A gay Republican ad

I found this wonderful time line at: http://www.sozosblog.com/2010/08/obama-and-gay-marriage.html


(Which I warning you right now has pictures that Carl Paladino of New York governor’s race might object too – pictures of good looking guys in Speedos even! Just like at the beach! On which NY State sales tax might have been paid so that a salary might be paid to the governor and his staff. But since I got the information from them it’s only fair to give them the credit. And the pictures aren’t any more than www.iowntheworld.com runs as buxom babes, or any products are sold on TV with.)


“Over at the New Republic, James Downie has posted an excellent timeline of President Obama’s evolving positions on same-sex marriage. I’m excerpting Downie’s piece below, but do go read the entire article.


1996: “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”


1998: “Undecided.” (Candidate poll response.)


2004: “Strategically, I think we can get civil unions passed. I think that to the extent that we can get the rights, I’m less concerned about the name.”


2006: “I believe that American society can choose to carve out a special place for the union of a man and a woman as the unit of child rearing most common to every culture. ”


2007: “If I were advising the civil rights movement back in 1961 about its approach to civil rights, I would have probably said it’s less important that we focus on an anti-miscegenation law than we focus on a voting rights law and a non-discrimination and employment law and all the legal rights that are conferred by the state.”


2008: “I have stated my opposition to [Prop 8]. I think it is unnecessary. I believe that marriage is between a man and woman and I am not in favor of gay marriage, but when you’re playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that that is not what America is about.”


2010: “He does oppose same-sex marriage, but he supports equality for gay and lesbian couples. He supports civil unions. That’s been his position throughout. So nothing has changed.” (White House adviser David Alexrod responding to the overturn of Prop 8.)”



And then I recall reading on www.gaypatriot.net of a new GOProud Ad. I watched the video of that ad, pitiful. This group being the Gay Republicans. It was a trite thing. The usual. Mere comments about politicians, with no special reference to gay folks. And I thought, what a waste of time, effort and money. For if GOProud wants to increase their ranks then they might be more forceful in putting together an ad that stands out as a plea for gays to join the Republican party. And not just an ad that could have been cobbled together by any of 1000s of political groups. And if Republicans wanted to strip gay folks from the Den of Democrats they might consider a full frontal message, instead of just another attack ad of no great distinction.


Now here’s a concept – and one which Carl Paladino might well consider, too, made out especially to go after Cuomo:


The scene: two guys, walking hand in hand, from the front, with their faces visible, as people, one with a “man bag” over his shoulder, on the way to work at the business they own.


Along the bottom of the screen, scroll Obama’s words on gay marriage, like a CNN or FOX trailer. (or pick the local Democrats wafting and wavering, hemming and hawing and outright refusal to give gay people equal rights, shouldn’t be too hard to find.)


The scene continues as the two guys open up the doors of their flower shop for business, and find a tax bill tucked under the door —


Guy 1: “You know, Paul, the taxes keep rising.”


Guy 2: “Yes they do, Darren, and I don’t know why.”


Voice over: “Democrats are raising your taxes – while not doing anything for gay rights.”


Guy 1: Looking solemnly into guy 2’s eyes, “Maybe it’s time to vote for our pocketbook, and vote Republican, since the Democrats are not for us either.” Guy 2 puts down “man bag.” on top of tax notice.


Guy 2: “You know, Darren, that might be a good idea.”




Now, that sort of ad would gain attention in the gay community. And the straight community too. That sort of ad might be what the Republicans, Conservatives, TEA Party forces might need to unseat Nancy Pelosi, to rid us of Frank, to chuck Harry Reid (there’s a lot of gay folks out there in Las Vegas, unemployed too, but who usually vote for Harry since he’s the Democrat “for” gay rights. Yah, yeah, sure.) Might do in Waxman in Los Angeles, help get rid of Boxer in California, and prevent Jerry Brown. Who knows where such an ad could be put to rid us of liberal socialist Democrats. Why, even right there in New York City, eh, Carl?


If you can’t be for us as gay folks, then don’t be against us taxpayers who just happen to be gay, and point out that Democrats are the Tax and Bankrupt the Nation party – which will negatively impact gay folks too.


While there at it, the Republicans ought to hustle up some ads attacking Democrats in predominately black congressional districts too, and Latino districts, and point out the absurd taxes, rules, regulations leading to unemployment in these communities as a consequence of Democratic policies. If you are going to destroy the Democratic hold on black, latino and gay minorities, then wade into the fray and point out the obvious. The obvious which you point out to people anyway – Democratic policies are wrecking the nation.


Run those ads in the districts with the groups, and don’t run them in lily white hetero suburbs if need be, but run them. It will wreck the meme that Republicans are only rich white folks, such ads will bring across those already wavering and cause others to think, those ads will go a long way in destroying the usual talking points by the leftist media and Democrats. Who knows, you might get some more help in fixing the problems of this country. Could you not use the help? Or would you rather stumble through, or sink even, and allow the Democrats to destroy this nation, rather than ask the gay community for help?


But you can’t win hearts and minds, votes and contributions of time and money if you’re going to castigate any segment of the population. Including the one you revile the most. Gays are taxpayers too, and face the same problems of a rapacious over-powered federal government as straight America. We’re going to benefit from the resurgence, too. You may as well ask for our help – since we’re not going anywhere – and we are strategically placed to get rid of some of the worst Democratic politicians. And thus the good result might be achieved all the quicker. Do it for the nation. Try.


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