Study: Flamboyant male dancing attracts women best” So reports Yahoo News.

“There are lots of cues females use when choosing a mate, like a peacock puffing out its tail,” he said. “Dancing for humans could signal whether a male is fit because it requires the expenditure of a lot of energy.”

Nick Neave, an evolutionary psychologist at Northumbria University and one of the study’s co-authors, said women may subconsciously judge how fit a man is by the fluidity of his dancing. He said their research was likely subjective and different cultures would have different measures for what constitutes good dancing.

… blah blah blah …

“Among animals, courtship rituals are very important when there are very obvious physical displays,” he said. “In humans, I suspect it is much more complicated and may come down to more than whether or not a man is a good dancer.”

>> “much more complicated” eh? Ya think so, professor?

Of course, besides the waste of money this study was – it also probably ignored five or six percent of the population. Though I’m certain that a flamboyant male dancing is indeed enticing, personally speaking.

And then there is this judge in California who struck down Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Which will start the comment mills. And the whole thing will be talked about in a hundred ways, and the good-to-evil spectrum of comments on gay Americans will be put forth in various and sundry ways. I think the judge is nuts and the ruling is less than sterling legally, since the 1st Amendment is somewhat in abeyance in the military, rightfully so, since command is more important than free speech. The judge is unnecessarily trying to stir a tea pot. I think the Log Cabin Republicans are a bit nuts too, but not for being gay, or Republican, but for avoiding the crux of the issue, and doing it in California, too. They should have sought a venue like Washington, or Iowa, but California is too nutty for many in the nation, and too raw from the Prop 8 ruling, and thus it will be perceived, perhaps rightly, as political grandstanding. Though I can understand why they brought the case, I do believe they don’t have the evidence of the crux of the issue to argue from.

The crux is: why are some men attracted to flamboyant male dancing? If no one knows, and no one does, then how can any rational decision of any kind be made on the matter? It’s a thing of science and it’s like science wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. So everyone gets their opinion on the issue put into the record, even if many of the opinions are just blatant contradictions to the previous speaker. It’s all accepted in jolly good concord, and no gay folks are really ever allowed into the rooms where these things are discussed, lest we taint the proceedings or something.

You know what study I would like to see? Take 20 straight men and 20 gay men, randomly selected, put them in a theater-like room, hook them up to brain scanners, and heart monitors and electrodes, and all the little gizmos they use in hospitals to read one’s many vital signs – pulse, heart, blood pressure, etc, (the more metrics the merrier,) and then show them a few hundred pictures up on the big screen. Pictures ranging from fully dressed men, and women, and undressing, and naked, and in embrace, and flamboyant dancing if you like, and raw sex, too, and all of it. Single people, and in couples, show those pictures, like Noah taking into the Ark. And show those pictures for a few minutes each, or in some clumps of five or six pictures. And measure what happens to all those vital signs at the different images by the two groups of men.

Would that show some physiological difference in the way we see such images? Just like the dancing male study purports to show how different woman react to different men in different ways, then perhaps such a study as I propose would show who gets leg tingles for whom.

I’m not expert in this, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I think we’d find some rather interesting things going on with all those vital signs in the different observers of the pictures.

For somehow, when I see a flamboyant dancing male I think my physiological reaction would be different than when a straight guy views such a dancer. That is pulse, heart rate, etc. I can assure you, I get a bit tingly, I have the feeling Joe Straight does not. This bit of knowledge might go a long way in resolving some of the astounding variety of opinions on the issue of gay folks.

Meanwhile, Obama took a teleprompter to a news conference, I heard. What a jerk. I can speak on a moment’s notice on my work, why can’t he? And how does he do negotiations? What, is there a mini-teleprompter on the table before him? What are we paying him for?

Finally, thanks so much to for publishing my article on including gay folks in the Resurrection of America. I can’t be sure, but I think it’s the first, or among the first, articles about gay folks written BY a gay man, and not just About us, in a Tea Party, Conservative, Right Wing, etc, website. And I thank the nearly 90 people who commented, even if they did vent a little. It’s OK, I prompted you all, and you didn’t even need a teleprompter like our fabled president in his own mind.


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