Jim Treacher responds: Relax

Jim Treacher responded, nicely, with gentle correction. But told me to “relax.” About what? The national resurgence we need so desperately but which I still don’t know if I’m included in? Tell me Mr. Treacher, are we included? Or excluded? Who will tell me? 70% of the voters are about to take this nation by storm. Meanwhile, 1 1/2% — that will be the number for the week – are we included? That’s all I ask to know. Please tell.

Numbers are given, and will be bandied about everywhere. You want numbers? Take a look at the Gay Pride parades the world over. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pride_parade

Not because we’re proud to be gay, but because we are Proud to say: Don’t Tread On Us.

Come. Talk to us, we’re not so scary, you know us already, as Mr. Treacher pointed out was the point of his post, and not as I perceived it. OK, I believe him.

As Mr Treacher, whom I trashed just yesterday, but wrote back to me, said, he was only pointing out that “you” can see “they,” which is we gay folks. That’s why he told me he put up the Village People video, with his brief comment, to which I looked askance. I took it as disparaging, his “they.” I did not catch his “joke.” But he told me that it was really that “you” knew “they,” which is we, were there all along. That’s right. So why do we needs laws For us? We don’t. But we certainly don’t need laws against us. Rid us of that scourge, at least, and say you bear no malice. That’s our “gay agenda.”

And since we are so among you, well, then, why can’t you just say, “OK, then, that’s the way you are, and we bear no malice”? How hard is that? How could so many of us, yet so miniscule in reality, in so many places, be a part of the discussion between Democrats and Republicans, and the TEA Party, in this nation, but nothing else? No, we are everywhere, in the same percentage, for God Himself ordained it for His purpose. Many want me to defend us, but I can’t – talk to God, He who created us, and endowed us with certain inalienable rights, which are still denied. I think it was to test your decency. I think you’ve failed. For if a modicum of respect is too much for you, towards the runts of your brood, than civilization is more imperiled than I ever imagined. For we are part of your brood, and you can’t deal with it yet. Sad.

And this is just from 2008, and it doesn’t mention Baton Rouge, where I live, and enjoy my Gay Pride festival. How many other cities are not mentioned? I put the ones I know personally of in BOLD below.

A quick look at the internet shows an astounding range of numbers, and an astounding range of reasons to include this or that person, and astounding numbers of definitions of what is “gay.” But one thing is constant – 95% say you are straight, and I believe you. And 5% are “don’t know” “unwilling to say” “not sure” “gay” “other” — and this you divide into sub groups so that you can demean and belittle just a bit more the 5% who are, OK, shall we say it, WEIRD. Gay, too, though we’re fearful of admitting it for sure. Yes, we’re weird. But my contention is not whether gayness is a political position, nor whether your opinion counts, nor whether the much larger issues of our times, the short list being Abortion, Taxes, the Size of Government, etc., >> but whether or not we gay folks are to be included in any society, since we have nothing to do with any current issue facing this nation, or any other. We face all of you, and nothing but all of you, regardless of your position on some tax rate or something. You respect Jerry Springer’s guests more than you do us. Bizarre, since we are more decent people than ever graced his stage.

1%, that’s the new survey. Poppycock. How about 5%, that which is not the 95% of you — and as Natural as anything earth. We are your sons and daughters, your brothers and sisters, your cousins, your friends and co-workers, even your mothers & fathers for various reasons. But so what we are 1%, as you want to believe, or the 5% so evident. So what?

Look, everywhere, in the same percentage, dedicated to Liberty for All and please, Don’t Tread On Us:

Albuquerque, NM (Albuquerque Pride 2008) June 13 – 14

Alexandria, LA, I know, is not listed here. How many more are missing?

Amsterdam, NL (Amsterdam Pride 2008) Aug 1 – Aug 3

Anchorage, AK (Anchorage Pridefest 2008) June 20 – 29

Asbury Park, NJ (New Jersey Pride) June 1

Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Pride Festival 2008) July 4 – 6

Austin, TX (Austin Pride Parade 2008) June 14

Austin, TX (Austin Pride Festival) June 14

Baltimore, MD (Baltimore Pride 2008) June 21 – 22

Bangkok, Thailand (Bangkok Together 2008) Nov 1 – Nov 9

Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona Pride 2008) March 19 – 24

BATON ROUGE LA, I live here, and it’s NOT ON THIS LIST! How many more are missing?

