Election eve promise

The Election is tomorrow. As a gay man do I vote for the mealy mouth hushed support for gay folks from a few of the Democratic Party while the rest want to wreck the nation and forget gay folks exist? Or do I vote for the Republicans who say either nothing for gay folks or utter some of the most brain dead crud imaginable but will hopefully give me back my money by lowering taxes? That is the question. That is my dilemma. Well, no it isn’t. I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life. They’ve always been the party of more taxes and more government, and at times I make Barry Goldwater look like a bleeding heart liberal. So there will be no vote for a Democrat. Fortunately, I live in a Republican state, one with one of the lowest tax burdens and one of the best economies in the nation. If I don’t vote I’m sure the Republican will win anyway. If I vote, it will be with a stench in my nose of smoldering but wet fire & brimstone and the utterance of somnolent anti-gay words by many a Republican, done for getting votes, while knowing full well that there’s no way to stop the acceptance of gay folks in this nation in law and society. For if we are to be nation of law we cannot have the mishmash of laws, exclusions, prohibitions, and lack of anything at all to deal with our legal issues that gay folks experience right now.


And isn’t it funny to watch the rear guard retreat of the nation from its anti-gay folks stance. Yes it is. At every turn, in every court, in every legislature, by every politician and public figure, by friends, family, co-workers, and even many religious figures, the march to acceptance and inclusion of gay folks proceeds apace. Sure, there’s a bunch still out there saying “no” or “far enough” or “back in the closet” or “intrinsic evil” or “sick and depraved” or even “die fag” or some such. Sad, isn’t it? That so many are opposed to happiness for the children of others, and often even their own children. Just because those children, those citizens, those taxpayers, aren’t the “ideal normal.” So what if we gay folks aren’t? Neither is many a child born with a “birth defect.” But you make allowances, and make room, and work out some acceptance in society and law.


Still, so fearful yet of gay folks you are. We are the teensy tiny minority that roars, politely, and serves some iced tea, while saying, give me Liberty or give me Death. Just like patriots of old. We proclaim all men truly are equal, as was said by our founders. We do believe in Justice for All, like our nation’s credo has it. We do want out of many, one, just as is written on the money we gay folks pay in taxes. We are for equality before the law, like every American is entitled to by the citizenship we hold too. We are for individualism and self reliance, like most Americans. And we are honest, decent, courteous, non-violence, taxpaying fellow citizens, members of your families, who no longer will tolerate the nonsense that passed for thought on the matter.


While the Republicans, and the Tea Party will probably win big tomorrow. And perhaps bigger than some think. There’s still work to be done in stopping the behemoth. There’s still an extraordinary amount of work to solve the current problems and the imminent problems this nation faces. There’s still, also, a large chunk of (shall I say it? Yes.) heterosexual socialists running around trying to dismantle this great nation. Those people are the trouble. They are the cause of you grief. They are the ones taxing you into submission. They are the ones passing laws by the 1000 pageful without reading a word of it. Who is writing all those laws? I’m not sure anyone really knows. They are the ones weakening our military, and driving our allies to distraction while comporting with our declared enemies. They, the socialists, they are the scourge of the nation. Heterosexual socialists, whom you do not condemn for whom they love. But it’s not we gay folks causing the ruckus, except those of us who might be socialists too. But you condemn us for our existence, and it cannot continue. We are nothing in this grand scheme of the forces of Marxism-Leninism. They hate us too. They deign to tolerate us merely for the votes, and stab us in the back afterward, like they do with the African-American community. Like they do with the Jews, and the Latinos. And every minority, and many a white middle class Christian too. Through smooth slogans of vague words they have hoodwinked a vast portion of the nation.


The Tea Party is the party that is going to be responsible for turning this around. They are the ones who are seizing the reins of power. They are the ones taking over the Republican Party by throwing out those, called RINOs, who would conspire with the fast socialists by being slow socialists. They too will fall by the wayside. The Tea Party is the party that will deal with the mess wrought by 70 years growth of the cancer of huge government. A growth started long before any gay person dared raise his head for fear of incarceration, but socialists insinuated themselves into the national government. This Tea Party, these people, had better pull their collective heads together to truly solve this nation’s troubles, or we’re in for a heap big of trouble. It’s unsustainable, this behemoth. And if the Tea Party falters, the socialists might well get their siren call again out to the people. But if taxes are lowered, if laws are repealed, if the strange growths of bureaucracies are defunded and decommissioned and deleted from the organizational chart of the of Federal Government than things will be good. It’s a big job. Worrying about if gay people are accepted is not part of the program.


And if an attempt to repress gay people surfaces, by say, bringing back the “crime against nature” laws, or to overturn Lawrence v. Texas, then that will be beaten back and precious political capital squandered. Or if they just avoid the issues we raise, or if somehow the whole thing is swept under the rug, or shoved into a closet somewhere, or whatever anyone thinks they’ll do with us, then the Tea Party, the Republicans, and the Democrats too, will face the continued onslaught of court cases. These court cases which are already in progress. And a zillion new ones to fight any attempt to squash us. We will not be daunted. We will not be waylaid on our journey to acceptance.


We gay folks are not unaware that this might still be some 20 or 40 years away. Many gay folks alive today might not live to see it. But that’s OK, we do it for the children. The gay children. For we were gay children once, despite all your protestations to the contrary. We were there in grade schools and junior highs when we knew, when we knew we were different. And those kids will keep coming. As they’ve done for millenia. That’s just the way it is. And as Ecclesiastes clearly says – for everything there is a time: and now is the time for gay folks to be accepted and included, and no longer prohibited and excluded. And for the rancor and hate to cease. Sure, many of you will go down kicking and screaming. But the end is nigh for the crusade against gay folks.


Or none of you is worthy of the concept of Liberty and Justice for all and for the simple, elegant truth embodied in Don’t Tread On Me, and in “all men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This is the message of this nation. And we’ll have nothing less. So think carefully, Tea Party, how to effect this. We gay folks have done our part – we are the self-reliant taxpayers who cause no fuss or muss that the Tea Party embodies, or should. Any such fuss is of your own making, not ours. You all have the problem with us. But we have no problem with you. But stop the nonsense and get a grip and man up to the reality.


And then follow the great Barry Goldwater’s admonition:


“You don’t have to like it, but gay people are entitled to all Constitutional Rights including marriage and service in the military.”


He said that in 1994. Must we wait more years for what is so simple? Let’s have the audacity to hope not.



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