It’s the spending and taxes, folks

It’s the Spending and the Taxes, folks

OK, now, the election is over. A thumping has been given to the Democrats. The House has swung big time to the Republicans. I’ve read it’s not been this big of a majority since 1947 – but I’m no scholar on these things. The Republicans picked up 5 Senate seats, maybe 7 by the time the counting is done; yet the Democrats hold the Senate. The president has appeared, falsely contrite and braving for the fight for socialism. The moron Reid eked through the ether to rein again. Charlie Schumer is upset I’m sure; his moment in the sun beclouded. There’s not enough Republicans yet to dismantle the behemoth. There might not even be enough to stop it given the enormous power given to unelected and appointed at the president’s behest to bureaucrats by existing laws, passed unread. And all those unread and unknowable laws are still on the books. The menace is still there: the unbridled spending and the rapacious taxes. Republicans must stop that. I think, I hope, I pray, they have enough to stop it. And the presence of mind to stop it. Time will tell.

They could start by defunding it all – they have the power of the purse – don’t pay the salaries of the bureaucrats, don’t pass the appropriations bills or the continuing resolutions. Stop it. Stop the behemoth. Bring it to a stand still. Cut the budget. Cut the spending wholesale. Defund the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the endless programs of HUD and Education, and Commerce & Energy. Stop it. That’s the message of the people. The federal government collects 2.2 Trillion dollars in taxes – then that should be the spending. If you want more spending, take more taxes – see how that goes over. Cut the spending until the budget is balanced. Cut the farm supports and the price supports, and the endless programs dedicated to assisting this or that business get ahead with the correct political support. Stop it.

But one other thing you’ve got to stop is DOMA and DADT, and all the anti-gay laws. It’s time to stop. We are you children, your brothers, your cousins and even your fathers. And we’re you sisters, and your daughters, and your cousins and even your mothers. Do you really hate us that much? Are you that convinced that we are the threat to this nation? For being decent, courteous, non-violent, taxpaying fellow citizens and members of your families and congregations we are the menace? Surely you can’t be serious.

I wonder about the depth of anti-gay sentiment. Where does it come from? Who is teaching this? Could it be our schools, our religious institutions, our government and even our very families? Yes it can. Yes it is. You are teaching hate. Why? Stop it. Too. You all are pathological in your hatred, and blind to the reality. Gay folks are not the threat you believe. We are you. We are your fellow citizens. Even more convincing is that we are all over the world. It makes no difference which country. It’s no matter which race, which culture, which religious beliefs, nor which language or region of this globe – gay folks say the same thing – we are. And we wonder why you can’t see this. Why is this so hard for you all to grasp?

Nearly every nation on earth is filled with crazed lunatics killing by the scores; their neighbors, their families, their spouses, their kids, and the people over on the other side of the hill, the killing continues unabated. And gay folks are the most peaceful docile group of humans ever to walk this earth. Is this what scares you? That we follow the commandments of Jesus as you never do? That we turn the other cheek, that we love our neighbors as ourselves, that we treat others as we wish to be treated, that we put upon the basket that which should not be hid underneath, that our yes is yes, and our no, no? Is this what bothers you? Our utter refusal to accede to your wishes and either kill ourselves or allow you to kill us? Is this your pathology? I do believe it is. Pity on you.

So concentrate on stopping the spending and the taxing, and cut the size of the federal government. And while you’re at it – figure out a way to include gay folks in the law and society. We are going no where. Short of genocide we are not going anywhere. You’ll have to kill us all. Is that what you truly want? Is that your kindness and your beliefs? Death to your children? And even if you kill us all today, as I’ve seen suggested on many a website’s comments – tomorrow 5% or 6% of the boys born will be gay. That’s because there are 106 boys born for every 100 girls – whom do you think those 6 boys are? This you will not see, for you are blinded in hate. Stop it. We are you children, for crying out loud.

Politically, every time some Republican, or Democrat, comes out against gay people, you are alienating the millions of families who have now accepted their gay children into their families. The rest of you must do the same. You are losing votes. You are losing credence in your claim to be decent Christians with a bent for Liberty for All, while protesting all mankind “is endowed with their creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Why will you not grant us the pursuit of happiness? How can you be so against American values for one small segment of the population? This you call your fine philosophy?

You cannot be for Liberty for All, while preaching and proposing a police state for some. It’s antithetical to the reason for the nation. It’s antithetical to your own beliefs such as you proclaim. It’s antithetical to God’s plan. For God did plan gay folks – for we are everywhere. Where do you think we come from? You have no logical answer. You have ancient superstition, that’s all. And we unfailingly pay our taxes, and are productive members of society, and do our best to lead fine lives. And we do so in the face of astounding hate, while causing no ruckus more than appeal to your decency in quiet imploring. That’s the menace we pose.

Where is your decency to your own progeny? This I’m asking. Do tell.

And if you can’t come up with an answer than do the time honored thing and set up a National Commission on Gay Americans to resolve the differences among you. For you all are confused on the issue. And we are united, we gay folks, in saying but one thing: We Are, and We’re Not Going Anywhere.

Will you kill us all? Or will you accede to reality? Or will you suffer through the torrent of continuous lawsuits to your utter distraction? That is the question.

Other than that, it’s the spending and the taxes, folks. Get busy.


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