Siegfried and Moi

Yesterday, over at American Spectator magazine’s website, I saw one of their usual “the sky is falling” blog posts about gay people and our advance INTO civilization (not AGAINST IT as some would put it, including the many times this magazine does.)

The first comment to the post — whose dribble was unimportant, Democrats v. Republicans was the theme, squabbling over us — was by a man named Siegfried:

How can there be a truce in social issues when the Democrats are forcing a vote on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell homosexual policy tomorrow, along with a vote on adding government funding of abortions in military hospitals?

(That’s in addition to a vote on amnesty, which is really a moral issue too.)

He followed his first comment up with a second comment:

A bill was just passed in the House requiring federal hospital patients to reveal their “sexual orientation”

I marveled. He apparently thinks he’s at war with me, perhaps, or some other tamer or more bellicose word, I’m not sure. And I was sore amazed at how he conflated two completely separate issues – abortion and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. My mind just burst into thought, a little paranoid perhaps, but more for dramatic purpose than true worry. I responded to the first comment thus:

How nice you lump abortions in with gay folks being permitted to tell the truth as we offer to serve our/your country. I wish you’d quit it. Killing babies before birth is of course murder and horrendous. But what does that have to do with not lying, not telling? Isn’t it a moral good to Not lie? Isn’t there a commandment against lying? Or are gay folks not included in that either? ‘You gay man, lie, so we’re not offended.’ That’s what don’t ask, don’t tell is, and it’s society wide, not just the military. You all seem to think, perhaps, that we’ll just crawl under some rock, and be taxed for the pleasure of it. [I am, of course, directly responding to the tone of so many of the other comments, so that’s the “Spectator you,” not anyone else who might be here.]

As a life time conservative, and reader of this magazine for nearly 30 years, with which I’m in agreement on 99% of all your concerns, on this one issue, gayness, I’m flummoxed, as usual, by so many of you insisting I must be a liberal because I don’t want to lie. You all have this unearthly idea that being gay is a Democratic Party position, which is ridiculous. The same tiny percentage is gay the world over, in every society, every race, every country, regardless of its politics, and the percentage has never gone up or down since the dawn of time — how much more “it exists naturally” can you get?

Furthermore, you all seem to have no troubles having your hair and drapes done by us, or getting your coffee on a plane served by one of us, but if we mention we have a boyfriend you go into leaps of fancy about us destroying the nation and even civilization itself; it’s absurd. We want to get “married,” call it what you will — but we’re not the ones getting divorced, nor are we the ones bed-hopping to the point of unwed pregnancies which lead to abortion. Geez, we’re probably the only guys leaving high school still virgins, from the looks of things. We tried even to hide, you busted down the doors to the bars and arrested us. Is that part of your perceived return to American Values? To restart up the arrests and harassment of gay folks? You know, for “American Values” as if not only am I not American, but not even a foreigner, but something from some other planet that even God Himself did not make. Where on earth do you think we come from? Stop playing the “gay card” as well as Al Sharpton might play the “race card” against you.

I’m beginning to think I really need to know, so that we might take defensive measures under this “new & improved” Republican resurgence, which I support, for I’d rather take my chances with you guys than a bunch of crazed socialists.

Here’s your true moral dilemma — if you (the societal you, not the personal you, sir) [and here I was talking to Siegfried himself] ever took the time to find a gay gene, for we’re as natural as can be, would it then be just fine to abort us? This I ask, do tell.”

No one answered. People kept commenting on abortion, and divisive social issues, but gays disappeared from the discussion. Perhaps my question was so profound to the readers of the comments that they truly had to think. I could hope so. I have no idea. But really, when I see the ability by every American to accept me with decency and common courtesy when I say “Hi, this is my boyfriend, Michael,” being compared to killing babies in the womb I truly am flummoxed by the depth to which some people apparently abhor gay people.

You’re all right, including Siegfried – It is not a Constitutional Right to expect common decency, it’s just the way Jesus commanded us: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love they neighbor as thyself. Walk a mile in his shoes before you judge. Judge not, lest you be judged. It should not be a matter of law, it’s a matter of your faith. Mine is strong, I accept what I don’t understand, and treat others as I would have them treat me regardless of who they are or what they do. I’m not compelled to disrupt things, or introduce my boyfriend in inappropriate places, but merely in casual greetings, the expectation for common Christian decency is all we ask. This is denied yet, to us gay folks, by a dwindling, but still substantial portion of our fellow Americans. This is Don’t Ask Don’t Tell writ large, this “shut up about it,” and “no special rights” and “get back in the closet” and “don’t flaunt it at us” and “don’t shove it down our throats” — and all I said “Hi, this is my boyfriend Michael.” This is the fearful statement of the death of civilization, still to some, it seems.

MEANWHILE: the Congress, the news media, the universities, and the presidency itself has been seized by crazed socialists intent on destroying our – straight and gay Americans – way of life. The Democrats, Liberals, Leftists – all heterosexuals, mind you, with a few gays, I’m told, sprinkled among them — are doing their best to bring about some Marxist nirvana based on Faith alone and the nation be damned. That’s the true trouble in the nation. Not whether I can say “Hi, this is…” without anyone freaking. Gayness is as old as the hills, Marxism should have been aborted in 1848 when the Communist Manifesto first was published, by a straight guy, way back when gayness was a “Crime Against Nature” and no one ever mentioned the thing, though we gay people still found each other for comfort. This idea that gayness is part of the Socialist Jihad directed at America is absurd. I don’t know of any other way to say it. Absurd. 100% so.

So I pose my moral dilemma again, as any good philosopher or theologian would:

If society ever took the time to find a “gay gene,” for we’re as natural as can be, and you could figure out if the baby will be gay while still in our mother’s womb, would it then be just fine to abort us?

But you know what makes me really, really nervous? The idea that the federal government is truly requiring disclosure of gayness in hospitals, as Siegfried says in his second comment, and I have no reason to doubt him. This can bode no good for any of us. This is, as far as I’m concerned, a dangerous prelude to rounding people up somehow, and in the meanwhile to comfort and lull you straight people now, into thinking, “We’ll, they’re only going after homosexuals, no big deal.” They are couching it in terms of “gay rights.” But being required to admit my bed-partner’s gender is not “gay rights.” No, Not Whatsoever.

As the pastor said, long ago” “First they came for the others, and I said nothing. Then they came for me, and no one was there to speak for me.” That’s the trouble in this country, this growth of government power. That’s the threat. Not if I say “Hi, this is my boyfriend Michael.” We gays might not be able to shoot straight in the Army, but we will pass the shiniest ammunition to you. Just don’t freak out, and we might be able to fight the menace together.


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