that regard.

Still Vietnam is taking a little longer, but that’s only because we just didn’t go in there and do what needed doing – which was to invade Hanoi, remove the communists, and set up an occupation not much different than what we did in Japan. I’m sure it could have been done militarily; too bad the politics wasn’t there. Then 70 million Vietnamese wouldn’t have had to suffer so much more than they did.

Then too, there’s others back on the home front. Though of late, that’s risky too, what with crazed muslims running around. Funny how peaceful patriotic American born taxpaying God-fearing citizens volunteering to serve their country must lie about whom they do whoopie with in order to serve, and crazed married heterosexual muslims are allowed to wander willy nilly with a gun in their hand, eh?

Still, honor the veterans, definitely. Too bad, too, that’s it not nearly the patriotic event that it used to be. Though I did see them cleaning up the Civil War cemetery near downtown Baton Rouge the other day. Which reminds me — One thing good would be a thorough cleaning of the Veterans Administration and it’s hospital system. Not doing a heckova job at all. Not from what is reported in the news. Who knows what worse stuff is not reported now that the coolest president evah is right there in Indonesia saying how wonderful muslims are, while at home he’s working on keeping gay folks as either big fat liars or out of the military. Though he doesn’t care, he says, if we tell the truth, so long as we don’t do it down at the marriage registry either. The one that’s protected by gay soldiers if we can get away with not being discovered and is paid for by the rest of the taxpayers who make whoopie with unapproved partners and parts. It is nice to have society so concerned for our welfare that they inquire as to whom we might tie a knot with, and how it’s, um, tied even, and say, like any good dad – oh no, no way your marrying my son!

And the president too, he’s right there on our side, it’s said: “lie son, and don’t you dare try to file a joint tax return.” Though for a guy supposedly For gay people it sure sounds like he just came out of a meeting with the Family Research Council down there in Tupelo, Mississippi. Which is a weird place for this alleged “gay agenda” to come from, what with no gay people in town, it’s said. But that seems to be the font of American wisdom on the subject. They’re the go to folks for the “homosexual agenda.” And Obama, well, he just talks like ’em. And we help pay the man’s salary too. Imagine.

Amazing too how the military is all about the honor system, as is marriage. In which truth, honesty, forthrightness are all right there front and center. Except if one is gay. Then it’s lie, and hide, and fidgeting if someone asks. And surely the asking is done. Oh, no, you don’t ask if someone is gay. Too easy to lie to, (and we’re very good at it, as you must be aware.) You ask the usual top 10 questions to determine someone’s sexuality, all the while complaining that we talk about “sexuality” all the time. Au contraire! It’s you all who do it. You just don’t see it as such. Here, let me show you what you ask when you meet someone and start to human-bond with them, as we humans do, at a job, or the beach, at a bar, or restaurant, or even right there on the supermarket line. But pretty much every where else too. Let’s do both sides of the conversation:

Are you married?


Do you have a girlfriend?


Are you divorced?


Are you engaged?


Do you have kids?


Are you in between relationships?

Well, ah …( now there’s a good out, definitely.)

But what if one is not? Hmm.

And after this series of questions which you all ask each other we’re supposed to come up with an answer that doesn’t offend you? Indeed, not only do you ask, you tell! Often you break out the pictures, sometimes putting them on the coffee cups and sweatshirts too, along with on your desk at work and dresser at home. And good for you! And yet, what are we to do? What words could we say that don’t bother you? Oh sure, some of you are now just perfectly fine with it, to varying degrees. Still, others of you, well, let’s say you got to work on it.

But what is a veteran to do? Apparently, since the official policy, the de jure as it were, since 1993 has been “Lie” (AKA, DADT) some 14,000 truth tellers have been thrown out of the military. Odd that you couldn’t see ’em coming. This great enemy of civilization, as some say, and the military, or otherwise the policy would not be, were able to sneak right on in there and you all couldn’t figure it out until they said something. Until they blew their cover, so to speak. Before the de jure of course, there was the de facto. So not much has changed there. Perhaps you all feel more comfortable knowing that it’s inscribed somewhere, and not just practiced without a written policy. Apparently, if sources are to be believed, George Washington himself chucked a few gay patriots right out of Valley Forge. So you all have been trying to keep us from volunteering to defend Truth, Justice, Liberty and the American Way since almost before there was an America. Just as long as we’ve been trying to do it, in fact. Funny, and we’re still on the same side, somehow.

Now, during World War II there was a need for lots of guys, so they pretty much drafted everyone. And one guy I know, “dodged” the draft into the army — to join the Navy! (years later there was a Village People hit about it.) He’s the 88 year old I live with, to keep him out of a VA facility, to which he’s entitled to be in, for he served. Probably no one asked, back then. Still, it had to be just too obvious. Really. I’ve seen pictures. Nellie as a goose. But he was a good piano player, so he served the four years of the war playing piano at the officer’s clubs from San Diego to Annapolis and in between. Sure, not much grunting, nor a front line seen. Not really in harms way at all. But he served. He did what he was ordered to and he served and he was honorably discharged. He’s a Veteran for sure. I wonder if DOMA and DADT combined strip him of that? Serving under false pretenses or something? I doubt it, but I’m sure there’s an anti-gay good Christian family values lawyer-politician looking into that right now.

But then I saw this article the other day at American Spectator magazine:

Revenge of the Culture Wars

by David N. Bass: “Like it or not, they’ll be back in 2012.”

That’s his tag line, to get you to the article. I went. Boy, is he at war. And if he’s at war as much as he says he is, I must be a veteran serving in the trenches at this very moment. Who knew? Who knew that gay folks are wrecking the Republic? This guys does. He knows! He’s at war! He goes on an anti-gay rant. Mumbo jumbo for sure. Then there were the comments. Astounding stuff, truly. Not quite calling for the return of the police state which existed against gay folks until, oh say, 1969, when a few veterans of the “culture war” put up quite a three day riot. Nothing like a bunch of sissy drag boys coming at you with flaming Molotov cocktails to get some political attention, eh? Fortunately we didn’t have to do that again! Singed feather boas are not a pretty sight. But wow! One battle, and that little culture war was won! So the police state tactics ended. Whew! That’s what the parades are about, the ones so many folks, including Mr. Bass and many of his supporting commentators are so upset about. Those pride parades are “veterans parades” actually. They celebrate the expansion of liberty, which was fought for in violence, with injuries (thankfully no deaths) on both sides. And now, just like with the Japanese and the Germans, the vanquished sit down in peace with the victors. Mostly.

Apparently the “culture wars” are going to start up again, especially if Mr. Bass gets his wish. Oh well, back to the trenches for liberty!


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