Go Thump Yourselves

Fire and Brimstone

It’s Sunday morning, and all across this great land, in church large and small, there will be a great gnashing of teeth about the “homosexual menace” in America. Marriage, military, adoption … all of these denied to us, so that you might feel good about yourselves, saving the sanctity of family and the prosperity of the nation, and the safety of the children, or something.

And look at you …

Let’s look at the headlines this Sunday, when you get back from the churches which deny us our humanity:

Page one: Al-Awlaki a traitor to our nation, intent on murder;

Page two: 1 dead, four wounded in New Jersey – 2 year old boy murdered in NYC;

Page three: four in ten Americans want more government intrusion in health care, including funding for abortion — Killing babies at the rate of 1.5 million a year – more than all the gay people you claim are in this nation, 1% or so. 50,000,000 slaughtered in 35 years – a million almost certainly babies who would have grown up gay, nearly as many as you claim exist today. You demand my tax dollars to kill my own people, the gay people you say are enemies of the people, like any good Communist aparatchik;

Page five: the hedonist Lindsay Lohan released from jail – for Lord knows what she was in for – and so unimportant to our nation that to warrant ¼ of a page of text is pitiful;

In another ¼ page is Eddie Long and Ted Haggerd, and Catholic Priests, among the near weekly exposure of rapist preachers of young men, young straight men. For those boys were not gay, those who were raped, or as is so euphemistically said “molested.” There are no gay teens in those churches. For either there’s no such thing as a gay teen, you tell us,

Or there’s no such thing as “gay” anything but the “act,” as you crudely call it,

Or the young gay men got out of those dens of hypocrisy, where the anti-gay comments come flying out in hateful, near pathological rage. Then those very same men of the cloth go rape young straight men, and the nation blames us for our existence, as that supposedly caused the rape.

Then on Page eight is a long lament about racist messages wounding black folks, from a newspaper that had no compunction placing a full page ad spouting intolerance, and fire & brimstone, upon gay Americans, from those same sort of preachers who one or two a week get caught having raped straight young men. The hypocrisy of “My” Advocate’s editors is glaring, for nastiness towards some is to be lamented, but nastiness towards others is to be a moment of monetary gain, like 30 pieces of silver, selling out your fellow citizens to intolerance and a vote for subsidized abortion in ObamaCare;

Page 10 – In Omaha Nebraska three employees wounded, protected to that small degree by the lousy marksmanship of one of your own kind, one the murderous 95%;

And in Oregon police battled rioters, 400 or so, who threw bottles and more at police, and tore down street signs and more, in a college town, until tear gas was sprayed and the melee quelled. A riot thrown over nothing more than drunken revelry by screaming heterosexuals for the fun of it all;

Page 11 – 1 killed, 9 shot, by another incompetent marksman out in Los Angeles, at a birthday party;

In North Dakota a police chief charged with 52 counts of “sexual acts” with a minor over 5 years, the poor young lady not even 17 yet;

On Page 12 it’s reported that the adulterous Bill Clinton will meet with the hypocritical and prostitution pushing Barney Frank, in a love fest of sorts, to plot the further debasement of the national economy;

And on 13 Obama pontificates again and blames everyone else for the failures of his administration which he calls successes. Like his “Stimulus spending on highways isn’t delivering on promises,” as he works diligently to wreck the nation as a whole; while the rest of you work on the smaller parts;

On page 14, bizarrely, a bunch of monks is being fought by a bunch of ranchers over the building of a monastery – not at Ground Zero – but out in Wyoming – yet still the same concept – you might have the right, but do you have to exercise it?

And then there, on page 16, after all this murder, and death and mayhem, of lassitude and laxness of moral standards – of horrendous doings to each other, all of which brushed under the carpet as just another day’s reporting – then comes the astounding hypocrisy gay people have come to expect:

“Radical Lesbian Feminist Dies.”

And what is a Radical Lesbian? And are there any “non-radical lesbians”? Pshaw, now don’t tell me there are. Yet, she was a woman who merely said “I shall tell the truth.” She had a “spouse” — another, no doubt, “radical lesbian” — radical my foot. They found each other and lived happily ever after in a fairy tail marriage before God Himself before being called home at the age of 81. After being denied access to her children by her ex-husband, the man she did marry, legally, for the convenience of society, but which was not her. She divorced him, in keeping with the astounding rate at which you all tear asunder what God has cleaved together, often several times over. But Radical, this is what she was. So screams the headline.

The paper is filled with the arrant mush of the war against each other you heterosexuals are having with each other – and it concludes that a woman who found love and wrote about it was a “Radical.”

You’re killing each other in murderous rages of screaming heterosexuality. Wives killed, husbands murdered, children slaughtered by moms or dads or both. Rampant shootings and stabbings in your bars, at the universities, at your jobs. Riots for the joy of destruction. A president and politicians intent on bringing this great nation down. Such utter destruction rampaging across our society.

And then, a “Radical Lesbian.”

What a disgusting display of bizarre reasoning rippled with hypocrisy, self-righteous hedonism and arrant nonsense you all exhibit.

I shall go find those passages in the Bible that run my life, that runs every gay persons life, to comfort me. For we are not in the headlines for this destruction; there were no shootings, beatings, bar fights, or riots of any size in our world, our self-segregated gay world, as far removed as we can from your murderous ways as we can get. We’re in the headlines for wanting to getting married, to serve our country, and to adopt the least among the babes, and to give succor to them. And for this we are Radicals, and you are normal. Yes, those passages like Love thy neighbor as thyself, and turn the other cheek, and concern yourself with your own life and judge not another, and let your yes be yes, and no, no. Do Not Kill, do not harm, help one another. The Bible is filled with such passages. You all should try reading up on it. Perhaps you’ll be able to read them through your Bible’s blood stained pages during your prison stays. How radical, eh?

Sometimes I feel like thumping you all with a Bible.


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