Just don’t!

The president and politicians of every stripe are wrecking the nation and so many people are worried that gay folks might make whoopie as the nation collapses around our ears. What a waste of time, effort and resources. You are water-boarding yourselves with your slow retreat from including gay folks in society. We’d disappear tomorrow if you’d just allow gay folks to file down at the local marriage office for which we pay for in every state in this union, and walk down a public street hand in hand without fear of being pulverized. Instead, you spend endless hours “debating” the subject. Sure, sure, it’s a debate. That’s what you say. As you tell us: Just Don’t … ask, tell, talk, say, think, do, be. Just don’t!


Which I’m in a row about this morning because of an interesting bit of discussion at I Own the World last night, about the pope in Spain, and a gay protest of sorts – a kiss in. Actually, no, it was not an interesting bit of discussion at all. Instead it was the same old same old. Gay folks are bad, at fault, and should just go away or something. Perhaps leave the planet. At least, I guess, just stop being gay or saying we are, and then marry someone’s sister I suppose. No one says much any more what we should really do with ourselves, so long as the end result is not a self-proclaimed gay person.


I suppose I’m the “radical” “militant” “depraved” “homosexual,” as we’re almost always called, or “fag,” “queer” or “homo” as it’s sometimes put, on many a website. I’ve frequently commented on these websites:





when gay subjects come up and the misinformation and/or bile is spewed. It’s rare to find anything nice said about gay folks, but I wade in among the slop, in a fervor to educate and defend. Much like Jesus among the lepers.


And I’ve commented more sparsely at a lot of other websites, most of which I access through www.legalinsurrection.blogspot.com – which is my Tea Party portal.


I’ve written directly to Professor Jacobson, the legal insurrectionist, and he’s made me post of the day a few times. And I’ve written to Jim Treacher at www.thedailycaller.com from time to time, to let him know what I’m thinking. And too I’ve emailed all sorts of authors of articles to contest their points. I do a pretty good job in tracking down authors who say just wrong stuff. And also there’s some folks who contact me directly and I give them the earful. And a few, far too few, are comprehending.


As near as I can figure, I’m the only gay person contesting point by point what is said in articles, posts and comments on a wide range of Tea Party, Republican and Conservative websites. I don’t know how big the sites are, but they must be reaching some number of folks. But oh, the gay stuff. What mush. But I can’t contest it all – for each of you has a few points to make, and there’s so many of you making them. I do find it funny though, that at many a site’s comment threads people demand of me that I answer their contention. So in a sense I’m now the “go-to expert” on gay stuff at these sites. Ahem.


Like at iowntheworld last night on a post about the pope being met in Spain by a kiss in by 200 gay couples or something. The question was asked: “Does this help their cause?”


The first responders did do what they do, typically, ad nauseum, and castigated gay folks once again, in all manner of ways heard before. And it was written: “Where’s that Hlavac fellow?” for my comments.


Missing from the report, of course, was that Facebook removed the page that was alerting the populace to the protest. So much for that, eh?


Meanwhile, such horrendous and salacious things are said about gay folks with complete impunity. Anything indeed might be said about us pretty much. Though of late those public figures calling for death to gay people have been removed from public figuring, that’s really just a recent development. Still, private folks, and writers of all stripes, and religious figures, and politicians, and who knows who all, continue to spew some God-awful hate, bile and brimstone against gay folks. And it’s expected then, that I or any gay person “debate”? Debate what, pray tell? If you believe my existence is unwanted by God and an intrinsic evil, it’s awfully hard to take you seriously enough to engage in debate. What you need is a scolding and an education.


When you “debaters” spout so-called facts and statistics on gay people I wonder, “where on earth could he get such information.” Surely there’s no real information on the numbers of gay folks, our distribution through the metropolises of this nation, our financial situation, our personal lives, our lifestyles, or our anything. All you have is anecdotal reports and some vague notions of what you’re talking about culled from superstitions and the carping of the most anti-gay shills. Still, on come the “numbers” of gay people who do this, or say that, and the wealth of gays and this or that surety of “gay people are…” “gay people say…” “gay people do…” and you have nothing approaching information. And oddly, ironically, you yourselves are the ones determined not to count or determine the extent of gay folks in this nation – all the while spouting what you could not possibly know about. And then you ask me to contest this or that assumption based on your false data? Harrumph.