Bengaluru (Bangalore), India (Bengaluru Pride) June 29

Bergen, Norway (Bergen Pride 200) TBA

Berlin, Germany (Christopher Street Day Berlin June 28

Beaumont Texas, is not here, How many more are missing?

Birmingham, AL (Central Alabama Pride 2008) May 30 – June 8

Bisbee, AZ (Bisbee Pride) June 13 – 15

Boise, ID (Boise Idaho Pride) June 6 – 8

Boston, MA (Boston Pride 2008) June 6 – 15

Brussels, Belgium (Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride 2008) May 17

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Pride Calgary) June 8

Cardiff, Wales (Cardiff-Wales Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras 2008) September 6

Cedar Rapids, IA (Cedar Rapids PrideFest 2008) June 22

Charlotte, NC (Pride Charlotte 2008) July 26

Chicago, IL (PRIDEChicago 2008) June 29

Cleveland, OH (Cleveland Pride 2008) June 21

Cologne, Germany (ColognePride 2008) June 21 – July 6

Columbus, OH (Columbus Stonewall Pride 2008) June 28

Copenhagen, Denmark (Copenhagen Pride 2008) August 11 – 16

Dallas, TX (Dallas Pride 2008) Sept 21

Denver, CO (Denver Pridefest 2008) June 21 – 22

Detroit, MI (Motor City Pride) June 1

DRESDEN, Germany, I was there. How many more are missing?

Dublin, Ireland (Dublin Pride 2008) June 13 – 22

Durham/Raleigh, NC (North Carolina Pride 2008) Sept 27

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2008 Pride Week) June 13 – 22

El Paso, TX (El Paso Sun City Pride) June 5 – 8

EuroPride 08 (in Stockholm) July 25 – Aug 3

Flagstaff, AZ (Flagstaff Pride in the Pines 2008) June 20 – 22

Frankfurt, Germany (Christopher Street Day 2008) July 18 – 20

Gainesville, FL (Gainesville Pride 2008) Oct 18

Glasgow, Scotland (Glasgay! 2008 Festival) Oct 1 – Nov 9

Guadalajara Mexico – How many are missing? Y todos los otro ciudades con poblacion mas de 50,000 gentes en la nacion? Digame, cuantos mas desparacidos? (Go learn Spanish, to learn, I did, to find the gay folks.)

Hamburg, Germany (Christopher Street Day Hamburg) TBA

Harrisburg, PA (Harrisburg PrideFest 2008) July 26

Hartford, CT (2008 Connecticut LGBTI Pride Festival) June 7

Houston, TX (Pride Houston) June 28

Iowa City, IA (Iowa City LGBT Pride) June 16

Indianapolis, IN (IndyPride!) June 13 – 15

Jackson, MS (OUToberfest) TBA

Jacksonville, FL (First Coast Pride) July 26 – Aug 26

Jersey City, NJ (Jersey City Pride 2008) Aug 23

Kansas City, MO (Kansas City Gay Pride) May 30 – June 1

Lafayette La, I was there. How many more are missing?

LAKE CHARLES La, I was there. How many more are missing?

Las Vegas, NV (Las Vegas Pride) May 2 – 4

LILLE, FRANCE< gay pride – I WAS THERE< and not on this list! How many more are missing?

Lincoln, NE (Pride on the Prairie) June 20 – 22

Lisbon, Portugal (Lisbon Pride) TBA

London, England (Pride London) July 5

Long Beach, CA (Long Beach Pride) May 17 – 18

Los Angeles, CA (LA Pride) June 6 – 8

Louisville, KY (Kentuckiana Pride Festival) June 20

Madrid, Spain (Madrid Pride) July 3 – July 6

Manchester, England (Manchester Pride) Aug 15 – 25

Memphis, TN (Mid-South Pride) June 8 – 15

Mexico City, Mexico (Mexico City Pride) June 26 – 30

Mazatlan, Mex, I lived there, it’s missing. How many more?

Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee PrideFest) June 6 – 8

Minneapolis, MN (Twin Cities Pride) June 28 – 29

Modesto, CA (Stanislaus County Pride) Sept 27

Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Divers/Cite) July 27 – Aug 3

MONROE La, How many more are missing?

Moscow, Russia (Moscow Pride Festival) May 31

Munich, Germany (Christopher Street Day Muenchen) TBA

Nashville, TN (Nashville Pride Fest) June 1

New Haven, CT (Connecticut Pride) June 7

New Hope, PA (New Hope Celebrates) May 16 – 18

New Jersey (GLBTI Pride Celebration) June 1

New Orleans, LA (Southern Decadence) Aug 27 – Sept 1

NEW ORLEANS, Gay Pride Parade, not mentioned, I was there> How many more missing?

