Politics and family

OK, I was just thinking of stopping blogging, but I really won’t. Partially because I’m not done with my message, which is: gay folks predicament is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but is an American issue – don’t believe me? Take a look at www.queerty.com — a site I’ll confess I just found – doing what I’ve been saying for years. For they skewer R & D elites for being the same mush mouths when it comes to gay issues and playing the card against each other for perceived advantage. The Democrats are losing on their refusal to solve the patchwork legal predicament, and the Republicans are winning us if they keep talking TEA Party smaller government issues (and worry about the gays later, which I understand, for we’re a small thing in this big nation of ours.)

It’s not a Left Coast or New York, or Big City thing – don’t believe me? Take a look at www.clubfly.com – a website, a Google, or “gaygle” for gay folks, listing the 1,500 plus gay bars in 455 cities and towns across America. When Burton Michigan and Florence Alabama have gay bars don’t tell me about how it’s all about the Castro in San Francisco. When a Clovis New Mexico country dance hall reserves a corner for gay folks don’t tell me it’s big city heathenism or something. And when the slight flimsy flight attendant serves you your coffee take a close look – do you really think he’s faking it? Or isn’t it just the most natural thing in the world? For it’s just normal for the same small percentage to be gay, as should be evident.

And I saw at www.hillbuzz.org a question they ask themselves — Sometimes, we truly believe the reason we exist is to point out to conservatives the things that are so obvious to us, but for some reason Republicans never see coming or think much about. Is that our mission in life at this point?” Well, is my mission to convince TEA Party people that gay folks can be conservatives, that we are no threat to America, or our values, or anything. We’re just a bunch of guys willing to do what we can to save the nation, asking only that we be included in the rush to resurgence. Even when I hear horrendous things against gay folks I still say “Sorry, but I’d rather take my chances with Palin than with Obama. So just take my vote, take my money, and worry about us later, but bear no malice.”

Then I read yesterday on Yahoo’s front page that marriage is in trouble in this nation – and all I can marvel at is that as divorce rises, as people no longer are getting married, and then — isn’t it odd that the only people who are clamoring with all our might for getting married is gay people? Yes, odd.

Still, despite this little political bit today – I will shut down for two weeks or so, for my mother has passed on, Monday, and I’m leaving the mush-pit for NYC and PA to do what needs doing.

So you all fight amongst yourselves, figure out how gay folks fit INTO the nation – and work at stopping this bizarre idea that we’re less than human, in need of curing, or a threat to the nation. It’s such arrant nonsense I’m not sure you all realize how silly it sounds.

Really, for Ann Coulter to blame teen pregnancy and unwed mothers on gay people being allowed to live our own way as our Creator endowed us is so absurd that it borders on a psychological shortcoming in the woman. And for Lamont Hill, her fellow rapscallion, to just blithely allow her to get away with it is just as strange. That’s the problem with self-appointed elites – they think they can say what they want without logic or reason, and no one will say a thing. Well, my fellow Tea Party Liberty Lover – it’s time for the Forces for Reason in America to say “we cannot allow it to continue.”

Speak up, or forever hold your peace. But let my people go, and don’t tread on us.

Now I’m off to honor my mother. I’ll be back.


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