Then too there’s the matter of why there are gay people. Oh, sure, no one likes to talk about that either, or investigate, or learn – for we have our opinions! Yah. So some say it’s pure evil, others just sin, still others a political choice, or a choice of some kind, you’re not sure. Nor can you pinpoint the moment of choosing; you don’t even try. “You just do, that’s all, nyah nyah.” That’s your science or logic on the matter. And then there’s those who say we were nurtured, but couldn’t come up with a logical or reasonable explanation of the process of this nurturing which leads to all these gay folks in your midst. Nor a credible list of whom is doing the nurturing. Nor even a theory as to why some of your children might be nurtured “into that lifestyle” and not the others. Some of you are sure it’s psychological, or from abuse, or psychiatric, or a combination, or we were recruited, or we were predisposed and then chose because we were nurtured, or a melange, almost like choosing from a Chinese menu. Sure, sure, by unseen, unknown forces you nurtured us, your children, but we’re at fault anyway.


Still others don’t hazard a guess as to why we are for you claim there’s no such thing, only the “act.” It’s an act alright, to believe, as you must who think it’s just an act, that we wake up everyday just as heterosexual as can be and awaiting the gal of our dreams, and when she doesn’t come I suppose, we degenerate into depraved sinners in the dark of night. If you truly think it’s just an “act” and nothing more, than you must believe we’re overriding what’s “normal” somehow, and that we’re ignoring what you claim is “natural” for everyone including us. How else could such a “choice” be made, to do this “act”? We must, for some unknown reason, said to be “sin,” turn off our craving for the female of the species and seek out a guy to do the “act” with. No? What else could you mean then? That we can only do the “act” but are not cognizant of the choice? Or do you think after a few “acts” we can no longer even think straight? That we’re too far gone or something? Beats me, you don’t say.


Indeed, most straight folks live in some surface fantasy-reality about gay folks. And when questioned more fully on the issue fall back on the old intellectual standby “Oh, I don’t want to talk about that, I know what I believe.” Yes, in a Free Republic of supposedly reasonably intelligent people when it comes to gay folks most of you go “lalalalalala” and run for the hills. Quite amazing, then, that anyone should be expected to debate anything with you. We’ll meet you down at the courthouse, where you might have a chance to put your thoughts into a brief against us, as so many of you do so often.


Funny too how gay folks are expected, even demanded, to just stand there and listen to this mush — for you know! You are sure of your beliefs! And damn the facts, or logic, or reason, or even what the person who is the object of the fulmination might be saying on the matter. You know! It’s revealed truth!


There’s this word “homophobic.” It has a few meanings – literally “fear of homos” or fear of gay folks, I guess. Or “hate of gay folks.” Or just wishing it would all go away. Or something. I don’t know. Many of you don’t like it. OK. But what word would you like us to use to describe your hate, scorn, abuse, foul language, castigation, fear of being, fear of becoming, fear of us standing next to you, fear of us smiling a bit at you, and your constant berating us for our existence? What is the word you would use, if homophobic is not it? It would be intriguing to come up with a new word, no? I await.


And I’m supposed to tackle, in a blog post, or in a comment to a post, the enormity of the response against gay people? I could write a book a night debunking everything said. But who has the time?


I don’t, I’m living that “gay” lifestyle:


I wash my clothes,

take showers,

tend the garden,

vacuum the rugs,

cook dinner,

serve desert,

read the paper,

send out bills,

call family,

put gas in the car,

shop for food,

earn money to pay for it all,

and fill out the tax return at the end of the year,

before going to vote,

and do all those little things we all do,

just oh so much differently than straight people do!

for it’s a gay lifestyle! (yeah, sure)

– and then, only when I’ve finished with the responsibility part, I might go down to a bar for an evening of friendship and discussion and thus wreck the Republic as I “practice homosexuality.”


This is your “gay” lifestyle.


What some fantasy gay lifestyle you all believe exists is, I don’t know. What threat you all think we are to the nation and to civilization is just beyond me. I just don’t know what on earth you’re talking about. And neither do you.


Meanwhile, here in Baton Rouge the police are gearing up for a riot by screaming heteros over the cost of college. And the horror is that gay folks have a kissing contest? Sheesh.


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