Halloween Horror

I learned today, at www.sozosblog.com

(men in speedos, oh the horrors — in between the reportage!

like at www.iowntheworld.com – though different models for sure.)

by way of an Anderson Cooper report

about a typical American.

Clint McCance of Arkansas

on a school board

gave a sense of the nation

of the hate

— the blatant vicious genocidal pathological hate

not unlike the hate of a jihadi towards western women

towards gay folks in this country;

now the “discussion”

not the condemnation

not the national outrage

no, the “Discussion”

as to whether this sort of language directed at gay people is acceptable.

It will be said “maybe it is, maybe it isn’t,”

“but we can’t promote homosexuality”

as if it were a product, and not people

whom you say were nurtured

and not born natural

and thus whom did the nurturing?

and why are we to blame — for what you so obviously did?

Is your sense of failure so grand

that you despise us for it?

Now the “discussion” of the sincerity of his “apology”

though still his hate remains

for he says “I should have picked different words”

sure, perhaps if he said it in Latin, like the Pope in Rome

it would be more acceptable;

perhaps if he said it with erudition like a political pundit;

or perhaps like a well-cadenced Baptist minister;

or the measured tones of a psychologist;

or the clumsy crud of Carl Palidino;

what words are acceptable to be hurled at gay people?

that will be the “discussion”

and all manner of straight people will opine

and religion brought forth, like in Medieval times

to condemn with hate

for everyone is entitled to their opinion

even Mr. McCance.

Yet he dares to call himself a Christian

as he preaches genocide

against his fellow citizens

youths even

with knowledge of complicity

by his fellow haters

and a mealy mouth tolerance

by those who would use

different words than he.

Good Christians all

calling for hate

and genocide of your own kids





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