New York City, NY (Heritage of Pride) June 22 – 29

And in each Borough too, separately. Not just in Manhattan, but Queens Pride, Brooklyn Pride, etc, How many more of us are missing?

Oceanside, CA (Coming Out Day Pride at the Beach) Oct 11

Oklahoma City, OK (Oklahoma City Pride) June 20

Omaha, Nebraska (Nebraska Pride Parade) June 20 – 22

Orlando, FL (Come Out With Pride) Oct 12

Oslo, Norway (Nebraska Pride Parade) June 20 – 22

Palm Springs, CA (Greater Palm Springs Pride) November 1 – 2

Paris, France (Paris Pride) May 17 – June 5

Pattaya, Thailand (Pattaya Gay Festival) Dec 2

Philadelphia, PA (Philly Pride) June 8

Phoenix, AZ (Pheonix Pride) April 12 – 13

Phuket, Thailand (Phuket Pride) TBA

Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh Pride) June 16 – 22

Portland, OR (Portland Pride) June 14 – 15

Porto, Portugal (Porto Pride) July 12

Prague, I know. How many more are missing? And Ostrava, Olomouc, Brno, Pardubice, Ceske Budejovice, Kutna Hora, Tabor, Usti nad Labem, a hodine vice mesti, tam, v Ceska Republika, kde v gay noviny tam ja muzu cist v cestina po nase Gay Pride parad? — Nic tady, nic. A kolik gay lide tam, take? Rikate! Nemuzes, nemuzes. (Oh, go look that up, if you don’t speak Czech. I speak it, as my third language, but who cares, I’m gay right? That’s all that matters. Relax.)

Providence, RI (Rhode Island Pride) June 21

Rehoboth Beach, DE (Delaware Pride Festival) Sept 13

Reno, NV (Power of Pride) Aug 16

Reykjavik, Iceland (Reykjavik Pride) Aug 7 – 10

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Parada do Orgulho GLBT) Oct 12

Roanoke, VA (Roanoke Pride) Sept 21 – 23

Salt Lake City, UT (Utah Pride) June 6 – 8

São Paulo, Brazil (Parada do Orgulho GLBT) May 25

San Diego, CA (San Diego LGBT Pride) July 19 – 20

San Francisco, CA (San Francisco) June 28 – 29

Santa Fe, NM (Sante Fe Pride on the Plaza) TBA

SCRANTON PA, if Wilkes-Barre has one, so do they. How many more are missing?

Seattle, WA (Seattle Pride) June 28 – 29

SHREVEPORT LA, How many more are missing?

Spokane, WA (OutSpokane) June 14

Springdale, Utah (Zion National Park) (Southern Utah Pride) Sept 26 – 27

St. Louis, MO (Pride St. Louis) June 28 – 29

Stockholm, Sweden (EuroPride 2008) July 25 – Aug 3

Syracuse, NY (CNY Pride) June 7

Toronto, Ont, Canada (Pride Toronto) June 20 – 29

Tucson, AZ (Tucson Pride) Oct 18

Tulsa, OK (Tulsa Pride) May 31 – June 14

Vancouver, BC, Canada (Vancouver Pride) Aug 3

Washington D.C (Capital Pride 2007) June 6 – 15

Wichita, KS (Wichita Pride) June 20 – 29

Wilkes-Barre, PA (NEPA Pridefest) Aug 10

Wilmington, DE (Delaware Pride) Sept 13

Zagreb, Croatia (Zagreb Pride 2007) TBA

Zurich, Switzerland (Verein Gay Pride) May 30 – June 8

Sure, sure, that’s it. Right. How many more are missing? How many cities did I miss?

And you say you have a count? Give me a break.

You have nothing but wisps of fantasizing that there might not be more of us than you dare hope.

And you have nothing but wisps of fantasizing that either we are stooges for Republicans or Democrats to use as a basketball, to be thrown between you two, D & R, as if we are a play thing.

Whom might “you” be? It’s you, the 95% who are not gay.

Meanwhile, we’re American people, who pay taxes, and care about this country. And are related to you. And yet we’re not truly accepted. Bizarre. What more would it take? And you wonder why we have Pride Festivals? Who can explain it anymore?


1%! Balderdash!


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