Like a Bosendorfer, truly.

A few days a go I wrote of my friend, who is 88 years old, being rushed to the hospital. It seemed at the time to be the end, and everyone gathered, and the sadness thick. Then the doctors put him up on blocks, like an old Dusenberg, to be overhauled. And they figured out the problem was an allergic reaction to the drugs he was taking. So they did what modern medicine can do and purged him of the problem. Today he’s playing the Robert Schuman Papillion Suite; I listen as I write this. He’s got more energy and is steadier on his feet than any time in the past several months. I had said he had lived a year for every key on the piano, and now it seems he’s a Bosendorfer, with an extra octave to play with. Everyone who knows him is sort of sitting back and saying “wow.” So happiness returns to Mushville tonight.

Meanwhile, in Obamaland there seems to be nothing but problems. The poverty rate, according to Yahoo News, is now right back where it was when President Johnson launched the “War On Poverty.” What did the trillions in spending get us? Nothing but the same thing. It’s like they simply threw the money into the air and it fell to the ground as bricks in the buildings filled with bureaucrats. Bureaucrats who do nothing but consume the life of the people, in order to help us, it’s said. The current president is now admitting, perhaps, that his political fortunes will be hurt by our hurting. The Left seems baffled by this. They’re trying their hardest to race-bait, gay-bait, muslim-bait, and accuse the majority of Americans of being against the American way. Sure, sure, typical socialist – the people are always the enemy of the people, and the government will help us sort it all out.

Nancy Pelosi said we’re all going to be absolutely thrilled by what’s in ObamaCare, now not a Democrat will mention they were for it. Reid wanted the Stimulus big time, now they are talking about tax cuts. Barney Frank was all for Fannie and Freddie, and now he’s saying maybe it’s time to get rid of them. They are scrounging, these Democrats are, to change course by denying they did anything previously. They are for things and against things willy-nilly, so long as they stay in power. And that’s what Socialism, and modern Democratic Party Leftism is about – power. It’s not about helping this or that person, nor solving a problem, nor making the poor into middle class people. It’s about keeping everyone as angry as possible, while blaming everyone but themselves, so that they might keep their power. Look at Charlie Rangel – just going along to keep his power and telling everyone else to shush.

Indeed, the Left is all about telling everyone else to shut up – for they have a faith in Socialism that Fidel Castro might admire. In fact, he does admire the Democratic Party, though now he too admits the great Cuban experiment is a failure. Now, after 50 years in power being wrong, he’s going to ride to the rescue of his people, change course, and stay in power. Sure, great idea, Fidel.

Meanwhile, today is 9/11. I can’t add much to the discussion. My brother-in-law was last seen on the 31st Floor of Tower Two, walking up, trying to rescue people, as he was trained to do as the Fireman he was. My sister and her two kids always return to their own cocoon, and I’ll call them tomorrow. The nation remembers, mourns, honors, and wonders – what on earth is Obama and his Socialists going to do about defending the nation?

How can they defend the nation against stateless but state supported Muslim terrorists when they can’t even admit that’s what they are? How can they defend the nation when they can’t even find the obvious border between us and Mexico and defend that? They’re borderline traitors, and their continued grasp of power is the certain downfall of the nation. I think the nation has woken up. I can see the resurgence in our American Experiment. It will take a while yet to get rid of all the Socialists in our midst, though it will be done.

I’m not quite sure the Republican Party as currently constituted is the real solution, or if it is an intermediary state before the Libertarians, Tea Party, Small Government Party come to the forefront of the carcass of the two party system. That’s what’s slowly fading, the two party system. What I think will be left is a small group of diehard socialists, and a small group of diehard Christian Fundamentalists, and a great swath of people in the middle who are not driven by politics, nor by who’s in power, or some ideology, but instead just want to know what works. The great 70% of the people don’t want to be in constant political discussion, and worry about political favoritism, nor even think about politics whatsoever. And I think the Tea Party concept is going to sweep it all away. The favored groups v. unfavored groups concept is also being swept away, as Latinos, Blacks, Gays, all realize that the Democrats were for Socialism, and not for them. And these three groups, the mainstay of the modern Democrats, might still take some more convincing to abandon the failures of Obama’s crew, but they’ll come along too.

But when they see the near instantaneous renewal of the economy once the Republican Tea Party comes to power, and then the slow dismantlement of the Socialist Behemoth that was growing for decades, and the resulting extra wealth in their own pockets, then they too will join the great American dream of a land of no politics of any kind. Paving the roads, running the sewers, maintaining a core group of true government functions is not a partisan thing. It’s a competence thing. And ideologues of Socialism are incompetent by definition because they worry about what people should think, and not how problems are resolved.

I think the Tea Party is about not worrying how your neighbors and fellow citizens think, or believe, but about how they act and do. Deeds are more important than words. The Tea Party is about good deeds, the Democratic Socialists are about good words. One cannot eat words, as the Cubans are finding out, no matter how good.

So the American resurgence comes. This nation was like my friend, with some sort of infection, Socialism, and the drug, Democrats, were doing more harm then good. Now it’s time to put the government – not the nation, the government – up on blocks, and overhaul it, and purge it of the malady of bigness, and then put it back on the freeway to prosperity, liberty and justice for all in a nation where the Character of a Citizen is determined by his success, not whether he spouts the right words of political belief. We Americans are practical, and our time has come.

Ah, just weeks away now, from the great sweep, the great mopping. Yes, Obama, you’ll be mopped up as the mush head you are. Maybe about the only question left for you, sir, to answer is “Resign or Impeachment?” Which will you choose Obama? But I think the gig is up. We thank you for unifying the nation, though it be against you. Now go golf, and get out of the way.


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