He get’s it, why don’t you?

Last week I had been invited to as a guest poster on www.iowntheworld.com to give my take on the Tea Party and gay folks. I thought it might be the first article BY a gay person on a Tea Party, Conservative, Right Wing site; I’m not sure. Though there be a lot written about us. I quoted Barry Goldwater in defense of gay folks’ constitutional rights. I gave a history lesson on the gay bar raids — yes, police arresting people for having a drink. I invited people, urged them even, to comment on my post. Some 80 people did comment; some comments were less than charitable, most were of the “who cares” variety, with the proviso “just shut up about it already.” The answer to that is No. We won’t shut up, not until we have the inalienable rights all other Americans have. Some 25 people came from IOTW to my site, as near as I could figure. Just one bothered to give me a comment here. I thought it was a great comment, and I asked permission to post it as sort of a guest post here, and so here’s that comment:


Hey Jim, Your piece over at IOTW was really cool. Thanks for the “provocative” thoughts and insights. I think you got some really valid points, and I’m sorry you feel dispossessed and frustrated in your own country. That is a despicable thing to have to feel.I don’t have any answers, wish I did for your sake, for all our sakes.
You know something? You should keep right on posting at IOTW because everyone needs a hero, and heroes are in short supply lately. A hero is somebody to look to, to help one find their own hero in themselves. Barry Goldwater started out small, but look how he ended up, how you consider him somebody worthy of great respect for speaking out truthfully regardless of the consequences. Maybe the timing is right and better than you know for a hero in your neck of the woods. I’m just saying, maybe you are in the right place in the right time to be a leader of something here. I mean, I’m just a regular joe who works in a coal mine deep in West Virginia. You touched me, I’m not a gay fellow, I listened to what you had to say and I said to myself, self!, this guy is right, and deserves credit for it. Liberty, Tea Party, Patriotism, Unalienable Rights, all of it, it is all of ours, these things and ideals and principles belong to all, and creed color religion, who one loves, does not determine, they are unalienable, exactly as the word means and the intent of the meaning.
So if you can effect in the positive a stranger from WV, maybe you can effect in the positive a fellow traveler in California. You got to believe in people and believe in yourself if you believe in America. That is part of greatness Jim.
Hey God Bless you and your Loved ones Jim
Kind regards,


And if Doug gets it, so can the rest of you.

Inalienable rights, for sure. But stop with the “homosexuals are the end of the universe & civilization” stuff. It’s absurd. We’ve been around since the dawn of time, in the same constant percentage, and civilization is still around. But the “end of the world if gays gets rights” — it’s pathological almost. It’s as terrible as race-baiting by Al Sharpton. I don’t expect any straight person to run down to the nearest gay bar and hug people in a kumbaya spirit. In fact, straight people in a gay bar ruins the mood. But stop the malice, that’s all we ask. So that we can all stop the maw of impending socialism together – that’s the enemy — Obama and his crew — they’re the enemy. And they’re just as against gay people as many of you who are anti-Obama. But the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and that’s more true today than ever. We’re already doing our part, at hillbuzz.org, at gaypatriot.net, here at the Daily Mush, and elsewhere.

One thing for sure, no gay liberal represents me any more than some straight liberal represents straight America. Don’t use the big brush of guilt against us. And that’s because being gay is not a political position, and certainly not a modern American political position. So let’s all cooperate as best we can to truly solve the problems of the nation: Obama’s attempt to destroy this nation.


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