Get the gay vote

Thank you, Professor Jacobson of

for making me “post of the day” on your blog.

I’d like to welcome all who come through your site.

And then consider this nonsense:

Unintended Consequences

At American Spectator, this idiot — David N. Bass

writes this: Why marriage is a winning issue for the GOP.

Sure. Republicans should pummel gay people so that Republicans can get votes. Hey, Mr. Bass, I would think that the sorry state of the nation due to the Socialist Democrats would be sufficient to win office, no? Or is the Republican concept to further vilify a tiny percentage of the nation so the rest can feel better the best you can come up with? I mean, really.

Gay people are well known to vote Democratic. We’re concentrated in certain liberal city districts. You’ll need gay men, Mr. Bass, to unseat the liberal Democrats in those districts. So why don’t you go to the gay men and point out how Democrats are no more for gay marriage than Republicans are, then pivot to economics and liberty, and point out that gay men would be better off voting For Republicans for their economic life? Why don’t you point out to gay men how their small businesses would benefit from Republican policies? Why don’t you go out on a limb and point out that gay men with AIDS should be worried that they’re first on the chopping block for Dr. Berwick’s “death panels” to lower health care costs?

Sir, find every reason you can to Get gay votes, not chase them away. Are gays so anathema? So toxic? Really? A tiny percentage of the country, tucked into small corners mostly (though everywhere else to be sure, too) leading productive lives and adding to the social fabric, paying taxes and employing people is the big threat to this nation because we would like legal recognition of our “civil unions” or something? Are gays leading the impending socialist regime? Are gays really the ones controlling the Democratic party? Are gay men up there – other then Barney Frank, who is loathed by most gay men I know, as a poor public face of gay men – in Washington wrecking havoc on the nation’s economy, national defense, the debt, deficit, and passing unread laws by the bushel and the whole panoply of the socialist nightmare? And as for that Kevin guy, in Education, he’s a Marxist long before he’s a gay man. Attack him for that, but your average gay man not only has no idea who that guy is, nor what he is doing, but would be appalled at the very concept. Just like straight Liberals pushing all manner of mush for education are not emblematic of straights, this guy is not speaking for gay men.

I’m sure, sir, with a bit of research you could come up with quotes out of the mouths of two or three dozen Democrats that are against gay marriage, or against other gay “agenda” issues, string them into a commercial and broadcast it in the gayer districts – and Vote Republican for your country – as a tag line. Start with Obama and Biden, Pelosi and Reid – they’re on video somewhere uttering exactly what Republicans say – no gay marriage.

Republicans, TEA Party people, Conservatives, should put their creative collective heads together to figure out how to Get gay votes, money, time, effort, to defeat the liberal program –

not push gays away.

You know, if only one R-T-C person met with even a group of gay preachers once, as benign group and unthreatening group of gay men as could be mustered perhaps – to show no malice at least – you’d start to win gay votes (actually, you all ready get lots of them already, whether you want them or not.) But to argue for pummeling gay men and women to get votes is frankly un-American. Would you do it to any other minority in this country? What other group could you accuse of being a threat to the nation? Oh yah, the Democrats – why don’t you pummel them to get Republican votes. But let my people go, don’t tread on us. If stomping on others builds up your moral worth, sir, you have bigger problems than the Democrats.


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