Teaching Statism

Teaching statism

In our Advocate for the past few days has been a series of articles about a local school district taking hair clippings so that they can test for drugs. It’s on again, off again, and much discussed, this clipping, this sheering of the sheeple as it were, is “only” for those driving to school or who do extra-curricular activities. I’d gain say that’s about 80% of the students. This is teaching statism and the glory and power of the government to enter a private realm – one’s very hair. Not on a suspicion of wrong doing, but because the kids exist and live and do as modern Americans. Not with a court order, but a school board policy, and against the 4th and 5th amendments, on searches and warrants as well as the right to not incriminate oneself. It’s borderline quartering troops among us, even if the troops are merely lab techs. This sheering of the future sheeple of America is not by parental consent, or even notice. And I doubt this is going on just in the small suburb of Baton Rouge where this is being discussed.

It inculcates the idea in young minds that the government might get what information it wants without review or appeal, in a sweeping manner, regardless of all other factors. It is guilty until proven innocent. This is what is being taught in schools. This is the Liberal Agenda run amok, this meddling in people’s coiffures for no reason other than to see if you’ve been good or not. It’s rounding up the usual suspects, making the blanket accusation – you do drugs – and then making your kid prove he’s not. It’s a short step to being a requirement for matriculation, this intrusion.

So too, the locker sweeps, again regardless of any factor, mere existence requires you open your personal space for inspection, to see if you have violated who knows how many rules, and zero tolerance. Such is the stuff of legend, when a 10 year old is expelled and marked because he has a small plastic toy gun. Or a book the board doesn’t like, but which the parent might approve of, or not, but which is the parent’s business.

This is also the parents abdicating their responsibility to monitor their children, and to take responsibility for their actions.

There is sufficient police and parent power, I believe, to monitor any illegal drug usage, without bringing such police powers into the schools. A kid driving wacked out of his mind will be found out soon enough, and should be punished by the plethora of laws already on such matters. But to go grab his fellow student, surely innocent, and say, “your buddy did drugs, you must be too, prove your not.” It’s unAmerican. This is not Liberty. This is not teaching a healthy aversion to government, but instead is pushing government power into the minds of the impressionable as a good thing.

Meanwhile, yesterday I read, at www.jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com

this most disturbing thing:

Rendell said the contract with the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, based in Philadelphia, would be not be renewed when it expires at the end of October, and until then the state would not disseminate information they supplied.

The state is charged by the federal government with determining and alerting local officials to “credible real threats to critical infrastructure.”

Instead, the Office of Homeland Security was notifying law enforcement of gay pride parades, taxpayer rallies and protests in support of the Governor’s own education policies, said Rendell.

(Jammies’ comment) >> Just imagine if a Republican governor was monitoring gay pride parades.

Yes, just imagine. That’s a cudgel, you Republicans, to beat Democrats over the head with – the “notifying of gay pride parades.” And the taxpayer rallies. And the parents up in arms over education. Go ask Pelosi what she thinks of that – if she answers askew, as she must, since she adores big government, then tell that to her gay constituents. Find out if Rendell ever said a nice thing about Pelosi, and what is his position on gay rights? Tie them together, make the ad, reach the gay folks who make up 1/3 of Pelosi’s district.

These are the things I brought together recently — gay folks are in the cross hairs of big government just like the Tea Party Rallies – this is what I contend. This is the point of all the comments I’ve been making on TEA Party sites, on Conservative sites. This was the point of my I Own The World post. This is the link to join forces – it’s against big government, stupid – if I might say that. It’s not the Tea Party v. Gay folks, nor Straight Americans against Gay Americans. We’re in this liberty thing together. It’s against the Liberal-Socialists among us that we do electoral battle – together. How will Rendell’s actions, a good Democrat, affect gay folks? It’s naught for good. You straight Tea Party people must say this, publicly. That you are in league with us for Liberty, even if you don’t necessarily like how we exercise it.

But if you think it’s OK to monitor gay marches today, or if you think it’s OK to monitor your child’s hair, then tomorrow it Will be OK to monitor taxpayer rallies. And never forget, gays are taxpayers too, (and at the single rate, also.) That’s what we’ve been marching for since the bar raids stopped in 1969, for equality, and a government out of our hair, out of our lives, out of our wallets, out of our organizations. Out, out, this government meddling, that’s what we’ve been preaching. That’s what you march for today, you TEA Party people. Join us, join us in the fight against this ever growing power of government. But don’t say, no government monitoring except for monitoring gay folks, or you’ll be right back on that slippery slope to Big Government.


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