Weekend Gay Card

Weekend Gay Card

Every Saturday night Professor Jacobson at www.legalinsurrection.blogspot.com writes a post about Playing the Race Card. It’s good stuff, his picking apart of the media, of politicians, of bloggers, of public figures, who use the cry of Racism, or something near to it, against people who are not in the remotest anything of the kind. The hypocrisy he points out is just so true.

And then yesterday he wrote this about Ms. O’Donnell, the Tea Party winner in Delaware: “Now the discussion about the candidate is all about her sex life and views of sex. The economy? Tax policy? Terrorism? Not relevant, they need to know if she touches herself.” Such a lament, yet true, to a degree, though her debate and performance since winning would seem to prove otherwise.

Yet, it couldn’t help but make me think, so I wrote to Professor Jacobson, a man who has put me as his “post of the day.” A guy who does link to conservative, Tea Party, Palin-loving, but gay folks, websites. He even links to mine, and thank you very much. I wrote:

Well, sir, that’s exactly how we gay people feel. A life time of accomplishment swept away, in a moment of honesty or discovery; all our existence reduced to an “act” that erases all other points about us. It is infuriating, isn’t it? Welcome to our world, sir, welcome. Alas, we still haven’t found a way out of the dilemma, so I have no words of advice for Ms. O’Donnell. But Congratulations & Good Luck to her!”

That’s because I think her win is necessary for the country. It is necessary to remove the policies and laws of the Obama Error which have caused the near destruction of the economy. My Advocate, and I use the term loosely, points out this very morning that the Democratic Recession has brought low the wealth held by Americans. Net worth fell again this last quarter. $1.5 Trillion bucks worth, according to the little blurb on the front page this morning. Some of that is gay wealth to be sure; the bar business is down, I’m told. So in this O’Donnell win, in this Tea Party Resurgence, so rightly needed for this nation, I just wonder if I’m included.

Because, meanwhile, over at http://newsbusters.org/blogs/alex-fitzsimmons/2010/09/17/msnbcs-brewer-scoffs-values-voters-despite-history-gay-rights-advo#ixzz0zpgCFV2L is this Gay Card, played ably by Alex Fitzsimmons:

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer mocked attendees of the Values Voter Summit today, directing her ire at former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell, and the entire conservative movement.

Setting aside the inherent hypocrisy in eschewing voters who focus on values issues like gay rights while exploiting her perch as a cable news anchor to advocate for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the fact that, as Brewer accurately reported, the top issue for voters this election cycle is the economy should compel the media to focus more on the lagging economic numbers than on a peaceful gathering of social conservatives.

You may not like this, Mr. Fitzsimmons, but the “gay rights” you fail to define, but is indeed embedded in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on a society-wide basis, is a Right Position, not a Left Position. Here, look:

“The big thing is to make this country, along with every other country in the world with a few exceptions, quit discriminating against people just because they’re gay,” [Barry] Goldwater asserts. “You don’t have to agree with it, but they have a constitutional right to be gay. And that’s what brings me into it.”

Mr. Conservative has found himself an unlikely new career: as a gay rights activist. While that’s not his sole pursuit – he returned to Capitol Hill yesterday to testify in favor of scenic overflights of the Grand Canyon – in recent years he’s championed homosexuals serving in the military and has worked locally to stop businesses in Phoenix from hiring [and firing] on the basis of sexual orientation.

But look what the author called it, way back then:

Barry Goldwater’s Left Turn

By Lloyd Grove

Thursday, July 28, 1994; Page C01


Goldwater himself said it was an issue of Rights, of Liberty, of Freedom, of American values – and the left wing Washington Post called it a “left turn.” Those people don’t speak for me, they know nothing of this thing, gay rights, as we conceive them. Being gay, Mr. Fitzsimmons, is not a Democratic Party position. Honesty and truth, those are Values, sir, American values, even, and yet it would seem fine to you if I just lie? To you, and perhaps myself, and go find a wife or something, though who would marry me at this point I can’t be sure. I suppose if even murderers on death row can get married, even a “reformed” ex- Found Jesus gay guy can too. Right? But me, telling the truth, this is not to be had. Me getting “married” with truth, this is wrong to you. Even saying I’m gay is apparently wrong to you. This you believe is a “Right” position. You’re wrong.

