Still Away

Well, I’m still away. Being with family, dealing with the death of my mother. There’s been some 80 relatives and friends around and about, and the dozens and dozens of phone calls that such things generate, especially with family spread so far and wide.

I’ve not even had the time to read all the blogs and sites I usually go to. For funerals take time, and the church service, and the emotions, and the practical realities of a death, from canceling the TV cable service, to making sure the lawn gets raked, and the refridge cleaned, and the things of life sorted and given as keepsakes to the bereaved, and to decide what to do with the material things that a mother might collect — like I found a box of baby shoes. What does one do with that? And then there’s the family history things, of which there is so much, and I’m the family historian, since I have the memory for who is in all those photos, and I can read the Czech that is in the letters and on the old documents my mother preserved and now everyone wants a copy and a translation of.

It’s rather depressing to go through your mother’s things. It’s a good thing my Aunt was around to help with dealing with the, um, delicates, and so much more. Oh so much more.

It’s all rather overwhelming.

Meanwhile, the Republic still stands, weakly perhaps, though politics did enter the discussions at the celebratios of life it was quickly shunted aside, as it should be.

Perhaps it would all have gone so much quicker if my mother wasn’t so beloved by so many who needed to be consoled. And if she was a bit more organized.

Not to mention all this is taking place in rural Pennsylvania where she lived, close to my sister, but where everything is so far away from everything and yet still must be reached, with 20 and 40 minute drives just to pick up the food for the gathering and the flowers for the service. And too, rural PA which is now so cold, in my Louisiana-steeped brain, that I spend so much time trying to stay warm as we go about the business at hand.

So all of you will just have to wait, and rely on the sage advice of so many others trying to rectify the situation of our nation.

Oh well, that’s life. And life is for the living. I won’t be back in Louisiana until October 18th or so, don’t even have a ticket yet, to return to the subtropics I adore.

But the nation careens to the voting on November 2nd, and hopefully things will get better for the nation.

And for my family.

Still, it’s nice to see the Socialist juggernaut on life support too, though I shall not mourn its passing, but hand out cigars, as the Rebirth of the nation proceeds apace.

But, as with all such conundrums, it will all work out.


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