Letter to Professor Jacobson

And here’s an email I sent last night to Professor Jacobson at www.legalinsurrection.blogspot.com

Hello Professor Jacobson,

you posted something tonight which confounded & confused me just a bit, for I don’t take you to be unfriendly to gay folks. Not a pal, but not unfriendly. In your first few sentences — are you referring to gay folks? We’re the only minority who ever made such a declaration, as far as I know. All the other minorities are pretty much self-obvious, no? That’s why we’re told we can’t be included in any such measures and laws against us are just fine. And few if any straight folks believes a word we say about the matter, that’s fairly clear. Maybe there’s another group I’m not aware of. But please, sir, don’t lump us in with Liberals, we got enough troubles as it is. And a “lifestyle”? Oh please. I’m a college educated middle class small business entrepreneur with a creative bent and a travel lust — that’s my lifestyle. Being gay is as much a lifestyle as being straight is. You go about your life in whatever style you can afford.
Perhaps transexuals is what you mean — you should have been clearer, and not conflate the two  — for we more conservative gay folks (who obviously did not get this liberal gene now “discovered”) are totally flummoxed why those ‘straight folks in the wrong bodies’ are included in our quest. LGBT harrumph! And did you realize that a fully transitioned transexual with a new birth certificate can get married just like you? While gay folks are still denied the right & privilege, and pay taxes dearly for the exclusion. But gay men, especially, I assure, are not gender confused one iota. Not one. We do not want to be women sir, anymore than you do.
I’d like to point out, too, that there is no such “protected minority” status for gay folks, and usually any such “tolerance” provisions contain enough loopholes for conscience and religious belief that the “protection” offered is like a Bounty towel in a hurricane. No one is forced to hire us, and often the law directs we be fired (what do you think Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is?) or not hired (schools can be pretty exclusionary should they want to be.) We do share the bathrooms (and locker rooms) with you, as we’ve done since our childhood, when we were beat us as sissies because you could spot us, you all said. No gay group, to my knowledge, ever asked for separate bathrooms, nor have any straight anti-gay groups decided yet to prevent us from using such facilities. We do live with you, among you, too, quite naturally, since we are your children (the societal “your;” though no one ever seems to say they have gay children or brothers, leaving the logical absurdity that we burst onto creation as whole cloth in spontaneous combustion or something) Of course, and in so many other positions throughout society, even right there on your flight to Rhode Island, or wherever, as the flight attendant. Do you think he’s faking that flimsy wrist stuff? Or is it, um, natural? Thereby defeating the point of your first few sentences.
Nor were there ever any studies as to if there is a gay gene. In fact, such studies are pretty much prohibited by law — promoting homosexuality is of course not allowed with taxpayer funds — finding a gay gene is such promotion. Not even in the DADT hearings in 1993 and DOMA a year or two later were any such studies offered or authorized in light of Congressional testimony to find the truth of the matter. Though a steady stream of contradictory straight folks was given full range to discuss us, and we weren’t even allowed in the room, lest we taint the proceedings. In decades of searching I’ve never seen nor heard of any such study about a gay gene, ever. We just say there has to be one — for there’s really no other explanation for the fact that there’s gay folks all over this globe who say the exact same thing — we are. We just plain old are.
There was one study, nearly two decades ago, if I recall, that was instantly dismissed because it was done by a gay doctor, which tried to say, on the basis of the study of a few brains (I think less than 30) of deceased people which showed a difference in the size of the hypothalmus gland. A Swedish study of a few hundred men, says gays folks have different finger lengths. And there’s been a handful of twins studies designed by their methodology to prove that gayness is not natural, mostly be purposefully excluding twin sets where both are gay, weirdly enough. That’s it for why-are-people-gay studies, except those done by the Christian Right, psychologists and psychiatrists, and a few others, which are all over the place, it’s a mishmash of reasons, but all agree it’s not natural, based on Scripture and perceived notion. But there’s no science at all, zip, none, nada. For none was done. Ever. And certainly no one ever bothered to even venture the idea of seeing if it could be determined if boys hitting puberty could be found to be gay by any means. Oh heavens, no. Though every gay man says we knew at puberty, we’re told this cannot be the case, since we’re just “promoting homosexuality” or “recruiting.” Such silly fears, but we don’t have them, the straight world does. We just are. Beats us why. Ask us, we’ll tell you.
Meanwhile, you might be glad to know, if you were referencing gay folks, and wanted to avoid us, that it’s still illegal to serve alcohol to “known homosexuals” in the State of Florida. Laughably ignored, it is still the law of the land. So you might push for enforcement, in our Republic of Laws, so that everyone can enjoy a drink in Fort Lauderdale without a gay guy to muck up the fun.
And then you use a question I often ask, since so many commenters everywhere lump Abortion in with gay folks as “the culture wars.” For I guess, in straight logic, killing babies is similar to gay folks being allowed to file a joint tax return under any legal regime or name.
So I was just wondering, and hope you might clarify my confusion.
Jim Hlavac
the daily mush.
(and I guess I’m the “radical” “militant” “homosexual” gadfly stumbling around conservative blogs)
Here’s you post which confounded me:

Another Protected Minority Was Just Born

They were born that way.  They didn’t choose it; no one would make such a choice.  It’s not a lifestyle. 

They are entitled to the same protected status as other recognized minority groups.

While the framers of the 14th Amendment may not have had them in mind during the drafting and ratification process, there is no historical evidence of an intent to exclude them.  And anyway, that was then and this is now.

This means we have to live with them even when we don’t want to, have to share bathrooms with them, have to hire them, and can’t fire them unless we have a clearly documented reason.

In other words, we’re stuck.

Via The Telegraph, ‘Liberal gene’ discovered by scientists:

The research suggests that some people have an inherent bias against conservative thinking, that is independent of their education or upbringing.

The effect is caused by a neurotransmitter in the brain called DRD4 which could be stimulated by the novelty value of left of centre opinions, say US researchers.

In people who are naturally outgoing, the feature encourages them to seek out companions with unconventional views as they grow up.

This in turn means they tend to form less conventional political viewpoints as adults, according to the study by the University of California and Harvard.

Question of the Day:

If they could test for it in utero, would it change your view on abortion?


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