And too, Mr. Grove does not speak for me, and millions more like me, about this “Left” business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Gay people are scorned equally by Socialists and Traditional American Values, by Liberals and Conservatives, by religious and non-religious, it’s makes no difference. We can’t tell which one of you, on either side of any particular real issue, we next meet will blow up in some level of disdain or begrudge acceptance. What the left is doing to this country is not a gay thing sir. Our “rights” have nothing to do with what is going on in the larger picture. We never have been nearly as important as you pretend us to be, to blast Brewer. I’m sure shes got plenty to blast at. But she’s no more for “gay rights” than you, Mr. Fitzsimmons. The economy, the take over of health care and General Motors, the bank bailouts, the Stimulus, the corruption, the stupidity, etc, etc, all of that, Mr. Fitzsimmons, has nothing to do with “gay rights.”

Just the other week our Advocate saw fit to publish a full page ad by the fine Democratic, no doubt, pastors of the black churches in our city decrying, bemoaning and opposed to any sort of tolerance for gay people, which was the subject of a city council agenda item. There are no gay people on the city council here, that I know of. The resolution was vague, about mere tolerance and a little, very little, welcome to the taxpaying Americans who happen to be gay in the midst of this city. But those Democrats, who just happened to be pastors, got their ad published. How in league Mr. Fitzsimmons is to a bunch of Liberals, eh? How similar are their positions. Amazing. Why they could break bread on this breaking the heads of gay citizens, and be all the merrier for their consanguinity.

Was there a counter ad? No. That would be “Promoting Homosexuality” and that can’t be allowed, now can it. Our little piece of the big Liberal Media wouldn’t do it, and neither would any other newspaper, or TV station. It’s never been done, at least not that I’ve ever seen.

Was a gay person quoted in the articles about us? No. Ditto, per the ad.

Was there even mention of the recent incident, when a gay couple went about trying to redo their kitchen or something, and in need of marble counter tops, went to some local purveyor, who then politely told that gay couple to go get their marble elsewhere, for our kind will not be served. Such is the hate, the disdain, even today, that even marble might not be sold to us. Well, sure, the business has the right, but should it exercise it? Isn’t that what we ask of the New York Mosque builders?

No, there was no mention in our piece of the Leftist Mainstream Obama loving Media of this incident – for they think not much differently than you Mr. Fitzsimmons. But there was reporting, in our samizdat, that network of gay publications and newsletters which catalog such incidents. There are thousands each year. We don’t care, we’ll go buy marble elsewhere. What would be all the more ironic is if it were an interior design company, owned by a gay couple, who went to buy the marble for a fine straight family’s home.

Incidents which Democratic Pastors, and Republican Reporters wish to say are perfectly fine, I suppose, for American Values. There is your gay rights is a Left issue nonsense, Mr. Fitzsimmons, and Mr. Grove long ago. You scorn us equally, then play the gay card by saying we are for the impending socialism and destruction of the country because we want to buy marble, and file a joint tax return to support our troops which were not allowed to join even as a member of the band, lest the Republic fall. Why, because we pay taxes, at the higher single rate of course, without all the child deductions, you seem to want us to pay for the lawyers you hire to stop us from doing something or other you don’t like, like serving the country in the capacity that might be useful, and marching bands are useful, I’m sure. Today we might be denied marble, with the Resurgence tomorrow it might be a beer, like it was in the old days, during the raids.

Well Mr. Fitzsimmons, I’d rather take my chances with O’Donnell, and Sarah Palin, and even you, before I’d let a Socialist destroy the country. Ironically, sir, I do it for your children. I support the Tea Party Resurgence of American values for your children because they might well grow up and have a boy like me. Sure, not your family. That’s what every family says, isn’t it. Nope, none of them in our family. Were do we come from? But, a boy like me, of that there is no doubt. Just like 5000 years ago, long before Jefferson set down his immortal words which guide our country – All men are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights … I’m just as much a creation as anyone else. And if I have to risk your crunching us back into the closet so I can keep more of my hard earned money and not have the state intrude into every aspect of my life, then that’s a risk I’ll take. About the only thing I ask is that in our pursuit of the same Values, don’t use the state against me, and let me access the much smaller state we all envision with as much equality as you.

So now, in fine flattering imitation of Professor Jacobson’s Saturday Night Race Card I shall institute my own Weekend Gay Card. Mr. Fitzsimmons, you have the honor of being the first in a tie with Ms. Brewer herself. She speaks no more of “gay rights” than you do. You played it against each other, each thinking you had trump. And we stand on the sidelines saying “what are you people talking about?”


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